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We leverage our in-depth knowledge & expertise in WordPress web design solutions that cater to all your development requirements. Our WordPress development services are affordable & customized to your business goals.

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WordPress Development Company

Positiwise is a WordPress web development company with 10+ years of experience creating cutting-edge solutions. Our WordPress developers deliver quality, secure, & fast websites of any size. We offer cost-effective services & 24/7 support. We build WordPress websites that meet technical & marketing needs, helping you reach more customers & earn more.


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Our Premium WordPress Development Services

Browse our comprehensive WordPress website development services for your needs.

Custom WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress
Website Development

Our skilled developers can design & develop a custom WordPress website for you according to your unique requirements. You can get all the features, functionalities & designs as per your website's needs. We can also assist you in selecting the best themes that perfectly resonate with your brand identity. Rely on us for the best WordPress website design & development services.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin

Amplify your WordPress site with new features and functionalities with our WordPress plugin development services. We can create secure, compatible, easy-to-use plugins for the backend, front end, or third-party components. Trust our WordPress website development company to provide the best plugin solutions for your website.

API Integration Customization

API Integration &

We can connect your WordPress site with any third-party tools utilized within your organization to streamline operations. And even we provide API embedding, aiding data consumption from independent resources and optimizing business agility.

WordPress Site Modernization

WordPress Site

Upgrade your outdated WordPress site to a modern & appealing one with our WordPress web development services. As a WordPress development firm, we keep up with the current trends & apply them to your site for better traffic. We can help you modernize your WordPress site in a minimal time.

Hire WordPress Developer

Hire WordPress

Hire dedicated WordPress Developers from Positiwise, a WordPress Development Company that can create authentic custom websites, plugins, and themes for you. We can also update your site, align it with SEO standards, and move it to a new host without data loss. Choose Positiwise for the best WordPress solutions.

Custom WooCommerce

Custom WooCommerce

Our highly skilled development team can efficiently help you create a powerful & user-friendly eCommerce store using WooCommerce, manage products, streamline payments, centralize content management & more using a single interface. In addition to that, we also provide WooCommerce migration. As a WordPress development agency, we have the expertise & experience to deliver the best WooCommerce solutions for your business.

WordPress Migration Services

WordPress Migration

Experience smooth and secure website migration with our top-level WordPress Migration Services. Seamlessly move your content, design, and functionality to a new host while ensuring data integrity and zero downtime. Upgrade your online presence hassle-free with our reliable migration solutions.

PSD to WordPress Development

PSD to WordPress

Transform your PSD designs into fully functional & dynamic WordPress websites with our PSD to WordPress Development services. Our skilled team ensures pixel-perfect conversion, responsive design, and seamless integration of features. Experience a smooth transition from design to live website, backed by our WordPress customization & optimization expertise. Elevate your online presence with visually appealing & performance-driven WordPress solutions.

WordPress Site Development Services
Make Your Websites Come Alive

How WordPress Website Development Services Can Help You?

Leverage the WordPress expertise, boosting growth rate with custom site

In today's digital landscape, having a website is an essential requirement & opting for WordPress development offers an economical solution to meet this need. This approach facilitates the creation of an appealing, user-friendly, robust & secure website encompassing all vital functionalities. Additionally, as you transition your business onto the online platform & engage with customers and your target audience, your brand's credibility is boosted.

A WordPress site is aligned with SEO standards that enhance your web presence. It allows you to generate more leads, achieve higher rankings & lure more website visitors. You can also outshine your competitors & improve your brand reputation, market dominance & business growth.

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Use Exceptional Excellence

The Pros of WordPress Development

Improve brand awareness across search engines and devices with Custom WordPress Development

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Flexibility to Fulfil Needs

Flexibility to Fulfil Needs

By availing of custom WordPress development, you can embed any feature into your site, create themes and plugins to connect with social media handles and internal tools and fetch data from other sources using APIs.

Advanced Website Security

Advanced Website Security

A custom website gets thoroughly tested & patched for any vulnerable loopholes. Additionally, it allows the development team to configure advanced security mechanisms to prevent DDoS, SQL injection, remote code execution & more.

Custom Brand-Aligned Designs

Custom Brand-Aligned Designs

WordPress design company allow you to select the design of your choice and even modify it. It aids in choosing website layout, block arrangement, spacing, scrolling, animations, icons, navigation, fonts, and all other front-end components.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

Every custom WordPress site gets developed after analysing user persona, which helps to create a site that an end-user requires. Due to it, visitors remain on the site, navigate through webpages, and even get converted to customers/potential end-users.

Your Needs, Our Approach

Our Standardized Development Approach, Ensuring High-Quality Solution

A complete development procedure, efficiently building your business solution

Define and Plan
Define and Plan

We set up meetings and discussions to gather the project's requirements and define cost, project objective, and expected results.

Design and Develop
Design and Develop

After signing documents, the design gets generated. And then, the development starts using the WordPress editor and other tools.

Test and Verify
Test and Verify

The WordPress site gets tested at multiple stages, patching gets done, and administrators configure the servers for deployment.

Deploy and Maintain
Deploy and Maintain

We deploy the site on a live environment, constantly analyze its performance, security, and other metrics, and provide relevant updates.

The Epitome of WP Development

Why Choose Positiwise as Your WordPress Development Agency?

Besides our exceptional services, excellent ideas, and hold on WordPress development, below are the primary factors that outstand us from others.

Transparent Process


We clearly define our processes and pricing models and configure a communication channel for constant progress and file sharing between you and the development team.



All our WordPress development services rely on the cost brackets of most companies, and we allow you to define a custom pricing model per your needs.

Strict NDA


We strictly follow data security guidelines and maintain integrity and confidentiality of every bit of data you share with us throughout the development.

Top 1% Industry Experts

Top 1%
Industry Experts

All our designers, developers, managers, testers, marketers, and analysts come to the top lists. And they constantly upgrade their skills to provide the utmost benefit to partner organizations like yours.

10+ Years of WordPress Expertise

10+ Years of
WordPress Expertise

Our vast experience can help you create a website better than your competitors, leading to driving more traffic, maintaining stability across devices, and ensuring world-class features.

All-rounder WordPress Services

WordPress Services

From website development, plugin creation, and theme generation to migration, modernization, and maintenance, you get all under one roof at Positiwise, saving time and effort.

WordPress Website Development Services
Excel Beyond Limits

Ready to Boost Business Growth with a Top-Notch WordPress Site?

Within today's cutthroat market environment, possessing a well-crafted, sturdy website has become a necessity for business success. With the help of your site, you can reach out to potential customers, capture their attention effectively & turn them into loyal customers.

Positiwise, harness WordPress's capabilities to craft personalized websites that ensure high performance, robust security & an enhanced user experience.

Whether you need WordPress customization development services or any other WordPress solution, our experts can help you achieve the following:

  • Higher search rankings
  • Streamlined business operations
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Boosted revenue and sales

You can contact Positiwise for any custom WordPress development services. Fill out the contact form or email us your business needs & goals. With our team of proficient WordPress experts, you can get the best solutions, strategies & website features to help you connect with customers, improve processes & stand out in the market.

Let us show you how a professionally designed WordPress website can transform your business. Drop us a line today.

Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Say

Introduction: We are proud to have received positive feedback from our clients. Here are some testimonials:

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The development team of Positiwise was exceptional. They understood the assignment perfectly and provided insightful recommendations to improve the project goal. Also, they were attentive to our emails and calls, regardless of the time. And as a result, we got our reliable business solution, greatly enhancing our operations.

Myrtle LucasProject Manager, Lilo Social

Firstly, I personally recommend Positiwise for any custom software development services. Each member of the team was helpful throughout the project. And their services were affordable and top-notch with the added advantage of aligning solutions with industry and SEO standards.

Michelle AndersonSoftware Engineer, Hall Engineering Consulting, Ltd

Working with such a professional and expert team was extraordinary. From the very beginning, they treated our project as their own. All the team members were available for discussions, and the progress continued as planned. As a result, we got our application, which was beyond our imagination and exceptionally high performing.

Wanda CurtisProject Manager, Disruptive Advertising

We got our perfect technology partner for an extended run in Positiwise. Our organization was not clear about the website we needed to boost the user base, enhance collaboration, and improve digital visibility. And for all this, Positiwise helped us. From discussing our needs, defining our objectives, and developing a website to maintaining it, they provide us with every service within business constraints. And now, we are effortlessly achieving all our targets.

Bill GrueningerCEO, Rapid Web Services, LLC
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for WordPress development?

To start with WordPress development, you must avail yourself of hosting services and a domain name for your website. Further, partner with a WordPress Development Company, such as Positiwise, to build a top-notch business solution.

How do I hire a WordPress Website Designer through Positiwise?

You only need to contact the team to hire a WordPress Developer through Positiwise. You can reach out to our team:

  • By calling on +91 78020 28008 or+1 512 782 9820
  • By mailing on [email protected]
  • By filling out the contact form

Why should I use WordPress for my website?

WordPress offers numerous benefits to businesses, which help them to increase their ranking on search engines and save additional costs with a responsive site. In addition, WordPress hosting services are affordable, its migration is easy, and you can modify the website with any new need.

Furthermore, such sites are highly scalable and leverage the functionality to convert into a full-fledged eCommerce site. From a primary blogging site to an online store, WordPress can efficiently fulfil business requirements by ensuring the utmost performance, security, and user experience.

How long does it take to develop a WordPress website?

There's no defined time to develop a customized WordPress website, as its calculation depends on various factors, such as:

  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Third-party integrations
  • Complexity
  • Experience of Developers
  • Security requirements
  • External risks
  • Compliance with regulatory body standards and more

What kind of support do WordPress development companies provide?

WordPress Development Companies provide bug fixing, exception handling, framework updates, performance optimization, and security patches under maintenance services. Although, the services vary from company to company. So, it would help if you verified it before availing the services.

How can I migrate my website to WordPress without losing SEO?

To migrate your website without losing SEO, follow the below steps:

  • Configure the 301 redirects permalinks
  • Notify about the changes to Google
  • Add XML Sitemap to your site
  • Upgrade links

However, the most reliable way to migrate to WordPress is by availing of Positiwise WordPress Migration Services. All our developers hold 10+ years of experience in WordPress and know how to migrate a site without losing data and SEO.

How could I secure my WordPress website?

To secure your WordPress site, ensure to configure the following security controls:

  • Least privilege and authorization
  • Limit the login attempts
  • Input validation and sanitization
  • User authentication
  • Password Hashing
  • SSL/TLS for secure communication
  • Frequent updates
  • Limited use of third-party components, APIs, and plugins

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