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Multi-Specialty Hospital Healthcare Management System

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Type of projectWeb and Mobile App
IndustryHealth & Insurance, Hospitality

Product Description

We have crafted a top-notch centralized mobile healthcare management system project for one of our clients, owning multiple branches of super-specialty hospitals in the different provinces of Australia. The client’s primary aim was to establish a single healthcare management system, connecting remote branches and handling their core operations from the headquarters.

Before contacting Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, the client used an outdated healthcare management system comprising various vulnerable loopholes, attracting cyber-attackers to breach patients’ personal and health records.

We insightfully examine the client requirements to fabricate healthcare management software solution aligning with hospitals and government policies and fulfilling their dynamic business needs.


When we performed an in-depth analysis of the current system by our client, we found the below-listed aspects as the primary challenges to focus on during this software project.

Our business and technical analysts were able to go through every detail within a short period and designed an iterating project plan within the first three to four weeks. Once we started the project, our development team was well-versed with their duties and immediately initiated the necessary procedures.

Difficulty in Sharing Data

Our client had multiple branches of their hospital at distant locations, and it was becoming complex to share files over the mail. Sometimes the mail is received in the spam folder, and managing data becomes more complicated. For storing any file, the authorized person first has to download it on the system and then store it in the patient’s folder.

The main business objective to mitigate this challenge was to develop a central database management system, which any legitimate person could access in the hospital’s network.

Streamlining Patient’s Appointment Process

With previous hospital staff management software, users were calling at the hospital’s reception for making their appointment and for resolving their queries. The hospital staff was constantly under pressure to pick up the call and update the doctor about their schedule simultaneously.

With the new healthcare management system, the hospital wants to provide an online platform for patients to book their appointments, which should be reflected in the doctor’s account. Also, patients can view that and book for some other day once the slots are full.

Managing Hospital Data

Our client was facing difficulties in managing their data in physical form. Whenever a patient arrives at the hospital, the staff makes a new file and updates data in the hospital’s software. With this, they faced space shortage in storing files and other documents.

The goal here was to digitize the storage of necessary documents and organize them in a meaningful manner. In addition, our client requires shortening the time to retrieve previous health record data and eliminating the use of paper on the premises.

Data Security 

With the outdated system, all the sensitive information, such as patients’ health and personal data, was stored in a non-encrypted format. Everyone using the system had read and write permissions to it. Also, it was not aligning with the latest HIPPA and NIST policies.

Our client needed to configure a security mechanism to allow only authorized users to access the data. Moreover, the data must be safe from cyber-attacks and maintain its integrity, confidentiality, and availability.


The system was only available to staff members for inputting data and sharing it with the doctors and lab associates through the mail using the integrated API.

The client wants to make the application accessible to every stakeholder for automating the core operations and connecting the different departments in multiple branches through a secure transmission channel.

Insurance Claiming

Before the new system, patients have to submit the physical forms to claim their insurance amount, and then the hospital staff sends the confirmation to the insurance company. As a result, processing time was more, and the case of form loss increased due to a more significant number of stakeholders.

To streamline this flow, our client expected an application through which patients can submit their insurance requests, and upload the documents if required. Then the hospital can effortlessly provide the necessary confirmation to the insurance company


We provided a .NET-based application by employing 10+ .NET Developers Team to our client and fulfilled all its business and technical requirements. Currently, the system is seamlessly working, offering the below-provided features to our ally.

Centralized Database

Our development team fabricated a business solution integrated with a single database, which can handle operations of all the branches, and every authorized stakeholder can access it for performing their tasks. Due to this, doctors at any hospital’s unit were able to analyze the health record history for providing a further prescription.

We embedded the .NET application with cloud storage and configured it to store and process information using the unique id provided to every associate.

VPN Between Remote Branches, Servers, and End-user Device

For having a secure transmission between every remote office, our software and network architects collaborated to implement a virtual private network.

In addition, whenever any end-user uses the application from their device, it will establish an SSL connection with the server to maintain the data flow and prevent potential cyber threats.

Digital Medical Records

We integrated all the crucial APIs, plugins, and widgets in the software, which led the hospital staff to input the test results and created reports using the software.

As a result, both doctors and patients could view the reports on their devices and have the leverage to access them anytime. Also, it eliminates paper use, saves physical storage space, and final results are more accurate, improving the consultation and medication.

Sleek Interface for Doctors, Patients, and Staff

For easy usage, we made an attractive yet simple user interface. Every essential feature highlights its use, helping users utilize the correct feature for every operation. For instance, we have provided checkboxes to select the preferred time slot and day while booking the appointment. In addition, we provide indicators, displaying available, complete, and fast-filling slots.

We have also integrated WhatsApp API as well as mail and SMS notification systems within our system. By doing this, each and every report, as well as billing, financial and insurance-related information, are always notified to customers on the go.

Access Controls for Security

Healthcare database management system is the most sensitive, as it can be used for various illegitimate purposes. Our team configured multiple security mechanisms for allowing the only right person to utilize the resources.

In addition, our team assured the data integrity and confidentiality at every stage, whether the information is at rest, in-processing, or in the transmission between server and end-user device.

Moreover, we tested it using extensive manual and automated tools to promise a quality product and patch every vulnerable loophole. It helps to reduce the data breach probability up to 98%.

Streamlining Workflow

With a single database, cloud features, and cross-platform compatibility, every user can access the application on their preferred device, whether a mobile, desktop, browser, or any operating system.

Doctors managed their work according to appointments, and other staff members effortlessly worked using the system to update further details, such as bills and medical records. Moreover, the application modifies everything simultaneously in the patient’s account.

By entering the unique id, a permitted person can view the data.


With the custom .NET development services and deployment of the new system, our client becomes capable of:

  • Securing both medical records personal information of staff members and patients.
  • Associates located at headquarters were able to access every remote branch’s data, helping them complete their work with less effort.
  • Patients could book their slots online, view their reports, and save time.
  • Staff managed data more quickly, and demand for space to store physical documents decreased, saving costs.
  • The solution complies with the latest HIPPA, NIST, ISO, and government policies.
  • The client can scale resources according to their dynamic business requirements with cloud integration.
  • Every user could access the application from their Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux machines.
  • It facilitates the customer experience and improves reputation, productivity and revenue.
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