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We welcome you to the official website of Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, also known as Positiwise Software. You can find all the necessary terms of use of intellectual property, personal information, service notification, liability limitation, and all other information on this page. The terms are for acknowledging the policies and conditions that imply when you use the content available on any of the web pages of www.positiwise.com. Further, in the situation of a disagreement, we recommend not utilizing any of the website content, including images, videos, text, graphics, and other components, for any purpose.

Positiwise Software holds every right to modify the website and Terms of Use content at any interval in the future without any advanced notice.

Intellectual Property Usage and Copyright Terms

The complete content on this website is owned, copyrighted, and patented by Positiwise Software. Any third party is not authorized to utilize it for any purpose without official permission. The content under intellectual property includes the following but not limited to:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Trademarks
  • Logos

In case anyone found using the content through illegitimate or unauthorized approaches will be liable to legal proceedings. Additionally, the third-party trademarks and logos are not under Positiwise Software and are not a responsibility of the firm. The official authority of such logos is responsible for reserving its complete right.

Furthermore, the images taken from stock image sites and repositories are free from these terms. Positiwise Software denounce itself from copyright of any such stock image.

By navigating to www.positiwise.com, you agree and become liable to adhere to all the Terms of Use. Also, you provide a complete guarantee to not re-publish, copy, modify, sell, rent, loan, share, transmit or download any of the available content.

Website Content Terms

Once you navigate to www.positiwise.com and start using it, you agree to the below terms:

  • To not re-publish the website content.
  • To not modify the website content.
  • To not upload, share, or transmit the website content.
  • To not sell, distribute, or post the website content.
  • To not use any of the website content for personal, commercial, or public use.
  • To not use any published contact information, such as email, phone number, and address at any third-party site/physical form/digital form, or other similar platform.
  • To not send illegitimate and offensive material to the contact number/email provided on the website. The offensive and illegal material includes insulting messages, pornographic images and videos, zipped files, crude and molesting text, and similar content.

However, if you don't adhere to the terms mentioned above, you are liable to criminal and civil penalties per the law.

In addition, Positiwise Software doesn’t ensure the legitimacy of third-party source links available on any website content. The user navigating to an external site through such a link holds the responsibility for its safety. Positiwise Software is only responsible for data security on its official website, i.e., www.positiwise.com.

With the complete ownership of this website, Positiwise Software can monitor the end-user access and modify it at any interval. Also, the firm is not responsible for any damage, dysfunction, or data loss that happened to your system/device due to downloading, sharing, and accessing this website’s data/content.

Software Service Usage Terms

The company (Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd) offers numerous software-associated services through this website. The parties availing the services come under a legal agreement defining all the terms and conditions. The policies listed under such agreement are shared personally with the authorized personnel. Also, both the parties signing the agreement are liable to all the laws, terms and conditions, policies, and protocols finalized during discussion and mentioned on legal papers.

Service Notification Terms

All the services offered through www.positiwise.com are on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Positiwise Software doesn't guarantee an error-free and uninterrupted delivery of any service. All the warranties are disclaimed, consisting of but not limited to:

  • Service fitness for a particular purpose
  • Non-infringement
  • Merchantability
  • Right of third parties and more

Positiwise Software is not responsible/liable for any damage, interruptions, data loss, or service malfunction. Also, it can terminate and retain the website access at any interval per the convenience, internal, managerial, and business requirements/factors.

As the website content is purely the property of Positiwise Software, it can be deleted and modified at any time at its discretion without notice.

PII (Personal Identifiable Information) Terms

Positiwise Software follows and adheres to all industry, regulatory, and administrative data security policies, terms, standards, and protocols. We do our best to secure your experience and retain data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

You can undergo our exclusive Privacy Policy for better details about data security. It will help you gain an insight into the overall security details.

Terms of Use Disclaimer

All the content on this website www.positiwise.com is the property of Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, and the firm reserves all the rights to modify and delete it at any interval. The information on the website is published after collecting data from numerous sources and can be inaccurate or contain errors.

Positiwise Software doesn't recommend/advise/consult to use any website information for legal, IT, tax, or other commercial/professional use. Also, we declaim ourselves from providing any warranties due to the services offered through this website.

Further, if you utilize any of the content published on this website, Positiwise Software will not be responsible for the legal actions taken against you. Also, we will not be liable to you for any losses and damage made by you by going against the Positiwise Terms of Use mentioned here. In addition, we don’t ensure that the website will always adhere to all the requirements. There can be downtime, maintenance hours, data unavailability, errors, and other factors.

Moreover, Positiwise Software doesn't make any guarantee for or denounce itself from:

  • Information accuracy on the website
  • Data Loss and any other damage liability
  • Providing warranties
  • Completely secure and timely website availability

Lastly, the Terms of Use, Website Content, and any other policy of Positiwise Software can get changed without providing any advanced public notice/press release or similar. Therefore, you should update yourself with all the necessary terms and conditions.

Liability Limitation Terms

Positiwise Software is not liable for any incidental, indirect, punitive, special, and consequential damages leading to P&L (Profits and Loss). At our sole discretion, we also disclaim damages made in light of advised possibility, including negligence, limitation, and unexpected scenarios.

Besides, if any of the policies in the Terms of Use come under the exclusion criteria per law, it will not apply.

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Kindly send your queries directly to us, as we are not responsible for your conversations with a third-party.

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