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AngularJS Development Services

Create MVC applications with Our AngularJS Development Services.

Activate new business opportunities with AngularJS and enable Routing, Deep Linking, Controller, Data Binding, and Dependency Injection services in your application. Also, avail the benefits of Optimal Web Application Management for impeccably modernizing your software and growing business needs.


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Angular mobile app development

Why AngularJS App Development Services

Expand your business and engage customers from over the globe with the aid of an interactive and dynamic user interface. AngularJS assists in enhancing the simple structure of your websites and web applications, which publishes a modern look of your organization and boosts its customer engagement.

Develop an appl with features beyond your imagination that makes your business achieve greater heights and unlock quality traits, such as:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Optimum Performance
  • Declarative UI
  • Framework support and Maintenance from Google
  • Two-way binding
  • Deep Linking

Need Assistance for Your AngularJS App?
Hire AngularJS Developers and Shape your Ideas into Reality

Employ Positiwise for best Consultation, Development, and Maintenance of AngularJS applications based on MVC architecture and complex front-end design. We follow a customer-centric approach to digitize your company procedures and equip it with the responsive app providing out-of-the-box functionalities.

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Benefits of AngularJS Application Development

Embed one of the powerful frameworks in your software solution to improve overall performance. AngularJS enables developers to work flexibly and simplifies the tasks, leading to reusable modules for client-side execution.

Diverse Platforms

Diverse Platforms

AngularJS integrated software can be accessed over a large number of devices. This feature allows the organizations to provide services over the different browsers and OS.

MVC Support

MVC Support

Due to MVC, developers can isolate the application logic from the user interface layer, which is extremely important while separating the concerns during development.

 Component to View Modification


It is one of the most advanced characteristics, allowing developers to create multiple individual components using simple HTML syntax for quick development purposes.

URL Tacking

URL Tacking

With deep linking, a user can bookmark and transfer email links within the AngularJS application. Further, it also increases the SEO ranking of an app.

Durable Components

Durable Components

Directives are a significant part of AngularJS, which can also develop reusable modules. However, this leads to hiding complex CSS and DOM structures, which highlights the application functionality.

Two-Way Data Binding

Two-Way Data Binding

This attribute of AngularJS is used to maintain synchronization between the model and view of the application. Any modification performed on the model is reflected on the view and vice versa.

Injectable Decorator

Injectable Decorator

AngularJS offers a Dependency Injection mechanism, which creates multiple independent components that can be integrated and accommodated to maintain and test them.

Easy to Test

Easy to Test

AngularJS is available with inbuilt components and code templates to perform unit testing to identify errors. Because of this characteristic, apps are easily debugged.

Delivering the most Proactive and Competent AngularJS Development Services

Develop and Upgrade to the next level web and mobile applications to expand your business worldwide. Set up your digital Front-End with one of the most stable and hyper-relevant frameworks, which can lead you to unlatch various achievements.

Dynamic Web App Development

Dynamic Web App Development

We follow the MVC approach to build responsive web-apps, which users can access from any browser and mobile platform. Also, we work individually to uplift the performance.

AngularJS MEAN Stack Development

AngularJS MEAN Stack Development

Our Angular Js developers never compromise on quality and continuously build up the most streamlined and easy-to-use mobile applications for your users diversified across devices.

Developing Front-End with AngularJS

Developing Front-End with AngularJS

We believe in user-friendly interfaces and design them for all our clients using various tools and resources. Moreover, our team can also polish your current HTML code with AngularJS to shine it on the web.

Augmented AngularJS UX

Augmented AngularJS UX

Our experts can take up any challenge and develop a high-performing, interactive, and client-side execution application. In addition, we can also showcase avatars, modify text and draw direct focus.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

AngularJS Mobile App Development

We never compromise on quality and continuously build up the most streamlined and easy-to-use mobile applications for your users diversified over different operating systems.

Single Page AngularJS Development

Single Page AngularJS Development

Our Professional Team of AngularJs Developers can create a full-featured dynamic SPA for your business, which will adhere to all industry regulations, procedures, and privacy policies.

Building Your Business to Grow

Boost your Business with Top Level AngularJS Web Development Company

Single Page ApplicationSingle Page Application

Develop highly-customizable and reliable single-page applications for a wide range of users and increase customer interaction and satisfaction.

Realtime Web ApplicationsRealtime Web Applications

Collect and Process real-time data and analyze your online business performance as per described KPIs. Also, deal with big data in an optimized environment.

Mobile & Desktop App DevelopmentMobile & Desktop App Development

A single framework and development procedure can be followed to construct multiple independent modules available to build numerous native software.

Multi-Platform ApplicationsMulti-Platform Applications

Code generated for a single platform can be comfortably tailored, and the same component can be used for browsers, mobile, and native desktop applications.

Unit TestingUnit Testing

Dedicated tools Karma and Jasmine are used to analyze each unit and module of the AngularJS software, which aids in removing all identified bugs.

Fast-Paced CLIFast-Paced CLI

Command Line Interface is available for express installation and development. In addition, it also utilizes less RAM and processing cores.

Easy to UpgradeEasy to Upgrade

Simple HTML scripts can be assuredly upgraded with AngularJS without hassle, and pre-developed software can be advanced to a robust app.

Advance ToolsAdvance Tools

IDEs and Templates compatible with the latest GPUs and computing hardware accelerates processing power and construction of more components.

Our Toolkit for AngularJS Development

  • Angular Material
  • NG bootstrap
  • Jasmine
  • Djangular
  • Karma
  • Covalent UI
  • NG-inspector
  • PrimeNG
  • Kendo UI
  • Semantic UI
  • Angular Universal
  • Native Script
  • Ngx-translate
  • NPM
  • Protractor
  • Karma
  • RxJs
  • NgRX
  • AngularFire
  • Digital Ocean
  • Netlify
  • Ngx-foundation
  • Heroku
  • Ionic
Creativity and Excellence

Work with Positiwise for Top Angular Web Development Services

AngularJS Design

AngularJS Design

Our team can furnish your web and smartphone applications with a dynamic and user-friendly interface and enhance HTML scripts.

AngularJS Consultation

AngularJS Consultation

We go through all your requirements and pre-developed applications to propose the best-suited tools and frameworks for your business.

AngularJS Web App Development

AngularJS Web App Development

Our experienced team works upon each web application component to make it compatible across multiple browsers and mobile platforms.

Adorned AngularJS UX Solutions

Adorned AngularJS UX Solutions

Our experienced team works upon each web application component to make it compatible across multiple browsers and mobile platforms.

Custom Solutions for AngularJS

Custom Solutions for AngularJS

Our AngularJS development team creates feature-rich, interactive, and custom apps components using this framework, which eases to maintain UI extensions.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

We test your applications using multiple testing mechanisms to identify errors and make quick patches for them. Our Dedicated Support Team is always there to help you out.

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Why Positiwise for Angular Software Development?

  • Collaborative, Flexible, and Client-focused approach for each project.
  • Cost-effective and industry-standard accredited solutions delivered on time.
  • 20+ years of experience in creating and maintaining a large number of technologies.
  • The In-House team of well-qualified and experienced project managers, analysts, developers, and testers.
  • Our team works within your time zone to provide real-time updates and project transparency.
  • We always adopt new technology and maintain data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Follows Agile Methodology to integrate every feature and to hand over finest software.
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Angular JS Development FAQs

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is JavaScript framework to create dynamic web applications. It is also called client side JavaScript MVC framework that extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML.

How much does it cost to Build Web App in Angular JS?

The cost to build Angular JS Web Application depends on the size and complexity of your project containing the features requirements. At Positiwise the software development cost starts at $24/hour. You can share your requirement and we will get back to you!

How much time do you require to develop AngularJs Web App?

The final development time of Angular JS development project will depend on the several factors such as complexity of project, region of country, customization and on the features & functionalities in your project. Our experts calculate the time based on that and complete the project in given deadlines.

Angular JS vs Node JS: Which is Best?

Angular JS is JavaScript based open-source framework to develop front-end web applications Where is JS is a runtime library environment to build fast, modern scalable network applications.

What benefits can be availed by hiring Angular Developers?

By hiring dedicated PHP developers, you can develop high performance customer-centric business applications, reduction of development cost and time, Quick error correction, MVC architecture, faster rendering, dependency injections, quicker SPA development and smooth UI.

Why Choose Angular JS Development?

There are few factors that makes Angular JS for best option for front-end development such as high scalable, MVC architecture, code reusability, light-weight code, Creation of SPAs and more.

What is Difference Between Angular and Angular JS?

Angular is TypeScript based framework while AngularJS is JavaScript-based framework. Angular JS use tool such as IDE and WebStorm while Angular uses the Command Line Interface to reduce time!

What are the benefits of Angular JS ?

  • MVC Architecture and Simple Architecture
  • Great Flexibility
  • Two-Way Binding
  • Supported By Google
  • Dependency Injection
  • Less Coding and Outstanding performance
  • Real-Time Testing
  • High Level Security
  • Faster Deployment
  • Create app without using third-party libraries
  • Build-in tools to handle routing and testing effortlessly
  • Easily to understand and learn
  • Enhanced developers productivity

Which Companies Using Angular JS?

Presently, many popular cutting-edge brand such as Gmail, Forbes, Overleaf, PayPal, Samsung, Delta, Upwork and more using Angular JS.

Why should you Outsource Angular Development Projects?

Outsource Angular JS Development leads to cost-effectiveness option, Easy Tracking and monitoring, improved compliance, flexibility in work, business models, fast delivery and advanced features.

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