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Type of projectWeb App
IndustryRetail & eCommerce

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During this custom ecommerce software development project, we have joined forces with a European company that wants to establish its brand across online platforms through a custom eCommerce solution.

The client organization uses a prefabricated solution and is facing some difficulties aligning the software with its policies and standards. Also, the application was unable to cover the fundamental business requirements of our client, which was a primary reason for the downfall of the user base.

With the support of Positiwise .NET development team, our client was able to optimize its productivity, revenue, and user retention.

We followed the Agile methodology for completing this project and started it by discovering the challenges faced by our client.


As per the agile methodology, we started the project by gathering all the essential information from primary and secondary stakeholders.

While the initial project phases, we analyzed the data and listed down some principal challenges faced by our ally.

Inappropriate Content Management

With an off-the-shelf eCommerce solution, our client faced complexities in managing the web pages’ images, videos, and product descriptions. The software could not handle large file sizes, disabling the organization to upload high-end product images.

In addition, there were limited font style, size, and edit options. As a result, the client could not highlight the vital points for selling the product.

To display all the product images, descriptions, and short videos precisely, our client demanded an integrated content management system with all the advanced functionalities.

Limited Checkout Options

The platform used by our client was offering only limited payment options, such as PayPal, bank transfers, and VISA debit and credit cards.

Due to this, only a few customers could pay and place their orders. It was harming the company’s sales, customer base, and revenue.

Also, most of the visitors were selecting the products, but finite checkout options led to canceling the order in-between and switching to some other eCommerce platform.

The primary requirement of our client was to embed every key payment option and make the checkout procedure smooth and secure for every stakeholder.

Lack of Analysis Tool

Evaluating the real-time is a must perform activity for every organization having an eCommerce store.

However, our client was only able to assess the information available in the database. And, it was becoming a significant complexity in modernizing the business strategies.

Moreover, there were no in-built reporting tools. Our client-first has to copy the data into a third-party tool and generate accurate graphs and charts.

The following primary need of our associated was to have built-in real-time analytics and reporting tool.

Outdated Security Mechanisms

With the extensive amount of customer, staff, and transaction data, our ally’s fundamental duty was to maintain the data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

The prefabricated eCommerce solution only provided basic security controls, such as username and password. Also, the company was unable to create access control lists and define the accessibility as per user roles.

Moreover, for patching loopholes and upgrading the drivers, our client has to wait for vendor updates, increasing the cyber-attack probability.

Our project team has taken it as a high-priority task and assures our client to craft a secure architecture with modern mechanisms, maintaining security ethics.

Repulsive UI

The user interface was straightforward and non-descriptive. As a result, visitors could not find the desired product and moved to the checkout step.

Also, the bounce rate was very high, as the prefabricated solution did not attract users to the eCommerce platform.

Additionally, the UI was downgrading the reputation conversion rate and engagement rate.

Our ally demanded an alluring, sleek, and highly responsive user interface to attract more visitors to the online shopping platform.

Insufficient Marketing Modules

With the pre-build eCommerce software, our client has to use external marketing tools to create leads, send bulk emails, and track multiple campaigns’ progress.

It was a time-consuming task and required more computational resources in handling multiple applications simultaneously. In addition, there were insufficient SEO components, leading to the downfall of the website’s ranking across browsers.

The main objective to mitigate this challenge was to adjoin modern marketing, sales, and SEO-friendly components for optimizing ranking and market capital.

Incompatible Across platforms

The eCommerce solution of our client was only accessible through desktops and browsers. When the user tries to open it on a mobile device, it doesn’t display components effectively.

Furthermore, the solution reloaded frequently after every action, devaluing the user experience.

Our .NET development team defines the business requirement to mitigate this challenge for our service consumers.

Non-compliance with NIST and ISO

The online market platform of our client was not aligning with all the NIST and ISO standards, leading to the probability of fines and legal action against the company.

The following primary requirement was to develop a cutting-edge full service ecommerce solutions, fulfilling all the chief government terms and conditions.


After analyzing the challenges faced by our client and its business and technical requirements, our dedicated .NET developers escalated the development lifecycle to furnish an avant-garde solution.

Authentic CMS

We provided a built-in Content Management System, offering effortless deployment to publish different content on the web pages.

It allows uploading high-end graphics, gradient effects, and videos over the eCommerce portal. In addition, it offers various text and image editing tools, highlighting essential information and showing products according to the wireframe.

In-built Analytics and Reporting

Our .NET developers eliminate the need for external reporting tools. The new online market platform integrates real-time data analytics and reports generating mechanism.

It also provides suggestions for better decision-making and facilitates customer satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, it aligns with company standards, helping management optimize current market and sale strategies.

Advanced Security

We enabled authentication, authorization, and multiple access control systems to allow only legitimate actors to access the resources.

Our security team also configures SSL and PCI DSS to secure customer data and financial transactions.

Furthermore, all the information gets stored after performing hashing and salting operations.

Charismatic User-interface

Our principal frontend engineers created an alluring interface, attracting more customers by providing a personal touch.

All the web pages and product listings have a unique theme. Also, the page responses are quick, without reloading the page after every action.

Additionally, we added custom icons and hover effects, supporting customers to navigate precisely between pages.

Business-oriented marketing Tools

Our custom software development team embedded third-party and custom-built marketing tools in the administrator panel of the eCommerce software.

It provides features to run and track ad campaigns on different platforms, helps to communicate with customers, and allows to send bulk emails to the target audience.

In addition, it also aligns with SEO best practices, helping the organization grow its ranking across search engines.

Cross-platform Compatibility

We build a solution with the capability to run on any device, operating system, and web browser.

Also, the client can reuse the code we produced to create more similar applications.

Furthermore, it aids every customer to utilize the eCommerce platform on their preferred device and order their favorite products.

Platform Complying with NIST and ISO Standards

Our ecommerce platform developer team thoroughly researches legitimate sources and verifies that the software complies with the latest NIST 800-53, 800-53/FI, 800-30 guidelines, and NIST SSDF protocols.

Also, we ensure to fulfill all the ISO/IEC 27000 and ISO/IEC 90003:2018 guidelines.

Multiple Payment Options

We adjoin every primary payment gateway, enabling customers to pay through credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, net banking, E-wallet, UPI, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.


After adapting the eCommerce development service by Positiwise, our client was able to accomplish the following milestones:

  • Client analysis and increase in user base and revenue.
  • Customer satisfaction rate increases with multiple payment options and responsive UI.
  • Users get assured of data integrity, non-repudiation, and confidentiality.
  • All the stakeholders were smoothly navigating through product catalogs, enhancing the user-experience rate.
  • Market reputation increases as the platform align with fundamental NIST and ISO standards.
  • The company was able to make better strategies due to real-time data analytics.
  • It helps our client expand business opportunities by reaching the target audience through the platform-independent solution.
  • The marketing tool helps run ads on multiple platforms through a single interface, saving time and the subscription cost of different mechanisms.
  • The new in-built CMS system supports updating web content quickly, effortlessly, and immediately.
  • The user was able to view the instantaneous current state of the page after performing any action.
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