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Retail Portal Development for SSL Selling Company

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Type of projectWeb App
IndustryRetail & eCommerce, Security

Product Description

We collaborated with the third-largest SSL and Web Security solutions provider for this project.

Our client’s main requirement was to modernize their current portals to smoothen the process of offering extensive security services to their broad user base.

The main highlights of the project include a custom retail portal for customers, inclusive of a reseller management system, a custom affiliate management system, and product management. In addition, our team has performed an in-depth study on the services provided by our client to efficiently include the features to offer the following services to end-users.

  • Managed PKI Solution
  • API Support for Resellers and Affiliates
  • Product Management
  • Fulfillment Solution for Vendor Products
  • Product Management Solution and many more

All these systems were mainly focused on, as all these have a maximum contribution to revenue generation.

Further, the main goal of our client was to provide a custom retail portal to its customers for quick buying, selling, configuration, and maintenance of SSL certificates.


In the initial phase of the software project, our team conducted an in-depth analysis through various interviews and brainstorming sessions to collect the relevant data for software development.

As a result, we have listed down some of the significant challenges we have solved through our Flexible, Fast-moving, and affordable approach.

Multiple Payment Mechanisms and Shopping Cart

Our client offers a variety of SSL certificates to their customers. To allow them to pay online, the company wants to provide secure payment gateways integrated into their eCommerce platform.

Our ally wants to develop a full-fledged eCommerce store with all the essential gateways and shopping cart systems as their first primary requirement.

Besides this, there was also a need for a cart and checkout mechanism, aiding the customers to add their certificates and buy them.

Product Management

The SSL Store offers a wide array of services and certifications and wants to display the details on its website.

Before reaching out to us, the organization was using an outdated product management system, leading the organization to miss some crucial steps in managing them appropriately.

Here, the primary requirement of our client was to have a reliable management system that can effortlessly align with company standards and provide them with a fantastic final result.

Reseller and Affiliate Portals Integration

The SSL Store offers to resell certificates and provides affiliate programs for its customers.

Due to the lack of these online portals, the support team had an additional workload. Also, it was degrading the customer satisfaction, revenue, and productivity rate.

Moreover, the client requires providing reporting and analytics tools to end-users to evaluate the real-time data.

Our professional advised our client to include different interfaces to provide Reseller and Affiliate programs but utilize a centralized database for accurate data handling.

In-Built IoT Certificate Management

The IoT certificate of the SSL Store is very advanced, but our ally was facing complexities in providing a single hybrid application to their customers for configuring multiple IoT devices.

Also, our client wants the app to get linked with any device and ensure it scales up when required automatically.

Hence, the primary need to mitigate this challenge was an IoT device-compatible management software for their stakeholders.

Data Security, PKI Management, and Private CA

The SSL Store was scaling up its business by providing more services, such as Private CA, partner programs, and API integrations.

To offer these services, they have to modernize their overall infrastructure and harden the security to maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Furthermore, the company wants to provide an attractive UI to private CA users, through which they can perform configuration without any external help. Therefore, our team has to build a secure IT infrastructure and charismatic UI, supporting SSL Store to achieve their goal.

Moreover, our client wants to set up a custom PKI management module, helping their clients seamlessly implement and manage encryption keys.

Frequent Customer Certificate Expiry

The customers of our ally were not able to update their security certifications on time, increasing the probability of cyber-attacks.

To solve this issue, SSL Store provided us with their requirement to store all crucial customer data in a single database and set alerts, which will automatically send notifications through messages and emails to customers for renewing their certificates.


Our specialist has implemented all the practical and relevant modules to resolve all the challenges, which will help our client accomplish long-term milestones.

Authentic IoT Certificate Management

Our team developed a hybrid application accessible across web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices, which will help the end-users configure and renew IoT certificates for all the smart devices in the network.

In addition, the IoT solution complies with all the company and certificate standards to assure overall data security.

Buy, Resell, and Affiliate Portals

We provided an attractive user interface with conversational design and personalization features for every user.

Further, we added custom reporting and analytics mechanisms, which will assuredly evaluate the real-time data and provide live results to the users. Also, the graphs will give up-to-the-second information.

In addition, we added all the major payment and cart gateways for smooth and seamless transactions while buying and selling certificates.

Once the customer adds the product to its cart, it will show the next steps to checkout, pay the amount and confirm the order.

Certificate Management Interface

To improve our client’s services, we added a dedicated platform for their customers to manage the different SSL, email, and code signing certificates.

The management system will help customers track certificate issues and expiry dates, buy new certificates, encrypt mail messages, and define user rules to magnify corporate cyber-security.

Custom Product Support Solution

We furnished the most advanced production management system for the SSL Store, which constantly monitors the business procedures and market to provide accurate suggestions for improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, the system goes through similar products available across multiple vendors and defines a relevant pricing system to lead competitive marketing.

Usage and Time Intimation Notifications

Our professional developers embedded this feature for every user. If the customer has access to Certificate Management System, it can view the utilization and other relevant certificate information.

If the user is not utilizing the management system, the system will also send an automated mail to notify them to renew their certificate before the expiration.

Private CA Program and PKI Management

Our security and system architects have created the IT infrastructure of the SSL Store, which allows them to scale up impeccably and offer Private CA services.

As a result, the company provided VPN, encrypted communication, remote backups, smart card authentication, and signing container services.

Furthermore, we added a dedicated portal for handling the PKI operations, supporting the company in strengthening the security of their SSL services.

Ledger System for Stakeholders

We integrated an additional ledger management module to help every stakeholder manage the finances.

The company will also have access to this custom tool, supporting them in buying extensive certificate stock from their vendors and handling the budget efficiently.


After implementing the new systems and utilizing their features, our client achieved the following goals.

  • Users have a customized partner and affiliate interface, aiding them in assessing the bonus, services, and reselling precisely.
  • The customers of our ally were able to renew their certificates on time, increasing the customer-satisfaction rate.
  • The SSL Store offers Private CA services to its customers through its secure and top-notch infrastructure.
  • After providing a certificate management system to its stakeholders, the company analyzed a rise in its sales.
  • The clients were able to configure IoT certificates for multiple smart devices from a single interface and through their mobile devices.
  • The new user interface helps the organization to optimize its productivity and revenue.
  • The firm seamlessly escalates its business operation by enhancing the custom eCommerce payment gateways.
  • The company has a white label solution, magnifying its brand visibility across browsers.
  • It makes our ally capable of effectively handling certificate management, as we integrated PKI into the certificate management system.
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