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.NET App Development Services

We cater to all your business requirements and assign a dedicated team of analysts, designers, developers, and testers to create a .NET application with intuitive UX and modern UI. Our Custom Dot Net Development Services assure you seamless workflow integration and superior quality web-based portals.

Why Choose Positiwise for .NET Application Development

With the emerging competition in every industry, it is essential to streamline daily business operations and have an online portal to interact with each user. Here, the .NET framework plays a vital role, as it is an open-source, cross-platform compatible framework developed and maintained by Microsoft. Libraries embedded in this framework are used to design and produce several forms and web-based solutions.

Positiwise is Microsoft Certified Partner, which makes applications developed by us, highly-recognized in the market. In addition, our Professional .NET Developers utilizes legitimate tools and resources to develop applications from mobile to microservices and from machine learning to gaming and IoT.

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Let’s Hand-Pick the Proper .NET Architecture

Our team thoroughly analyzes your business procedures and selects an appropriate application architecture that enhances overall organizational performance.

Multitier Architecture

This architecture divides the software solution into data management, application, and client-side layers, interdependent on each other for performing database, business logic, and interface functions. 

Cloud-based Architecture

Different components of an application are developed by following the microservices approach but are configured on a remote server for easy update and to handle each execution without any disruption.

Microservices Architecture

Overall, the application is divided into small autonomous services, which are self-contained and perform a single function. It aids in quickly developing and updating a single module without affecting the rest of the software.

Our Custom .NET Development Services

Strengthen your new and old applications with a framework supported by Microsoft and developed by one of the most professional organizations in the industry. Own the apps based on Microservices architecture and integrate with cloud computing for intensified performance.

Custom .NET Application

Our dedicated .NET developers can produce custom cross-platform secure and stable applications to fulfill all B2B, B2E, and B2C requirements.

.NET Consultation Service

We have a dedicated team of Business and Technical Analysts to clarify your idea to digitize business and reach out to clients on a global platform.

Desktop .NET App Development

We are always assure to deliver scalable apps that can be accessed through several browsers with different extensions and API integrations.

Cloud Integration Services

Be it your old application or a new one; we can just integrate it with appropriate cloud service and assign it the required amount of resources to enable all the users to utilize every service effortlessly.

Content Management Systems Development

We can build a CMS for your business, which will connect all internal departments and assist in managing your operations in a more precise manner. It generates multiple charts and graphs for analysis.  

.NET based eCommerce Platforms

With .NET based online platform, users can easily view and add multiple products to their shopping cart and fill out required shipping and payment details to receive their ordered items.

.NET Distributed Applications

Our Microsoft professionals are highly innovative and qualified to work with the latest .NET technologies and embed your application with distributed cloud architecture a couple of times.

Maintenance and Support for .NET App

We offer performance optimization, database management, and security monitoring at L1, L2, and L3 levels. Moreover, we also upgraded application architecture with advanced modules.

Our On-Demand .NET Development Services & Solutions

Terminate the disturbance in your business processes and achieve goals with our end-to-end .NET on-demand services.

Reliable Dot Net Solutions for Web and Mobile Platforms

Upgrade your work procedures with a high-performing interactive application based on Microservices and cloud architecture for automation purposes. In addition, we perform threat analysis, vulnerability analysis, and management to protect systems from cyber-attacks.

  • E-Commerce Web and Mobile Application
  • Social Networking Application Development
  • Administrative systems for system monitoring and management
  • Gaming Web App Development

.NET Solutions to handle Enterprise Resources

Connect different departments of your enterprise using a single software and manage all the resources with an integrated central database—moreover, monitor real-time production rates, assigned human resources, and ongoing activities.

  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Resource planning and managing interfaces
  • Decision and Support Systems with a centralized database.
  • Enterprise Collaboration and Office Automation System

Positiwise offeres .NET Engagement Models

Positiwise offers an array of Cooperation Models for better collaboration and to optimize .NET Development conveniently.

Fixed Cost Model

We offer and recommend this exclusive model for software development, as it helps our clients avail end-to-end services at a fixed cost. Furthermore, a roadmap with multiple milestones is developed and exchanged between both parties to clarify the project scope to create more optimized deliverables.

Offshore Dev. Center

Project-based on this model is exclusively under the client, and we adhere to all the defined copyright, IPR regulations, and security standards. Moreover, we offer a facility of the on-site team for direct interaction with your business representative, optimal resource usage, and flexible work timings.

Net Development Process

Staff Augmentation Model

Our organization assigns an experienced pool of resources to speed up the development and enhance productivity. Furthermore, remote staffing and IT support services are also offered with long-term and comprehensive projects to save the high cost of recruitment and training.

Build Operate Transfer

We offer you the BOT model, which includes your software’s overall design, development, and operation under one roof. With this, upfront investments can be reduced, day-to-day management can be improved, and operational teams easily transferred.

.NET Development – Our Approach

Software Development Process

.NET Technology Stack

  • .NET Core
  • Silverlight
  • WCF
  • UWP
  • Xamarin
  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP
  • SQL
  • JS
  • XML
  • TS
  • Python
  • MediatR
  • SignalR
  • Fluent Validation
  • Blazor
  • MVVM Toolkit
  • DevExtreme
  • ASP.NET Core Web
  • Swagger
  • MS Test
  • Fiddler
  • Postman
  • Specflow
  • Report.rdlc
  • Crystal reports
  • Telerik Reporting Services

What makes us Outstanding

Positiwise is a fully certified and leading .NET Development company that provides cost-effective and custom .NET Development Services under a single package.

Hire our Dot Net Developers and Programmers

Positiwise is an accredited .NET Development company in India and USA, which employs top-level fully-managed teams and experienced individual Engineers with unimaginable capabilities for digital transformation.

Hire Dot NET Developers at $18/hr

We are trusted for:

  • To take up new challenges and achieve milestones before deadlines.
  • Rescuing your on-hold projects and completing them within time and budget constraints.
  • We develop business-critical solutions with multiple integrations for strict performance, security, and availability.

.Net Development FAQs

.NET Framework is a platform developed, supported, and maintained by Microsoft for creating web-enabled applications. It includes numerous built-in tools, modules, and libraries, which aid developers in building highly scalable enterprise-grade solutions, games, and web services within the time and cost constraints. C#, Visual Basic, C++, J#, F#, JSCRIPT, Windows PowerShell, Iron Ruby, and many more languages can be used to produce streamlined code by utilizing this development platform.

Cross-platform applications can be created using .NET Framework, which is not limited to the following listed:

  • Web-based Solutions
  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Native Software
  • Gaming Apps
  • IoT
  • Console Apps
  • Web and Windows Services
  • POS, CMS, and TMS Systems

Yes, .NET applications flawlessly support the serverless architecture and terminate the hassle to maintain on-premises servers and other components. This leads to faster app deployment, spirited innovation, and high flexibility to modify software effortlessly with rapidly changing business needs.

You can hire our experienced .NET developers to migrate your legacy software to the .NET framework. We ensure you optimized performance, stable client-server connection, attractive user interface, cloud and database integration, and a well-grounded codebase. Moreover, our cutting-edge services can aid you in continuing business operations without disruption while your app is being ported.

By employing professional .NET programmers, you can be assured of a high-performing business solution, as these developers are certified and know the exact functions and components to be embedded in the software. With the help of experts, time and cost for final production are also reduced and Positiwise promises its associates with the best quality work done by its dedicated in-house team.

Both are the most powerful technologies used for producing highly-robust applications for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. But if your primary system is running on Windows operating system then you should probably opt for .NET, as it consumes less memory and is more compatible with the OS. Also, .NET is considered more stable because of its optimized code, which directly leads to improved overall performance.

Every Cloud service currently available in the market can be integrated with a .NET solution, whether it’s AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, or IBM. Thus, Azure is a product of Microsoft, it is seen as the most reliable cloud infrastructure. You can easily scale up and down any resource anytime without any restriction from any vendor.

Below listed are primary reasons for the popularity of .NET:

  • Open Source
  • Mature Framework
  • Can compile code of multiple languages
  • Upgraded security systems rooted by default
  • Freely available over the internet, which saves cost
  • Future-proof solutions are developed
  • Follows OOPS Methodology
  • Definitive Resource Management

With the complex security structure of .NET, only authorized users are capable of accessing app resources, as multi-factor authentication and access controls are enabled. System policies can also be defined as per your business guidelines to grant an approach over data based on the user’s identity. Encryption and Hashing are also available to change stored and in-transaction data format to mitigate man-in-the-middle and other illegitimate cyber activities.

For building a futuristic .NET app, the following components plays a crucial role:

  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  • Class Library
  • DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime)
  • Meta Data
  • Security Libraries
  • Domains of Application
  • CLI (Common Language Infrastructure)
  • Common Type System
  • Alongside Execution of modules
  • Self-defining functions

.NET is considered for crafting apps, providing a secure and scalable environment for generating clean code. Its in-built Windows Authentication mechanism and Encryption/Decryption libraries ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In addition, all the data blocks transferred through .NET applications are protected from malicious actors, and seamless communication is performed between users. Also, several programming languages can be compiled and run using this technology, which makes it a vital developer tool.

Both these technologies are developed by Microsoft, but .NET Core can be used to craft apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS-based devices, whereas .NET Framework is considered for constructing only Windows-based solutions. Further, .NET Core is not considered as compatible as .NET for desktop solutions and it is mainly appraised for Cloud and server-side software development. But, the same package manager is required to install it, only the different modules need to be selected for configuring each one of them.

There are several factors on which the cost of app development depends. Time, resource utilization, features required, tools, third-party integrations, and project complexity. But, with Positiwise economical engagement models, you can easily build up an industry-grade solution to fulfill business requirements and achieve great milestones.

With the help of incorporated modules present in the .NET package manager, the functionality of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be easily adjoined. Also, AWS, Azure, and any other cloud infrastructure can be linked with your application. Smart devices located in an IoT network can also be configured and monitored from a single dashboard furnished using the .NET framework. In addition, Positiwise is always available and capable to build custom APIs to add advanced functionalities to your software.

Windows Presentation Foundation is a primary framework used for generating frontend for native Windows applications with XAML and C# language. All the interfaces, documents, images, videos, and game graphics are created and handled by this WPF engine. It is a sub-program of .NET, which is used to successfully include graphical layout in software through its data binding and controls mechanism.

By joining forces with a Microsoft Gold Partnership Company, such as Positiwise, you can be ensured about using the latest framework version for your software project. Also, you will be benefitted from extra credits provided by Microsoft, which can be put to use for availing of Azure Cloud Services at a reduced price.

.NET is a modernized platform and many major programming languages can be used to produce easily-expandable code for diversified software solutions. By porting your system to .NET, you can leverage the convenience of advanced tools, IDEs, and large community support. Platform independent applications are developed to digitally evolve your business in a budgeted manner.

With a wide array of .NET packages available with its installation, vigorous analytical tools are developed to evaluate any type of data in real-time. Progressive business strategies are straightforwardly generated, as decision-making is ameliorated through advanced .NET software. Also, Machine Learning and Visualization can be merged by our developers.

We offer Full-Stack .NET development services from designing prototypes to inventing feature-rich mobile and desktop solutions. Our agile approach covers all your business necessities along with the post-deployment maintenance and support services for seamless long-term app functioning. Our team can also migrate your current software to .NET and link it with the cloud for guaranteeing impeccable performance.

An overall application can be produced with .NET, as it allows multi-language support. Attractive interfaces with rich gradients and dapper backends can be assuredly interlinked. ASP and C++ are the mostly used as backend languages, whereas VB and C# are considered as frontend. Presentation of UI layer is created and maintained without effort with it.

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