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POS Application for Retail Management Service

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Type of projectWeb and Mobile App
IndustryRetail & eCommerce

Product Description

Positiwise software professionals perform POS application development for one of the clients. The client owns a business providing POS for retail stores. They were searching for a new technology partner to upgrade their traditional system, develop new features, and support it for the upcoming advancements.

Positiwise discussed all the details and provided .NET application development services. We primarily worked on a retail POS system used by businesses with offline stores at multiple locations. For more details, you can undergo the project challenges, solutions, and results.


Below listed are the top requirements defined by the client for POS retail software development. Positiwise business and technical analysts supported the client organization to thoroughly undergo every stakeholder requirement and determine all the major and minor software features and functionalities.

Cross-Device Software

Running the POS software on multiple devices with different screen sizes and operating systems was a major requirement. Our client needed a retail POS system compatible with desktops, mobiles, tablets, and kiosks. Further, the client requirements per device were as follows:

For Desktop:

The application must be installed on the system and also be accessible using a web browser. In addition, it must be working in collaboration with the barcode scanner, cash drawer, and a card reader connected to the computer system.

For Mobiles:

The main purpose of POS application development for mobile devices is to leverage portability and save space at on-premises stores. The POS software must work with a connected card swiper and send the invoice directly to the customer’s mobile number and email.

For Tablets:

The only purpose of including the tablet was to provide a clearer view of the images and product information. All the functionalities of tablet POS will be the same as mobile POS, and they will run on both iOS and Android devices.

For Kiosks:

The kiosk POS system requirement is specifically for retail stores dealing with grocery, beauty products, and apparel. The main features of this retail software development were to enable self-checkout, find the products, process refunds, and check product prices.

Specific Report Generation

Every business needs a report to analyze user behavior, maintain inventory, maintain accounts, and prepare future plans accordingly. Our client demanded a built-in feature that can automatically prepare the following reports in industry-defined formats.

The reports include:

  • Sales Report
  • Blocked Product Report
  • Most Selling Product Report
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Total investment and ROI report
  • Tax Report
  • Successful and Failed Transaction Report

Additionally, all the reports were required to display data in pie charts, tables, and graphs. Also, the retail POS system must allow the sharing of reports directly to authorized email addresses.

ERP and CRM Integration

Numerous large retail businesses use ERP and CRM solutions consisting of modules such as inventory management, market analysis, and much more. Our client needed a POS system that could connect to these ERP systems so that real-time updates could be executed.

The primary challenge for this requirement was to automate it and secure data transactions simultaneously. Also, all the communication established between POS and other systems should be full-duplex for better decision-making at the management’s end.

Online Payment Embedding

Every customer shops with a different mode of payment. Some utilize debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and eWallets, and some still prefer cash or COD. With the help of the retail point of sales system, our client described the following payment targets to achieve:

  • Allowing customers to pay through net banking using the specified bank’s gateway.
  • Enabling payment through Mastercard, Visa, and RuPay debit and credit cards.
  • To leverage customers with UPI, GPay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, and Paytm wallet payments.
  • To enable payment by scanning a QR Code.

All the mentioned payment gateway integration was the major requirement.

Data Syncing and Security

Data syncing was a paramount need for the POS for retail stores. The business owners are operating multiple stores and even websites. Due to this, they wanted a system that could sync all the data to a centralized repository and update it across all locations. Also, another requirement under data syncing was to create a single and store-specific payment transaction list.

Furthermore, data security was also another concern. The client required every possible authentication, access control, and authorization mechanism in place to maintain the data CIA triads (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability).

Customer Behavior Tracking

The user behavior tracking functionality was listed as a core feature of the retail POS system. It will help businesses to query the system and find details about a particular customer or a set of customers. In addition, the requirements under it include:

  • Analyzing the customer behavior at a specific store location.
  • Assessing the behavior of customers at all locations simultaneously.
  • Examining the most sold product per age group, gender, and location.
  • Performing in-depth analysis of customer satisfaction and experience across website and on-premises shopping.

Offers and Loyalty Programs

To allow retail businesses to streamline loyalty programs, the feature to create customer ID, associate purchase history, and provide custom offers was the requirement.

Our client needed a system that could create a unique ID for every customer, allowing them to avail loyalty offers from any store, including the website. In addition, another requirement was added to allow staff members to provide discounts per company policies in some exceptional cases.

Moreover, for retail stores in different countries and continents, our client required the POS application to be configured with specific offers. For instance, during Diwali, the POS system shows discounts only in Indian Stores; for La Tomatina, it shows discounts in Spain and, accordingly, for every other location.


After considering all the requirements and challenges, Positiwise professionals preferred .NET application development services to fulfill the business needs. As a result, tech stack .NET, SQL, and AWS are the main technologies used for this POS application development project.

Cross-Device and OS Compatibility

With the help of .NET and C# programming language, our developers created a cross-platform compatible application accessible across Windows and macOS desktop systems. In addition, we also leveraged the client with functionality to operate the POS retail system on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Our developers focused on the responsiveness of the application, enabling the interface to adjust according to screen size and display all relevant features. Moreover, we designed two application versions; one can be accessible through a web browser, and the other can be installed. As a result, cross-device and operating system requirement is completed.

Configuration of Latest Security Mechanisms

Our testers, developers, and security experts collaborated to configure the top-notch security controls. The CIA triad and AAA fundamentals were taken into consideration to design the data flow, accessibility, and availability.

Following are some of the controls configured by our experts:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based authorization
  • Input sanitization and validation on the database

In addition, we also helped our client prepare data security and cyber policies for their organization and usage of POS systems.

Built-in Automated Report Generation

Our business analysts prepared the format of all the reposts required by a retail business. Further, our dedicated .NET developers build an automation process, which will create the reports according to the interval defined by the business.

The built-in system in the POS system is capable of generating daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. In addition, it leverages to generate reports for the custom period. The end-user only needs to input the start and end date on the provided interface.

Additionally, the POS system interface also offers the option to transfer reports to the registered email address. Due to security controls, only authorized persons will get access to these reports and their share feature on the POS system.

Custom APIs for Integrations

We created custom REST and SOAP APIs, enabling us to connect with third-party ERP and CRM systems. Due to this, the businesses can update the inventory data automatically and provide orders to vendors promptly. All the APIs are developed in accordance with business requirements, guaranteeing secure data flow with the full duplex channel.

AI-enabled Analytics

To analyze the user behavior across online and offline streams, we used .NET-based AI models. It leads the system to gather all the details from the POS database and provide results in accordance with business policies.

Furthermore, AI supports boosting sales, as when someone uses a kiosk device, AI starts recommending the products per purchase history and current navigation. Along with analyzing user behavior, it also enhances and streamlines the experience.

Dedicated Loyalty and Offers Program Interface

As per the client’s needs, we created a dedicated offers and loyalty program interface, accessible and controlled from the headquarters as well as in-store employees.

Operations that can be executed from headquarters:

  • Setting up the discount offers per location.
  • Maintaining the loyalty program information.
  • Defining the terms and conditions for discounts.

Operations that can be executed by in-store staff:

  • Applying staff member discounts for special customers.
  • Updating free gifts option, as per availability in the store.
  • View the details of loyalty program discount eligible customers.
  • Merging of two or more offers together.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The POS system created by Positiwise works with every possible payment mechanism. It enables businesses to set up debit cards, credit cards, UPI, GPay, eWallets, and net banking. Moreover, the POS retail system smoothly connects with barcode scanners and cash registers, supporting the update data accordingly.

Besides all this, the application also maintains the transactions executed online and offline. It also ensures the maintenance of a history and backup.


After the deployment of Positiwise developed POS for a retail store, the following metrics are analyzed:

  • The business operations are streamlined, and productivity increased by 80 to 120%.
  • The efforts to maintain inventory and order the products are minimized by 95%.
  • The report generation feature helped to develop future plans efficiently.
  • The data security controls helped to align with industry and regulatory standards.
  • The .NET technology constantly remained high in performance, speed, and stability.
  • The customer satisfaction rate is increased by 75 to 97%.
  • The AI-enabled modules lead organizations to improve business processes per the latest trends.
  • Our client acquired 67% more customers within the first six months of the software release.
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