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Being well-known iOS Application Development Company at global scale, Positiwise offers world-class iOS App Development solutions with a team of 20+ years of experience in iOS technology. Hire the best and top 1% iOS App developers to turn your thoughts & ideas into digital next-gen applications. Grow your business by building world-class iOS Application by adapting a highly experience iOS application team at Positiwise.

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Product Impactful Results with Custom iOS App Development Services

Access custom iOS App Development services to fabricate a high-performing iOS mobile application for users with Apple devices and cater them a flawless experience of utilizing resources in an innovative digital ecosystem. Also, establish a customer base with exemplary standards and achieve your business goals along with earning a greater ROI.


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Custom iOS App Development Company

Build Business Momentum with iOS App Development Company

With the quick boost up of technology, more and more devices with different operating systems are becoming available, which has disabled organizations to reach out to the targeted audience. Apple Devices are one of the most owned gadgets in each continent. And to establish the organization's brand, numerous companies are moving forward with iOS application development.

Positiwise is a leading iOS App Development Company with leading-edge iOS solutions for small to large-scale enterprises, significantly supporting evolving businesses. We comprise a dedicated team full of developers, designers, analysts, project managers, testers, marketers, and researchers to build a high-powered application for iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple TV, and iWatch. In addition, we follow an iterative development methodology for successfully embedding all the functionalities as per your requirements.


Hire iOS Developer for best in-class
Technological Solutions

Be it a new iPhone application development or upgradation and maintenance of a veteran one; our team is ready to consult and deploy their best practices to help you out.


iOS Applications – Exclusive Features

Reach to large audienceReach to large
Most secureMost secure
and stable
Natively for Apple DevicesNatively for
Apple Devices
Cross-Device CompatibilityCross-Device
Apple SupportApple
Easy development and maintenanceEasy development
and maintenance
Gesture ControlsRegular
Best iOS App Development Company

Sprint Ahead with Best-in-Class iOS App Development Solutions

  • Enterprise iOS App Development
  • Personalized Software for Apple Devices
  • Server-Side API Development for iPhone Applications
  • iOS Software Maintenance and Support
  • iOS Application Consultation
  • Database and Cloud Integration Services
  • AI, ML and IoT enabled iOS Applications
  • Multi-device iOS Application Development

Types of iOS Mobile Applications That Our iOS Developers Build

A team of iOS App Developers at Positiwise controls 10+ year of experience in iOS Apps Development, and we have crafted a wide range of custom iOS mobile apps for multiple industries which includes:

  • Banking Apps
  • Fintech Apps
  • Insurance Apps
  • Logistic Apps
  • mCommerce Mobile Apps
  • Patient Management Apps
  • Appointment Booking Apps
  • Ticking Mobile Apps
  • Supply Chain Management Apps
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Messaging and VoIP Apps
  • Forex Trading Apps

Why Native iOS Applications are Preferred

Expand your business and reach out to every user with any Apple device with a secure, stable, and sturdy application, delivering quality services and covering edge-to-edge user requirements.

Secure Architecture

Secure Architecture

Bug-free solutions are produced, as the programming language used for iOS automatically detects unsafe modules and removes them before production.

Powerful Error Handling

Powerful Error Handling

Any exception detected during run-time can be propagated, manipulated, and thrown to ensure the smooth functioning of the iOS application.

Multi-Platform Support

Multi-Platform Support

Once the application is developed, it can be accessed over any Apple product with the required operating system version.

Compatible with Objective C

Compatible with Objective C

Some components of Obj C can be compiled with Swift to make it faster, safer, bug-free, and enhance its data processing.

Rapid Process Execution

Rapid Process Execution

Pattern matching, closure syntax, and flexible functions of iOS-based apps lead to storing and processing each user request in a fast pace environment.

Effective Memory Management

Effective Memory Management

iOS applications are crafted with the in-built feature of Automatic Reference Counting for tracking and maintaining the memory utilization by software.

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We got the best one for you.

Building Your Business to Grow

Modernize Vision with our Authentic iOS Development Services

Avail our best in industry application development services and uplift business productivity with a solid web-enabled solution

iOS App Consultation

iOS App Consultation

Gather all your queries and reach out to Positiwise for a quick and reliable solution for each one of them. We have a collaborated team of technical analysts and researchers to find the best possible solutions for crafting an iOS application.

Custom iOS App Development

Custom iOS App Development

We assess all your business needs for creating an easily-adaptable solution for your enterprise. Our iOS-based can be accessed on any iPhone, iPad, and wearable devices without any compatibility, installation and performance issues.

iOS API Development

iOS API Development

Enhance productivity and save cost with custom-made APIs for connecting different components, which makes your iOS solution device-independent. Moreover, it improves connectivity between modules and helps to analyze data intelligently.

Codebase Testing & Auditing

Codebase Testing & Auditing

Touch up your current application and make its code cleaner along with effectively discovering potential loopholes and bugs. Also, we patch application with the latest version of frameworks and makes them search engine friendly for higher ranking.

Creativity and Excellence

Why We are Recommended

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Future-Oriented Solutions

Future-Oriented Solutions

After thoroughly researching the current and upcoming technology trends, all the applications are constructed. It allows our experts to fabricate a scalable solution that can adjoin advanced and complex modules. We have a keen eye on every detail and guarantee an easily extensible application.

Flexible Engagement

Flexible Engagement

Several affordable models are available, and you can select the most appropriate one for your iOS app development project. In addition, we offer material-based, time-based, milestone-based, hybrid, and many more engagement mechanisms to enable your business to achieve greater heights and accomplish its long-term goals.

Scalable App Development

Scalable App Development

Our in-house development approach, maintained by our expert project managers, is to fabricate a powerful application for your business. We never compromise with quality and always collect your valuable feedback during and after each vital stage for assuring a good user experience.

Time Zone Line Up

Time Zone Line Up

Whether our development team or support team, we are available 24/7 as per your native time zone to aid you with quick solutions, project reports, progress reports, standup meetings, and conferences. In addition, we also sign an NDA agreement to outline boundaries and work within them.

Why Positiwise – A Top iOS App Development Company

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Never let your customers wait, as we always deliver your application before the deadline with all the advanced mechanisms integrated with it. In addition, our team assesses all your business necessities and generates a Gantt chart and multiple workflow diagrams for roll-out within the assured timeline.

Transparency and Confidentiality

Transparency and Confidentiality

Our experts update you with every progress of your iPhone application development project. For better collaboration, every project plan, communication plan, and resource sheet are shared with you. Also, all the data collected from you and other sources to furnish software is stored securely for maintaining its integrity.

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

We always focus on user perspective for designing an easy-to-navigate user interface with gradients, textures, animated backgrounds, scrolls, buttons, and many more. Moreover, we also generate manuals and tutorials to help new users learn about the iOS application, its features and how to connect it with other Apple products.

Post-Deployment Maintenance

Post-Deployment Maintenance

Maintain the performance and stability of your business application through our support services, which monitor current progress and install all the updates without any delay. Furthermore, we perform a consistent risk analysis to identify threat factors and reform security mechanisms as per latest government, ISO and NIST standards.

Recent Projects

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iOS App Development FAQs

What is iOS app development?

iOS App Development is a process of creating mobile applications for iOS powered devices. iOS stands for Internetwork Operating System, just like Windows or Linux.

Moreover, Apple's iOS operating system not only serves as an OS for the iPhones but also runs on iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV devices.

Which tools do you use for iOS App Development?

There is a long list of latest and most popular iOS Development Tools, but here is the list:

  • Swift
  • Microsoft Azure
  • fastlane
  • Obj-C
  • C
  • InVision
  • Xcode
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Firebase

What are the benefits of iOS app development?

According to Statista, mobile apps will reach $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020, it's almost double since 2016 and its continuously growing day by day. Among all smartphones Apple devices are consistently popular with consumers and revenue especially iOS platform. Therefore, iOS app development is worth investing in now and beyond.

What are the major iOS App Development Services?

Our main iOS Development services includes:

  • Custom iOS App Development
  • iOS App Consultation
  • Codebase Testing & Auditing
  • iOS API Development
  • iOS App Support & Maintenance

Which Language you Use for iOS Application?

Majorly, Swift is used for iOS App Development. But we also use C language, Xcode, TestFlight etc.

How much does it cost for iOS App development?

iOS Application Development Cost depends on various factors such as the complexity of the Application, App Category, development technology & platform, App features, customization, and more. But you can consider starting from $24/hour for hiring iOS App Developer from Positiwise.

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