Privacy Policy

Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd considers its customers and site users' data as a crucial component and uses the best-in-class measures to secure it. You can find all the necessary details about data collection, data processing, public forums, children's privacy, and all other security factors in our privacy policy.

Kindly take a moment and undergo them for better clarification.

Data Collection Policy

Positiwise Software collects personal and non-personal data of their customers and site visitors. The collected data of all the users gets used for only enhancing the experience and improving the services per the demographic location of the user. In addition, we gather details about the IP address for our internal operations enhancement, such as tracking the movement, troubleshooting servers, and assessing the trends.

We collect IP address only for internal purposes and doesn’t gather any of your personal details associated with it. Additionally, we do gather the following data, but not limited to:

  • Request webpage/service/source URL
  • Elements of HTTP protocol
  • Request Date
  • Request Time
  • User agent details
  • Navigation data
  • Click-stream data

Furthermore, to utilize the website resources and participate on our website users need to provide their PII (personally identifiable information), including the following:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Job Title
  • Fax Numbers

We utilize all such data to inform the parties about new opportunities and updates about their queries. Positiwise Software doesn't share any of the information with any third party. We treat every information piece of information with utmost confidentiality and make our top-most effort to protect it.

Consent and Data Processing Policy

The consent policy defines that by navigating to our website and using its services/resources, you provide the consent to collect data mentioned in the “Data Collection Policy” section. This policy is active across India and all other countries, where applicable. Also, you agree to let Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd process your data and utilize it for their internal usage.

Public Forum Policy

Positiwise Software websites may include a chat facility, public discussion boards, and other forums. Kindly note that information disclosed through all such means will be the responsibility of the user, as it will be categorized as public information. Therefore, every customer, client, end-user, and other stakeholder must share the details accordingly and with complete precaution.

Security Measures Policy

Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd puts its best effort into securing every bit of your data using top-tier hardware, software, and human resources. We build our website per the security and industry standards to make every communication secure from each curve. However, no communication is completely secure due to the open-source internet mechanism. Due to this, we are unable to guarantee the data integrity, availability, and confidentiality. Also, we cannot confirm that your communication is free from unauthorized access and highly secure.

Third-Party Link Policy

The content on our website can contain links to external websites, and some external websites can showcase the link to our website. But, in any condition and circumstance, Positiwise Software doesn't control the security of such links. It's the sole responsibility of the user to navigate through such links to a third-party website. We also recommend our stakeholders read the privacy policies of other sites before accessing them, providing them with their information, and utilizing any of the services.

Privacy Policy Legal Disclaimer

Under the law, we may share your information with authorized parties for legal purposes. Such disclosure will only happen in case Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd receives legal notice to do the same. In addition, we can also consider using your personal details for our marketing and internal purposes. But, your details will not get shared with any affiliated and unaffiliated third party.

You can also opt-out/unsubscribe the emails from Positiwise Software at any time. We will keep your information confidential from third parties.

Policy Acceptance and Updation

By navigating to this website ( and using our services, you are agreeing to follow all the Privacy Policy terms. If you don't agree with any of the terms and conditions, we recommend not using services and opting out at your convenience.

We can add, delete, and modify the policy at any interval without advance notice, and the terms will apply to all users.

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