JavaScript Development Services

As a leading JavaScript development company, our skilled developers can handle any JavaScript project from start to finish, no matter the size or scope of your business. We offer top-notch JavaScript development services, creating robust, flexible digital solutions that delight your end users with state-of-the-art features and performance.

JavaScript Development Services
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JavaScript Development Services

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Benefit from the top-notch JavaScript development services, accelerating your business potential, smoothing user experience, and streamlining core operations.


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Credible JavaScript Development Company

With the dynamic technical and business requirements, organizations are adapting most software types, including websites, desktop apps, mobile apps, and more. And JavaScript is one of the most prominent languages that can get used to curate and enhance any of the applications. But, to make the right use of it, you need a trusted JavaScript partner, like Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd.

Positiwise aces in the task of providing top-tier JavaScript apps, websites, and all other development services. We hold 10+ years of experience in the domain and understand every minor aspect of software design, development, integration, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Also, you can hire dedicated JavaScript developers from us to save additional costs, reduce your efforts and minimize security risks.

In addition, with our agile approach, JavaScript expertise, and zeal to create a futuristic, high-performing, fault-tolerant, and scalable application, you can fulfill every business app need. We treat your app as ours and contribute our complete skills and efforts to make it a success.

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Employ our JavaScript masters with 10+ years of experience and expertise in building enchanting applications for different industries, supporting to remain stable, scalable, flexible, secure, and accurate in every situation/digital ecosystem.

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Elite JavaScript Development Services for Every Business

We offer magnificent JavaScript development services, aiding every sector and size of an organization to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and business scalability.

JavaScript Website Development

JavaScript Website Development

We build responsive JS websites with a clean structure, enabling your end-users to access and utilize resources on any desktop and mobile browser with the utmost quality of service, performance, security, and stability.

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript App Development

From Android to iOS, we can develop mobile applications, which are a perfect fit for your business and all stakeholders, and ensure you a higher engagement, easy reach out to the target audience, and maximum uptime.

JS Frontend Development

JS Frontend Development

Our designers curate eye-catching website and app interfaces, aiding in attracting customers, retaining them for a longer period, increasing conversion rates, supporting SEO, and accelerating brand awareness across platforms.

JavaScript Software Migration

EJavaScript Software Migration

Our dedicated JS team can smoothly revamp and transfer your traditional app to the latest platform without any data loss, and we also ensure seamless services to all end-users regardless of new app advancements.

JS Server-Side Development

JS Server-Side Development

We can develop real-time server-side applications using NodeJS expertise, aiding your business to process numerous requests simultaneously, maintain the data flow of the enterprise ecosystem, and low latency and accuracy in providing outputs.

JS Maintenance & Support

JS Maintenance & Support

Positiwise support team works as a backbone for your applications, as it constantly monitors, upgrades, and patches them with relevant updates. Also, we are available 24/7 to help you and your customers with all kinds of queries.

What Makes JavaScript an Ideal Choice?

JavaScript is the first choice of top software development professionals to create real-time, secure, flexible, and enterprise-level applications. Additionally, JavaScript offers several benefits, supporting companies in achieving their business objectives.

High Speed

High Speed

JavaScript interprets the code, making it faster than other development technologies and leading it to execute all operations within the minimal time possible and establish a connection with the server within nanoseconds for fast execution.



Whether it's the frontend or the backend, JavaScript can get integrated into any aspect of your business application. You can utilize it to glorify the user interface and make the architecture stable, scalable, and flexible.



From website development to mobile app creation and cloud technologies, JavaScript can integrate with any of them. You can leverage JS across any platform, desktop, and operating system for faster process execution, compatibility, and easy integration.

Rich Interface

Rich Interface

With JavaScript, feature-rich interfaces can be built, which works as a fundamental pillar in making websites and applications more charismatic and helps attract target audiences, retain them for a longer time, and boost conversion rates.

Powerful Libraries & Framework

Powerful Libraries & Framework

JavaScript can get used for creating a full-fledged website, desktop software, and mobile application using its variety of powerful frameworks and libraries, such as AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, VueJS, ExpressJS, Meteor JS, Node JS, and many more.

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

With the advancing of development domains and technologies, JavaScript also receives reliable updates over time. It makes your application comply with current best practices, industry standards, administrative policies, and regulatory and security standards.

Result-Driven Company

Positiwise, An Entrusted JavaScript Development Agency

We are a complete house of JavaScript development services. You can hire dedicated JavaScript developers by partnering with us to create websites, mobile apps, and more. Moreover, currently, we serve numerous organizations due to our trustful traits as follows:

Transparent ProcessTransparent Process

We don't hide anything from you about your project. You get complete control over every procedure with the leverage of contacting the team anytime, discussing your details, and even modifying the requirements as per dynamic business objectives.

Flexible PricingFlexible Pricing

Our pricing and hiring models are pretty flexible as compared to others. You can hire dedicated JavaScript developers on milestone, resource-based and time-based basis at your convenience and pay a minimal amount within your budget.

JavaScript ExpertiseJavaScript Expertise

We have been in JavaScript development for 21+ years and have expertise in developing solutions using all major JS technologies, including VueJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angularjs, ExpressJS, Meteor JS, jQuery, and many more.

Agile StructureAgile Structure

Our agile development methodology benefits you to effortlessly change needs, work in sprints, reduce cyber risks, and ensure quality and utmost customer satisfaction rates with the release of the final product.

Zero Delay Zero Delay

We do what we say, and Positiwise always delivers solutions on a defined date and time. We create a complete timeline before initiation and thoroughly follow it, never to let our clients face any delay in any situation.

Data IntegrityData Integrity

Your data remains safe with us as we utilize top-notch data processing and storage facilities. Also, we do sign NDA with our developers and clients to maintain confidentiality throughout the project and even after delivery.

Positiwise JavaScript Development Array

ReactJS Development

ReactJS Development

Develop a sterling ReactJS application, ensuring the fastest rendering and stable source code to provide a seamless and magnificent user experience.

NodeJS Development

NodeJS Development

Enable your application to handle hundreds of user requests simultaneously and provide accurate output to each with NodeJS, promising minimal response time in every use case.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development

Create lightweight AngularJS applications, putting less load on servers and leading to saving cost, time, and effort in the long run.

jQuery Development

jQuery Development

Build an all-browser-compatible application, enabling all end-users to access the software and increase business productivity, flexibility, and revenue.

VueJS Development

VueJS Development

Effortlessly scale your dynamic business needs by using a VueJS app that syncs effortlessly with other technologies and streamlines operations.

ExpressJS Development

ExpressJS Development

Improve the overall business metrics using ExpressJS, enabling to build stable and secure backend system with charismatic interfaces for customer acquisition.

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  • Versatile applications with high-performance
  • Secure and flexible architecture
  • Best-in-class interfaces
  • Lightweight yet load-handling apps
  • Usage of authentic JavaScript libraries
  • App Maintenance and Support
  • Cost-Efficient and On-Time Development
  • Complete Transparency
  • Dynamic and Responsive Solutions
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JavaScript Development FAQs

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting programming language use to create interactive websites, web applications, animated graphic and scrolling videos, games and maps.

Why to Use JavaScript for Software Development?

To Building large scale web applications JavaScript & dynamic modern application JavaScript is used. It's too easy to customize client side script to compatible with most web and mobile browsers.

What's make us leading JavaScript Development Company?

Highly qualified and professional JavaScript designers and developers build exciting and interactive web applications for many enterprises and industries. Our developers have strictly signed NDA, dedicated and more than 20 years of experience. Moreover, you can save 40% cost on development which fits your project requirement.

Is JavaScript better than Python?

JavaScript is scripting language use to create more interactive web pages and 2D/3D graphics, maps, scrolling video and more. Whereas Python is object-oriented, general-purpose programming language to build complex web applications. JavaScript is better option for web and mobile app development with C Language knowledge but if if have poor C language knowledge then go for Python for quick startup and development.

Which Popular Brands Use JavaScript?

Nearby 65% developers use JavaScript to develop their web applications. The Fortune 500 companies such as Google, LinkedIn, MicroSoft, Uber, Walmart, Netflix, Paypal, Facebook, Ebay and more are using JavaScript Platform.

What are the major JavaScript Development Services?

Our main JavaScript development services includes:

  • Sencha Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Server-side Node.js Development
  • AngularJS Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Enterprise Applications Development
  • JavaScript Consulting
  • Custom JavaScript Development
  • App Maintenance and Support

Which are the Most Popular JavaScript Framework to Use?

As per the developers survey, It can be said that React is the #1 JavaScript framework but among that jQuery, Vue.JS, Angular, Express, Node.JS, Ember.js, Polymer are also in top list.

Which are the most popular JavaScript Libraries?

There are around 83 JavaScript libraries but among them Dojo Toolkit, Next.js, Meteor, Babylon.js, RequireJS and many more are most popular among the JavaScript developers.

How much does it cost for JavaScript Project development?

The cost of developing JavaScript Applications depends on various factors such as the development platform, Customization, Business Size, Category, more. But you can consider starting from $24/hour for hiring JavaScript developer from Positiwise.

Is JavaScript a backend or frontend?

JavaScript is used widely in frontend development, but now it is also used for backend development. NodeJS is the option for backend development with JavaScript and JQuery.

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