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Leverage comprehensive JavaScript development prowess to power your business ops and deliver deeply engaging experiences to your end-user. Adapt a business software with rich interfaces, versatility to handle the extensive load, and offering accessibility across devices while maintaining the Quality of Service. Never let your users face speed issues with Javascript 

Acclaimed JavaScript Development Company

Enlist a full range of services pertaining to web and mobile application development and responsive website development. Deploy deep JavaScript web development expertise combined with numerous years of curated RIA application development experience.

Evoke matchless tech know-how supported by hands-on experience in the latest technologies and frameworks. Render your vision with leading JS libraries capable of delivering cost-effective web, server, and JavaScript mobile applications.

Acquire the multi-paradigm capabilities of JavaScript which enable event-driven and functional programming styles, resulting in robust and stable code quality both for client-side and server-side software builds.

JS Development

Hire Full-stack JavaScript Development Pros

Race ahead on the hyper-growth highway with world-class JavaScript experts with curated experience in development, engineering, software architecture and consultancy to meet and exceed all your business objectives.

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Discover Best-in-class JavaScript Development

Build end-to-end JavaScript solutions customized to meet all business objectives, functional requirements and user engagement standards

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Our JavaScript Development Technologies

JavaScript is a weakly typed language without the need to define code variables with data type
restrictions. With a stronger foothold in enterprise applications, JavaScript can solve issues in real-time.
In addition to the above, the benefits of JavaScript are-


Code snippets in JavaScript are not sent to the server. The code is processed on the user’s system allowing for faster, lighter and more efficient apps for your enterprise to collaborate with customers, partners and vendors.  


JavaScript codes and functions run immediately without the need for a response from the server. UI changes also do not require server communications for rapid load times.


JavaScript can be inserted into any server or web page without file extension constraints and can be used within the source code even if it is written in a different language.


JavaScript is extremely popular given that all major browsers and websites (Chrome, Safari, Amazon, Google) use it to create intuitive experiences while supporting a rich community of Contributors.


The governing organization in charge of JavaScript consistently releases yearly updates to keep the language fast and standardized resulting in constant improvements.

Rich Functionality

JavaScript can be used to effectively build a wide variety of components that enhance the user interface and experience within a site or an application making it more engaging.

Positiwise, your Jquery Development Partner

Enlist world-class JavaScript development services crafted by extremely talented teams of developers with a track –record of successfully delivering enterprise-grade JS solutions for clients of all business verticals and scales

Functional Experts

With world-class tech talent, off-site collaborators and cutting edge resources, deploy JavaScript forerunners perfectly matched to your business requirements and company culture.


With a deeply focused intent to provide utmost value addition and profit to your enterprise, enlist a business-driven approach that assures the development hyper aligned sites and apps, automating your complex business procedures 

Hyper Growth Approach

Through a deeply intuitive consultative approach, build a hyper growth environment around your technology and your product to not just deliver the project but to enhance its value over time.

Holistic Business Support

Surge to success not only with the best code but also with interdisciplinary teams of tech and business talents form developers to project managers and then on to strategy consultants.

Agile Process

Invoke the very best principles of a truly agile approach that stretches from actual software development to various other project areas and ensure unbeatable efficiency and transparency.

Prompt Delivery

Choose avant-garde JavaScript programming solutions that meet all project requirements while staying aligned to budgets, timeframes and ensure prompt delivery and client success.

Our Spectrum of Services

Positiwise Assures

  • Integral and Comprehensive Products
  • Dynamic and Interactive Web Apps
  • User-friendly and Responsive Interface
  • State-of-art Screen UX
  • Faster Page-loading
  • Rich JavaScript Libraries
  • Quick and Efficient Project Delivery
  • Facilitation in Maintaining the Product Outcome
  • Future Assistance and Cooperation

JavaScript Development FAQs

JavaScript is a scripting programming language use to create interactive websites, web applications, animated graphic and scrolling videos, games and maps.

To Building large scale web applications JavaScript & dynamic modern application JavaScript is used. It’s too easy to customize client side script to compatible with most web and mobile browsers .

highly qualified and professional JavaScript designers and developers build exciting and interactive web applications for many enterprises and industries. Our developers have strictly signed NDA, dedicated and more than 20 years of experience. Moreover, you can save 40% cost on development which fits your project requirement.

JavaScript is scripting language use to create more interactive web pages and 2D/3D graphics, maps, scrolling video and more. Whereas Python is object-oriented, general-purpose programming language to build complex web applications. JavaScript is better option for web and mobile app development with C Language knowledge but if if have poor C language knowledge then go for Python for quick startup and development.

Nearby 65% developers use JavaScript to develop their web applications. The Fortune 500 companies such as Google, LinkedIn, MicroSoft, Uber, Walmart, Netflix, Paypal, Facebook, Ebay and more are using JavaScript Platform.

Our main JavaScript development services includes:

  • Sencha Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Server-side Node.js Development
  • AngularJS Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Enterprise Applications Development
  • JavaScript Consulting
  • Custom JavaScript Development
  • App Maintenance and Support
As per the developers survey, It can be said that React is the #1 JavaScript framework but among that jQuery, Vue.JS, Angular, Express, Node.JS, Ember.js, Polymer are also in top list.

There are around 83 JavaScript libraries but among them Dojo Toolkit, Next.js, Meteor, Babylon.js, RequireJS and many more are most popular among the JavaScript developers.

The cost of developing JavaScript Applications depends on various factors such as the development platform, Customization, Business Size, Category, more. But you can consider starting from $18/hour for hiring JavaScript developer from Positiwise.

JavaScript is used widely in frontend development, but now it is also used for backend development. NodeJS is the option for backend development with JavaScript and JQuery.

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