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We collaborated with an Australian HR Firm that recruits candidates for other companies on a third-party payroll for this project. Our client is one of the most prominent recruiting and human resource organizations. Daily, they conduct more than 150 interviews and have ties with an average of 65+ large-scale enterprises.

In recent years, our client was analyzing a rapid growth in their customer base, as more and more organizations were collaborating with them.

Due to this, our ally finds complexities with their current system to handle and maintain an extensive amount of data.

Therefore, for crafting a sleek, robust and secure business solution, Positiwise provided them with top-notch 360-degree .NET development services.


Before initiating any project, we thoroughly analyze it and discover every drawback. And as a final result, we assure our clients a cutting-edge business solution, fulfilling their edge-to-edge requirements.

For this project, we did the same, and some of the challenges are below-listed.

Job Posting on Multiple Platforms

With the increasing collaborations, our client was facing difficulty posting jobs on different platforms, such as, LinkedIn, etc. The company had its job posting web page, but it only provided the feature to upload resumes.

Once the applicant uploads the resume, staff members must manually analyze it and sort it in their database. Also, opening multiple apps one after the other escalated the effort and time consumed to complete a task.

Our client required access to every job posting portal through a single software and handled their operations in different environments to prevent this.

Application Sorting

Every day, many people apply for a single job, and manually holding up to each of them can take a lot of time. Also, it can delay the further interview processing, and work at the partner organization can be affected.

Moreover, storing assessment files of candidates according to their particular folder utilizes more time and resources, as the previous information system doesn’t support most file formats.

Our client needed an automated system to optimize their sorting mechanism and embed files in a folder according to the applicant’s details.

Storing and Processing CVs

Opening every resume, then going through it is not an efficient way of working. Not every resume and CV that aspirant uploads in the same format, and reading it can create complexities in the hiring process.

To streamline this procedure, our client wanted to integrate an in-built module, which should assess the resumes and provide only essential information to the hiring expert.

Interview Scheduling Data Security

In addition to the CV storing and analysis, sending messages and mails to candidates to confirm the interview date and time is also a crucial task.

Due to lack of collaboration among the staff, our client has discovered cases of an interview where same date, time, and interviewer gets assigned for different applicants.

To mitigate such incidents, the firm demanded an improved system. All the interviews get scheduled as per the free slot of the respective person, and it automatically re-schedule if required.

Conducting Various Assessments

There is a multi-stage procedure for finalizing any applicant, which includes a personal and technical interview. For passing every stage, the candidate has to pass various tests.

Storing the data of various tests and that of a large number of people is not a simple task. Our client was keeping all the data in excel sheets.

Combining the result of every person and then finding out the most relevant candidature was the main priority, and adjoining this functionality in the business solution was our client’s requirement. Our client needed a feature-rich application, streamlining all their core operations and eliminating the use of multiple software and tools.

Slow Onboarding

Before Positiwise developed the business solution, our client had a long process of onboarding the final applicant. At first, they finalize, then receive their documents through mail, upload them on their system, and share them with the organization. After all this, candidates receive their offer and appointment letter.

It took a hefty amount of time. To make it brisk, our associate required a portal that directly connects their system to their partner organizations and allows them to update information instantly on their servers.


After discovering every drawback, requirement, and goal of our client, our .NET specialists started the project quickly and delivered the final application within their budget and before the deadline.

We embedded every single feature, which should aid our clients in accomplishing their milestones in the long run.

Single App for Installing Jobs on Different Platforms

To permanently remove the hassle of opening multiple applications to post job openings, we integrated custom APIs in their .NET business solution, which leads to access to LinkedIn and other such apps from the same interface.

In addition, it also enables the staff members to view the responses and submitted resumes from Our custom solution only.

Feature to Conduct Live and Recorded Interviews

To streamline the interview procedure, the new management system of our client provides them the functionality to conduct online interviews with screen-sharing options.

Moreover, we added a feature of an automated interview, in which the candidate will view the questions and answer them through the microphone. For precisely analyzing the answers, our developers embed a voice-to-text mechanism.

CV and Resume Processing Modules

We added resume assessing plugins to pick out the relevant details from the candidature and match it with the job posting.

We have developed a generic solution where we define and provide weight to different criteria of CV and then pass the CV into our system to functionally match and pick only those candidates which fulfills above allocation requirements.

Furthermore, if the system finds any relevant job matching the resumes stored in the database, it will alert the user and display a list of all the compatible applicants.

Direct Linking with Ally Companies

For streamlining the onboarding process, the new system can communicate with the partners of the HR firm.

When a new applicant gets selected, the software automatically shares its data with the authorized organization.

As a result, there is no delay in data sharing, and all the processes are getting executed faster. It also helped the allies of our client to know about their new staff members and instantly update its detail and start with the further processing.

All the backend procedures work according to the policies signed between companies and maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and integrity.

Profile Tracking for Applicants

Our engineers also adjoined a dedicated portal for people applying for the job as per the requirements.

The end-user panels allow viewing the jobs the person has applied to and monitoring their progress, whether it is at the screening stage or the interview is pending or rejected.

Besides this, it also enables to update the details, and simultaneously it gets updated in the database.

Streamline Interview Tracking and Analysis

To eliminate the probability of contrasting interviews, we configured a custom-build component to handle the slots per interviewee and interviewer’s comfort.

It sends the messages to the aspirant, and if he accepts the date and time, it schedules it and fills that slot.

If the suppliant wants to re-schedule, the system will offer that slot to someone else, and this process continues and assures that seamless evaluation procedure.


Once our client started using the new applicant management system, crafted by our expert .NET professionals, it discovered the following benefits.

  • The onboarding process is much faster than before.
  • All the candidatures get sorted automatically, and the task of searching through tons of resumes is now effort-free.
  • Thanks to our deep text processing and OCR processing, we could fetch and feed thousands of required candidate applications in no time via automation. All the above tasks are without a single human touch.
  • With the optimization of core business operations, their revenue and reputation in the industry have immensely grown.
  • Whenever there is a new opening, the new system suggests the right candidate by evaluating the database.
  • Via implementing the Solr solution within Apache, the searching and indexing of the resumes and data are much faster now, almost instantaneous.
  • The self-recorded interview takes less time to discover the right talent.
  • The process of selecting an aspirant has become impeccably smooth.
  • The system has reduced the workload of staff members, increased the employee satisfaction rate, and directly improved productivity.
  • Load on systems has lower down, as only a single application is enough for performing all essential operations.
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