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Cloud-based Hybrid Fitness App Development

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Type of projectWeb App
IndustryEnergy & Utility, Health & Insurance
TechnologyASP.NET, AWS

Product Description

To develop the Fitness Application, we collaborated with a company running a gym chain across the globe. The primary aim of this project was to remotely provide exercise coaching, Zumba classes, yoga sessions, and other workout training.

Our client was finding an affordable solution with less post-development cost, which led our team to embed AWS as backend and .NET Core to make it platform-independent.

We followed the agile development methodology for including each dynamic stakeholder requirement.


Before initiating any project, our team goes through every essential requirement gathering and planning process. For Fitness App development, we did the same and collected the following requirements, and evaluated associated challenges.

Personalization according to user requirements

The very first requirement of our client was to allow end-users to set their preferences before starting any workout plan. The app must enable the users to set their weight, height, and goal. In addition, the app must allow users to provide their diet plan information.

The software must suggest the appropriate workout plan and modifications to the diet plan. Also, the interface must display different card layouts to display the following workout plans:

  • Full-Body Plan
  • Arms Plan
  • Chest Plan
  • Leg Plan
  • Abs Plan
  • Weight Loss Plans
  • Weight Gain Plans
  • Back Plans and many more

Notifications and Alerts

Once the user registers their account on the fitness application and selects a relevant workout plan, the app will notify them about following the program.

The users can set a defined time when they want to work out, and the software will send the notifications before that time. It will help the user complete its goal and move further with a new objective. Moreover, our client wants to link the diet plan and real-time calorie tracking with a notification system for alerting about daily goal fulfillment.

Progress Tracking

It is an essential feature of the fitness app and a primary client requirement.

Under it, our ally wants to implement a full-fledge BMI mechanism connected with wearable devices. The primary aim of implementing it was to assess the step counts, calorie burn, heart rate, and oxygen level.

In addition, the requirement also includes of automated emergency alert if the app discovers any unusual activity in the core health metrics.

Posture Correction

The fitness app provides Yoga, Zumba, and weight-based workout plans per our client services. And for these, posture must be correct; otherwise, injury can happen.

To provide the best exercise experience to their customers, our partner drafted its requirement to analyze the user’s posture and give suggestions to improve it. Moreover, the app must provide voice commands with each step.

Besides this, the end-users must have the option to select between different languages and tones for voice instructions according to their preference.

Wearable Device Integration

Nowadays, most people wear smart bands and watches linked to their mobile phones.

Our partner wants to enable its users to install the application on Android and iOS-based wearable devices to get a better workout experience. Once the user installs the app on its device, it will analyze the pulse rate, oxygen level, and calorie count.

Further, the software will sync the mobile and wearable device app to show a detailed view of the workout session.

Live Streaming

The fitness app allows yoga and workout trainers to create their profiles and conduct live sessions for the users.

The end-users can enroll in the class and attend live sessions. The fundamental requirements were to provide a dedicated interface to coaches and offer different one-to-one services to their clients.

In addition, when anyone enrolls as a coach, they have to upload the required documents. And, after the verification, their account gets enabled. Also, the trainers can offer different plans, such as one month, quarterly or annual.

Data Security

The Fitness app handles the personal and health data of many users, and protecting it from external sources is one of the main objectives.

We discussed it with our client and listed the security needs as follows:

  • User authentication
  • Secure data communication between the client device and cloud server
  • Role-based Access Controls
  • Secure payments


To achieve the project goal and fulfill all our client needs, we developed an avant-garde Fitness mobile application, offering the following functionalities.

Accessibility across Devices

As per the primary requirement of our client, we developed a cross-platform compatible fitness mobile app. It is available on the Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS-based users. All the users get the same features, interface, and performance and connect the mobile app with their preferred wearable device. In addition, the app automatically syncs mobile app and smartwatch data for better real-time analytics.

Real-Time Data Evaluation

Our professional developers have integrated custom APIs to retrieve real-time data from the wearable device, transmit it to the application and analyze the current calorie level of the user.

We added the functionality of emergency service. If the oxygen and blood pressure metrics don’t align within the normal range, the end-user will get a notification from the message.

Edge-to-edge App Security

To ensure data confidentiality to prevent unauthorized access, our security experts enabled all the modern controls.

All the data transmissions get encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards. Also, the app uses HTTPS protocol and a multi-factor authentication system to allow only legitimate users to access resources. Moreover, we crafted different interfaces for workout trainers to enable only verified people to conduct live sessions.

In addition, the app follows all the ISO and PCI DSS standards for secure payments.

Machine Learning Modules

To provide the posture correction functionality in the app, we furnished a machine learning module that connects with the mobile camera to analyze the person.

It evaluates the body position and verifies it with information in the database. If the user is doing an exercise wrong, the module accesses the relevant audio file and plays it to provide accurate step-by-step instructions to correct it.

ML elements can automatically learn user behavior and provide insight to the company for improving services.

Interface for Live Exercise Classes

According to client requirements, we fabricated a dedicated interface, which will only be accessible by the verified workout trainers.

They can start the live sessions through this portal, and people can join it.

Besides this, the machine learning module is also active during live classes, aiding the trainers in focusing on every person efficiently.

Authentic User-Experience

To provide an engaging interface and always motivate end-users, our frontend developers crafted a highly-responsive interface, allowing users to modify UI from a range of themes.

The UI consists of various hover effects, scrolls, background motion graphics, and more responsive elements.

Moreover, it displays some motivational quotes, health tips, and protein shake recipes. It engages the user and increases the user base.

Notification Mechanisms

The fitness app sends different types of notifications to users, as mentioned below:

  • To notify about the upcoming live session
  • To drink water
  • To work out for accomplishing goals
  • To remind them to continue the workout
  • To alert about increasing calories
  • To take appropriate rest between different exercises

To eat a proper meal as per the diet plan.


After developing and deploying the Fitness Application, our client was able to achieve the following objectives:

  • More users prefer to download our partner’s app with a conversational, sleek, and high-end graphical design. It increases their user base.
  • It helps them connect with various yoga coaches and heavy-weight workout trainers, leading to optimizing services for future growth.
  • Relevant notifications help in building a solid relationship with customers.
  • Our partner was able to start multiple income streams by implementing different monetization mechanisms on the app.
  • App’s connectivity with any wearable device made it top fitness mobile software around the globe, aiding in the brand establishment.
  • It helps our ally reach out to the target audience, as it is compatible with any Android and iOS device.
  • Our client has seen a rise in customer satisfaction through Machine Learning modules, supporting users in correcting posture.
  • Cloud Integration as backend eliminated the on-premises server deployment and maintenance cost.
  • The company assures safety from malicious attacks and data integrity with modern security controls.
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