Software Testing Services

At Positiwise, we offer software quality assurance services that help you eliminate software vulnerabilities and enhance its performance, compatibility, usability, and accessibility. Our software testing company employs industry-certified and experienced security professionals who evaluate every code block, API, database, and front-end component. You can get such high-quality qa testing services at the lowest cost only at Positiwise.

Software Testing Services
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Software Testing Services

Top-rated Software Testing & QA Services Company

Improve the software security, functioning, compatibility, and usability by partnering with Positiwise, a QA testing company. We use state-of-the-art manual and automated tools, approaches, and mechanisms to verify the functionality of your business application. Moreover, our QA and testing experts hold 20+ years of experience, ensuring to provide the software exactly as you define while listing the requirements before development. Additionally, we follow NIST, ISO, and all other regulatory policies/standards as per your industry to guarantee a robust application.


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Software Testing Services Company

We offer the most advanced software testing as well as quality assurance services.

Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

With our QA testing services, you can ensure that your software is free from bugs, it's functioning properly, vulnerabilities are removed, performance is top-notch, all platforms are running it, and data is secure in every state, regardless of the OS and device.

Software QA Services

Software QA Services

Curate a personalized experience for your stakeholders with our quality assurance services, guaranteeing zero glitches, complete software analysis, performance acceleration, and seamless data transfer, leading toward increased customer satisfaction, product safety, and breakdown prevention.

Our Exclusive Software QA Testing Services

System Testing

System Testing

Our QA testing experts examine all components of your business application and how they communicate with each other and third-party resources. We improve the overall product quality, eliminate errors, and focus on optimizing the database, API, and server performance along with browser and operating system compatibility.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Certified security experts undertake your software to discover potential loopholes, find relevant patches, and install them to solidify the app's security. We take security seriously and ensure it through vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, auditing, reviewing, ethical hacking, posture, working, and behavioral assessment.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Our QA and testing team collaborates to make sure that all the components and features are working as per your business needs. We run applications in different isolated environments to analyze and enhance their functioning in high traffic, low latency, non-redundancy, and CDN network environments.

Static & Dynamic Code Testing

Static & Dynamic Code Testing

We test the software source code through static and dynamic code testing techniques to remove additional code blocks, improve readability and reduce the attack surface. Also, we enhance the code quality by structuring it and aligning it with the best secure coding practices and NIST standards.

Web & Mobile App Testing

Web & Mobile App Testing

We confirm that your mobile and web-based applications are of utmost quality, their code structure follows the industry standards, connectivity is stable on every browser, and apps are running without crashing on Android, iOS, Windows phones, and other operating systems.

Load & Volume Testing

Load & Volume Testing

Our QA and testing team checks your software at different levels, subjected to put heavy traffic and input loads. We make certain that your software becomes capable of handling larger inputs, processing them, providing accurate results, and automatically scaling up with the required resources.

Software QA Company

Positiwise Approach for Top-Notch QA Services

Positiwise follow the standardized approach for executing the software testing and quality assurance. Our approach focuses on your business objectives, the technology used for development, market need, and the timeline. From manual testing, static code analysis to automated network, data, and app penetration testing, we undergo every curve to strengthen your app security, improving collaboration, uptime and ensuring zero defect spill.

  1. Requirement clarification and software projection defining
  2. In-scope and out-scope definition
  3. Manual and Automated Tool Selection
  4. QA and Testing environment creation
  5. Software Testing and Quality Examination as per needs
  6. Validating the functioning, compatibility, security, and usability
  7. Report Generation and secure software delivery
Our Skills & Expertise

Pros of Availing Testing & QA Services

Vulnerability Prevention

Vulnerability Prevention

With the aid of software testing services, you can discover and patch the potentially vulnerable loopholes in your application and align it with the business security needs and industry standards, supporting retaining data integrity and confidentiality.

Optimized Software Quality

Optimized Software Quality

Quality assurance services aid in ensuring impeccable software functioning, compatibility, accessibility, security, and compliance with stakeholder requirements, leading to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and conversion rates.

High ROI

High ROI

Testing and QA remove errors, bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities from the software, which cause heavy losses. Thus, by availing of QA testing services, you prevent unexpected expenses and partner with a reliable technology partner at a minimal investment.

World-class Outsourcing Business Models

Resilient Business Models for Startups & SMBs

Managed Software Testing

Managed Software Testing

Our in-house software tester evaluates your software in a test environment by developing multiple cases and executing multi-layer penetration testing techniques. In addition to this, we provide you the reports and software updation and patching services for the same.

QA Services Outsourcing

QA Services Outsourcing

You can take charge of the complete QA team and assign them the tasks. From generating QA strategies, examining the relevancy, project requirements, and ROI calculation to analyzing the functionality, compatibility, and security, all will get completed with 100% transparency.

Our Technical Stack for Web Application Development

Performance testing tools

J Meter
visual Studio
load Runner
Silk Performer

Security testing tools

HCL App Scan
Nessus Professional
Burp Suite
Owasp Zap
SSL Scan
Meta Sploit
RDP Sec Check
SNMP Check
Air Crack

CI/CD tools

Gitlab CI/CD
Team City
Drone Ci

Test management and defect tracking software

Team Foundation Server
Test Rail
Logi Gear
BMC Compuware
Micro Focus Quality Center

Remote communication tools

Team Viewer
MS Teams
Go To Meeting
QA Testing Company

Positiwise: A Multi-Industry QA Testing Company

From websites and mobile applications to cloud-based software and from education, hospitality to healthcare, we have 20+ years of experience in every industry. You can trust our QA testing services to make it more secure, intelligent, flexible, and geared up.

Creativity and Excellence

Reasons To Hire QA Tester from Positiwise

End-To-End Testing

End-To-End Testing

We offer all significant kinds of testing and QA services under a cost-friendly pricing model. Whether you need to patch loopholes, remove bugs, improve compatibility, check usability, or verify secure data transmissions, we can do all for you.

Standardized Procedure

Standardized Procedure

We comply with all regulatory, technical, and administrative standards, such as PTES and ISO 27001, for conducting testing practices. Also, our team takes extra care of your data and never discloses even a bit to any third party.

Multi-Industry Experience

Multi-Industry Experience

Our testers and QA professionals have experience in enhancing the software used in different industries. Thus, they thoroughly understand the requirements, curate strategies accordingly, and comply your software with the required standards/protocols.

Hire A Reliable Software QA Company To Work with Certified Software Tester

Let experienced QA analysts and testing experts make your software more systematic than before.

CIA Retainment

CIA Retainment

Refine the user experience and satisfaction along with assuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

Make your software input only relevant data, process it at lightning speed, and provide accurate results.

Transparent Process

Transparent Process

Receive updates about every process and directly communicate with the QA team to share dynamic requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software Testing Services FAQs

Which service do I choose, QA or Testing?

Choosing between QA and testing depends on your requirements. If you want to remove vulnerabilities and strengthen the authentication, access controls, authorization, and data security, then select software testing services. And if you need to enhance compatibility, stability, usability, functionality, and accessibility as per your business requisites, then select QA services.

How will software testing help my business?

Software testing will remove the bugs, vulnerable loopholes, glitches, and errors from your software. Due to it, threat actors will get prevented, your data will remain secure, and customer satisfaction rates will increase. And all such factors will support you in gaining higher revenue.

What are the benefits of availing of QA services?

The following are the top benefits of availing of QA services:

  • Ensure software functioning.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Prevents application breakdowns and crashes.
  • Boosts market share.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Enhances product safety.

Which standards do you follow while providing testing and QA services?

We follow the below standards while providing testing and QA services:

  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-4
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3
  • PTES
  • ISO/IEC 25000:2005
  • IEEE 829
  • IEEE 1061
  • BS 7925-2

Besides, we consider all other standards and policies as per your geographical location and business needs.

Why should I outsource a QA and testing team?

By outsourcing a software QA service providing company, you can save on hiring, infrastructure, and training cost. Also, you only need to relax, as the outsourced team will handle all the work, and you will receive the updates. As a result, on a low-cost budget, your software will achieve the utmost security and quality in a timely manner.

Can you perform testing and QA on my pre-developed software?

Yes, we can test any of your applications. However, for the pre-developed software, we need to analyze it first and undergo its documentation. After gaining all the details about the application, we will start with its testing and quality assurance.

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