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Modernize your business operations with a high-performance solution backed up by an intelligent structure to rationalize ongoing and future assignments. Sign Up for our backend app development to meet excellence. Our industry experts assure to accelerate your business growth with their expertise in the latest backend technologies, improving user experience.  

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Nowadays, a single individual owns multiple devices and to allow access of your application over numerous systems, hosting is required, which is fulfilled by developing a backend. Logical calculations, database operations, cloud configurations and server implementation, all are inclusive under backend development for insuring an error-free and convenient communication under client-server architecture.

You don’t have to stress yourself thinking about completing such complex tasks with perfection, as Positiwise is available with its 24/7 backend development services to help you out. We have different teams for each procedure, who are capable to assess your business requirements and furnish a vigorous solution for achieving long-term targets.

Whether your IT infrastructure require maintenance, new hardware installation or want to integrate any new technology within the current software, our agile development mechanism oriented with industry standards can surely solve your complications within time and cost constraint.

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Auditing and Re-Development

Our backend developers can help you migrate the current application to a better environment by auditing and re-engineering the architecture, data schemas and by creating a streamlined codebase to put a stop to bottlenecks. We are specialists in converting legacy systems into futuristic applications.

Cloud Configuration

Configure a powerful backend based on cloud computing to handle heavy traffic loads, extreme resource utilization, and scale up IT infrastructure any time for handling large user requests and to mitigate DDoS attacks from illegitimate sources. Maintain your systems from any corner with aid of our professional Cloud Experts.

Database Optimization

We can configure any type of database for your application for collecting, storing, and processing user input and company details for analysis and other purposes. Data is stored in an encrypted format and each transaction will be monitored by automated systems to disallow unauthorized users from accessing it.

CRM System Development

Have a fault-tolerant, scalable and simplified system to manage different departments of your enterprise by connecting them all through a centralized database with our tailored APIs, engineered officially for your business. Also, optimize your marketing, insight, and analytics to briskly increase business capital.

API Development for Web App

Allow multiple apps to interact with each other through our custom API development services and allow stakeholders to share data for performing their required task. Also, terminate the need of new application by linking modules through REST API crafted by our experts.

Mobile App Backend Development

Equip your business with native Android, iOS and hybrid apps, which can be accessed from any device, browser for B2B, B2C, and B2E operations with high-performance and executing each task without any glitch. Scale it as per your growing user-base, maintaining quality.

Backend Development for IoT

We can fabricate a single dashboard to handle and configure all your sensors and micro-processors installed in your company premises. Moreover, our backend can help you to evaluate data using in-built tools and generate multiple types of reports based on it.

Backend Consultation and Support

Get the advice from the top backend development company and be ready to refashion your operations into a modernized manner with continuous support from logic development to post-deployment. Have support on every stage and promise your users a seamless experience.

Positiwise – Committed to Quality Backend Software Development

Positiwise is a renowned name in the backend development sector, because of its global client base and exceptional services for constructing innovative applications catering to each business requirement with cutting edge features.

We have a houseful of backend software developers, each having more than 17+ years of experience in crafting heavy-duty solutions for small to large-scale institutions. Moreover, we align with all the essential and vital protocols for adjoining all the servers, applications, and databases through APIs and to deliver a secure environment for all end-users.

  • Indefectible Backend and Frontend Interaction
  • Flexibility to embed AI and ML
  • Multi-platform compatible solutions
  • Best in-class backend consultation
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade software

Technologies We Work With

Our team uses up-to-date tools, operating systems, IDEs, and databases for proficient backend development, as it adds value to your organization and open up numerous ways for effective brand establishment.

Take advantage of the framework maintained by Microsoft to develop a secure and feature-rich application with operational simplicity and a wide range of deployment options. Its free and open-source architecture benefits to creation of a platform-independent application and enable to add of personalized attributes. Know More
Raise the business standard through a top-notch backend with a reusable code structure, which can be used to produce multiple applications and also saves cost. It stores and processes data at faster rates and requires less amount of processing power for user-request execution, making the application more lightweight. Know More
This is an object-oriented programming language and comes up with an automatic garbage collection module for reducing exceptions and handling each function in an effective manner. Moreover, it can be utilized for desktop, mobile, game and web application backend development with easy database and cloud integration. Know More

For website backend development, PHP is the most recommended programming language because of its legacy code generation and simple in-built functions. Its ability to generate dynamic page content forms an appealing website for retaining customers, receiving cookies and performing backend logical operations. Know More

Write code without caring about hardware, as C++ software is portable in nature along with dynamic memory management to complete business operations in a fast-paced environment. Heavy and complex solutions, such as games, operating systems, GUI applications, management systems, and distributed backends are comfortably created. Know More
ASP.NET framework accelerates the production of razor pages to make coding page-focused and final software more productive for the organization. Backend developed using .NET core lets your users run applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux-based operating systems without using any third-party plugin support. Know More

What Makes API-Driven Development a Better Choice

APIs are used to provide access to transfer data between modules, installed within different components of an information system. These integrations are mostly used to automate tasks, adjoin database, and network connectivity, and below are listed some key takeaways to understand the importance of APIs.

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