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Keep Advancing with Software Maintenance and Support Services

Accelerate the potential of your business and expand it exponentially by timely updating your business intelligence software with foremost application maintenance.

Barricades faced during Application Maintenance

Most enterprises get their application developed but are unaware of the post-development processes to maintain and support software for executing user requests seamlessly. Regardless of the organization’s size, this can harm its overall market reputation and capital. Some of the common challenges faced by the institution are:

  • Not able to continuously monitor the application’s performance because of lack of technical resources.
  • We offer Quick Fixes to any error without evaluating the root cause.
  • Not consulting with the appropriate person or company and using the same glitchy application.
  • Minor Management and disrupted communication between the technical support team
  • Buggy and poor code with high coupling along with non-aligned to industry standards
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Maintain momentum between customers and your organization with the help of Positiwise. Never let your stakeholders feel disconnected; take advantage of our software maintenance services for a healthy solution.

Drive Business by Future with Software Maintenance & Support Services

Strengthen the backbone of the IT system with our exclusive application support services.

In-Progress Software Optimization

Avail on-call support for fixing sudden bugs in the application, as technical support performs in-depth analysis over each module and caters a quick resolution within minimal time.

Adjoin New Functionality

Embed your application with new technology trends, such as AI and ML, and offer more advanced services to your customers. Moreover, make your software cross-platform compatible.

Aligning Software with Security Protocols

Make your website and applications trusted over the internet. Our experts can configure SSL certificates and enable data encryption for the data being communicated in a client-server architecture.

Real-Time Application Support

We monitor your software’s performance and transactions between server and client to correct technical snags and maintain non-repudiation, integrity and confidentiality of data at rest and in processing.  

Assistance over Helpdesk

Our team is always available round the clock in your preferred time zone to help with any disruption, glitches, network, and data transfer problems end-users face. Our support team resolves your queries in minimal time 

Source Code Enhancement

Set up the code for each module, component, and function precisely, as it assists in quickly discovering any exception in the codebase and handling it effectively at any stage without compromising the quality and security.  

Technical Redesigning of Application

Execute a software augmentation and redesign the framework. We make the modules independent from each other, which leads them to function even if a single component is affected. Our designs ensure you a stable application with the fast loading speed and intuitive UI for every user utilizing the different devices.  

Secure Data Backup and Recovery

Our Software developers and experts migrate your data to a secure database server and implement various authentication and access controls to allow only authorized to utilize it. Further, actual data is stored in encrypted format using different algorithms for mitigating cyber-attacks.

Terminate Complexity through our Software Application Maintenance Services

We offer numerous maintenance services, which can be opted as per your current application’s condition and business essentials.

Our Smart Way for Application Maintenance and Support

Positiwise follows a customized approach created by its in-house professionals for successfully running applications without any flaw and effect from external sources.

  • Regular Application Monitoring
  • Periodic Testing under contrasting ecosystem
  • Documentation, Upgradation, and Acceptance Testing
  • Delivery and Maintenance Management

Our Edge-to-edge Software Maintenance Services

Our team constantly upskill themselves with the latest tech trend, and each member has hands-on experience in various technologies. So whether it’s the refurbishment of a single component or whole application, our on-demand services can tackle any challenge.

OS and Database Migration

If the performance of your servers is not up to the mark and users are facing downtime, requests are taking longer to be executed. Our network specialists can migrate current configurations to another OS.

  • Web Server Migration
  • Database Server Migration
  • Windows to Linux and vice-versa Migration

Performance Monitoring and Testing

You can sign-up for our services for 24x7x365 monitoring your IT infrastructure and software application support. We ensure maximum uptime with no degradation in service quality and secure data backup and recovery.

  • Server Monitoring and Configurations
  • Event Log Management
  • Firewall, IPS, IDS installation, and support

Error-Tracking and Technical Troubleshooting

As a software maintenance company, we dig until the root cause is discovered. For this, we perform several troubleshooting processes and come up with a resolution for permanently terminating the issue from a solution.

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • License and Resource Availability Checking
  • Status and Performance Computation

Third-Party Application Auditing

Our professional team can easily explore the backend and front-end structure of applications developed by any external company. In addition, we perform necessary risk and performance assessments to intensify its functionality.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Report Generation
  • Black Box and White Box Testing
  • Full-Stack Risk Mitigation

What Makes Positiwise your Reliable Application Maintenance Partner

We have extensive experience maintaining many software solutions developed by third-party developers and us. In addition, we employ experienced people who perform their assigned tasks with total commitment and ensure flawless fulfillment of every single business demand.

  • Flexible Contracts and Partnerships
  • Dedicated Resources and Committed Team
  • Subject Matter Experts for Consultation
  • Adherence to security standards as per your company’s domain
  • NDA Agreements to maintain data confidentiality
  • Transparency for overall control
  • Multiple communication plans
  • Future and Result-oriented solutions
  • Agile approach for dynamic project requisites

How We Onboard and Maintain Projects

Our onboarding procedure is simplified into a multi-phase process, including all the necessary steps crucial for meticulous application support. In addition, our application maintenance operation is robust, which makes software error-free.


Experts Hand for Software Maintenance

Quality Assured Release Management

With a disciplined approach, we assure high quality of the application and streamlined execution cycle.

Unmatched Technical Expertise

Our experts have in-depth experience in catering to the business needs of varied industry verticals.

Seamless Technology Upgradation

With minimal impact on users, get access to project management tools, issue trackers, and backups.

Version Control & Source Code Repository

By committing to error-free version control and source code repository, we ensure unparalleled services.

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