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Get your hands-on experience a custom-made application backend, the prevailing backbone of your
digital presence with its easy-to-use, maintenance, and performance authorizing.

Run Continually in Every Situation

Hire backend developers to level up the functioning of your business application and accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently. Avail the benefits of a highly-skilled development team focused on producing clean and streamlined codes, linking Cloud Services, third-party APIs, and databases to eliminate app crashes and downtime scenarios.

We follow industry best practices to implement the logic behind your software. With our flexible backend development, hiring, and engagement approach, you can add many functionalities without expanding your budget.

Let your business grow with this rapidly evolving technological world and reach out to every stakeholder by providing your services and resources in an innovative, stable, seamless, and secure way.

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Our Professional Backend Developers are Expertise In

Lead your business towards success by opting for a .NET development framework for creating platform-independent and easily manageable applications. Know More about.Net Development Service
Utilize multiple languages to fabricate your business application, support the MVC approach, and ensure app stability across x64, x86, and ARM architectures. Know More About.Net Core Development

Provide a seamless experience to your users through an authentic web-based app, supporting advanced databases and handling complex exceptions flawlessly. Know More About PHP Development Service

Improve the procedures to handle and execute large user requests in real-time with technology supporting structured programming language and consistent updates with evolving tech trends. Know More about C# Development Service
Leverage the best-in-class features of modern technologies, such as Cloud, distributed systems, embedded systems, and many more by adjoining it with C++ applications. Know More About C++ Development Service
Employ fast and scalable servers for smoothly running real-time data-intensive applications and maintaining the Quality of Service. Know More About NodeJS Development Service

Hire Backend Engineer
for a Precise User Experience

Strengthen the backend of your website and application by banding together with a team of proficient backend specialists, indemnifying a safe, accurate, and high-quality logic working for your business.

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What makes us Worthy

10+ years of

1000+ Happy & satisfied customers

Certified and Trained Engineers

500+ Solutions Delivered on Time

Expandable & Matured Processes

Why Hire Backend Engineer from Positiwise

100% Transparency

We provide regular updates via mail, call, and video conferencing and allow our clients to view current development progress anytime.

Flexible Approach

With our agile development model, you will be able to adjoin your dynamic business needs in the software solution, leading to enhance productivity and reducing risks.

Experienced Team

Our developers have vast experience creating simple and complex applications for startups to large enterprises and embed every feature within the project schedule.

Edge-to-Edge Services

We got your back in every aspect, from programming databases to integrating APIs to testing, hosting, and maintaining the business solution.

NDA Aligned

We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients, and all our backend developers ensure to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information.

Economical Solutions

With our engagement and hiring models, you can have excellent software for your organization and that in your budget with no compromise in quality.

Offered Hiring Models

Positiwise offers a wide array of Hiring Models, which you can adapt straightforwardly for your software development project and within your budget. Hire Backend developers with diverse portfolios, innovative ideas, and a zeal to create a difference by creating an extremely advance and smooth functioning backend.

Hire Back-End Developer As Per Your Need

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signer NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


Hourly (USD)

With Fully Signed NDA



Monthly (USD)

2 – 4 years of Experience Senior .NET 6
and Core for 160 hours


Monthly (USD)

Ideal Team – 3 Devs, 1 Designer, 1 QA


Backend Developers: Optimizing Performance

  • Complete Source Code Authorization
  • Up to 40% savings on Development Cost
  • Data Integrity as per NDA documentation
  • Expert Consultation and Support
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Future-Oriented Solutions
  • Post Development Services
  • Highly Skilled, Experienced, and Trained Developers


The primary task of a backend developer is to create a robust, secure, and scalable backend for a system, whether it’s a web-based application, desktop app, or mobile solution.

Its responsibilities also include:

  • Creating custom APIs and web services.
  • We generate business logic, which seamlessly communicates with the frontend and enhances the user experience.
  • Adjoining application with cloud services and configuring required protocols.
  • Maintaining the code structure and removing bugs by constantly reviewing and testing it.
  • Analyzing the security of the backend and ensuring flawless communication between client-device and the database.

You can hire backend developers from Positiwise in a few steps.

You have to contact us through mail/call, and our technical consultants will be there to help you out. We will collect your project requirements and provide details about engagement models. You can select the hiring model of your choice, and in the meantime, we will be ready with the schedule, project scope, and team structure for your software project.

Further, you and we will sign the NDA and other essential documents for initiating the project.

There are numerous reasons to consider Positiwise as a reliable IT partner for your backend development project, and some of them are listed below:

  • Our experts have experience of more than ten years in furnishing complex and straightforward applications.
  • We have worked with N number of domestic and international clients.
  • We provide you with a full-fledge team, which assures you to fulfill all your business requirements.
  • Our consultants, analysts, and project managers are always available to solve your queries.
  • Every developer at Positiwise has gone through training and is a certified IT professional.
  • We align with your time zone to provide regular and current project updates.
  • Whether it’s eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Construction, or any other industry, we have expertise in creating solutions for each of them.

We guarantee data integrity, confidentiality, and cutting-edge applications.

We promise to complete your application’s backend development in a defined timeline. However, there are various metrics on which we perform an analysis before providing accurate cost and time details.

We focus on the below-listed points to assess cost and time, and these are not limited to this only:

  • Complexity of Project
  • Team Size
  • Location of Team
  • Type of Application
  • Third-party integrations
  • Tools and technology
  • The methodology followed by Development Team
  • Risk Factors
  • Holidays/Sick Leaves
  • Administrative Operations

We are open to providing leverage to our clients for testing the expertise and skills of our Backend developers. You can interview them on a one-to-one basis or assign them some tasks to complete.

In addition, we consistently create performance charts and share them with our clients to ensure you of having the best-in-class resources for your project.

Our Business and Project Management professionals have curated flexible Hiring Models for our clients, which can save your project cost and reduce time-to-market. Here we have a list of them:

  • Dedicated Team Model
  • Milestone based Model
  • Part-Time based Model
  • Fixed Scope Model
  • Resource/Time-based Model
  • Hourly Based Model

Whenever we start a project, we sign non-disclosure agreements and store all the details in a secure database. If anyone wants to access the information, the person has to ask permission from the administrator.

Also, our backend developers are not allowed to work on their personal laptops, which prevents a data breach, as overall data is on the company’s system. In addition, we maintain logs and chain of custody, which you will have access to view, which team member is dealing with which piece of your organization’s information.

You can directly communicate with the Backend engineers through the following mediums:

  • Phone Call
  • Video Conferencing
  • E-mail
  • Messaging
  • Chat over Project Management Software dashboard

Positiwise employs the most experienced and skilled backend experts, and there is significantly less probability that our specialists will disappoint you. However, in any case, if you are not satisfied with the performance or work quality, we will replace the resource and assign a new developer.

In addition, we have some policies for replacing the team member, and our consultants will help you go through each term and condition before starting the backend development project.


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