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Positiwise tailors a master package as per your essentials and offers a harmonious set of resources and partnership level with the Team. No Hidden Charges and We always cater to clients with the highest quality solutions.

Consistently Interactive Business Engagement for Software Development

The project’s success can be visualized from its foundation, and selecting a flexible and reliable engagement model is a vital decision to be made for building long-lasting software. Overall strategy and action plan for its development, deployment, support is based upon a selected approach.

Positiwise is an all-rounder in offering best-in-class IT services with its pioneering business engagement model for software development, which fits in your budget and comforts your business. Moreover, by accessing our native and Hybrid IT models, many enterprises have a practical framework, impressive partnerships, and fruitful business outcomes.

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Software Engagement Model

Elevate Business Productivity by Simplifying Complex Links

Be prepared to enhance productivity, control and reduce expenses, and complete complex tasks straightforwardly by enrolling into transparent and innovative development anatomy.

Fixed Cost Model

  • Final payment for software development is declared after requirement elicitation.
  • Project cost is not modified, regardless of its resources and time.
  • Price is based on the previous projects undertaken by a development company.
  • Any modifications in-between the development process are thoroughly analyzed, and additional cost is charged for it, as the project scope is defined at the beginning.
  • All the milestones are predetermined, and relevant technology is used for application development.

Staunch Asset Enrollment

  • Scale-up Team and Modify Resources for a development project with dynamic business needs
  • Appropriate for long-term projects with shifting requirements throughout the development
  • Dedicated Team with experienced Human Resources to speed-up software creation
  • Real-time progress alerts and overall control over the resource utilization
  • Budget-friendly along with excellent assets and well-organized IT infrastructure
  • Clear vision and scope are required to enable the Team to cater to maximum outputs.

Time and Material Based

  • Ceaseless communication between both the parties for seamless development
  • Quick changes in the project structure, including timeline, Team, and strategy
  • In-scope and out-scope of the project can be changed on the go
  • The overall budget is not evaluated at the beginning, as new resources are added as per business demand
  • The developed software is aligned with the latest tech trends and security guidelines
  • The project Sponsor can take part in each iterative procedure and introduce new modifications at any time

Taking Digital Revolution Ahead with Hybrid IT Models

Precisely figure out the balance between the in-scope and out-scope of your business and handle all the small, medium, and large-scale projects with complete management control over each resource.

Time and Material Based integrated with Fixed Cost Model

  • Appropriate for software development, when defined business necessities are not evaluated accurately
  • Once the project is initiated, requirements are analyzed simultaneously, and execution is based on further iterations. The cost of resources is added to the project budget, and the development phase is completed on a fixed hourly basis.
  • The Gross course of action is transparent to both parties, which improves management and aids in predicting the date when the desired application will be rolled-out for end-users.
  • Collectively, this model leads to completing the project on time, within cost constraints, and embeds every stakeholder’s need in the final solution.

Dedicated Asset Enrollment integrated with Fixed Cost Model

  • A basic structure is generated, and all the phases included in software development are executed, taking it as an essential foundation.
  • Aids to envisage the final product’s focus, feature, and functioning in its prototyping stage.
  • During solution delivery, no extra charges are added, and clear deadlines are shared with detailed specifications.
  • It is suited for short-period projects, where most of the time is spent defining the scope and optimizing software.
  • Mainly, milestones are created, and full payment is divided into small parts. Then, whenever a milestone is accomplished, funds are transferred accordingly.
  • Felicitous for constructing a product for primary and secondary associates.

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