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Web-App Development for SSL Service Provider

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Type of projectWeb and Mobile App
IndustryRetail & eCommerce, Security

Product Description

Rapid SSL is a well-known name in the security industry, which offers its customers a wide variety of top-quality SSL and Code Signing certificate services.

For developing their web app, through which their customers can visit them, buy SSL certificates and manage them, Rapid SSL contacted Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd.

We thoroughly analyzed every detail and aligned the complete project with agile methodology.

Some of the main highlights of the project include:

  • eCommerce store for purchase of SSL certificates.
  • PKI Management
  • SSL Installation and Validation Tools
  • Customer Support System for internal staff
  • CSR Generator
  • Site Lock Configuration and Management
  • Reseller and Affiliate Program Interface and many more


After consulting with Rapid SSL, we documented all their requirements and some of the significant business needs below-provided.

SSL eCommerce Portal

Our client has a partnership with many SSL vendors, and for allowing its customers to buy certificates through a smooth procedure, it wants to provide a sleek eCommerce experience.

The primary requirement of our client was to have a precise product management mechanism along with a shopping cart and payment gateways.

In addition, the customer must get reminders if the items in the shopping cart are present for more than three days, and the platform must offer all the primary payment systems, ensuring secure transactions.

Reseller and Affiliate Program Interface

All the customers of Rapid SSL have the leverage to earn some extra bucks and benefits by participating in the reseller and affiliate programs.

Before the online portal, the overall verification process of affiliation was manual, and reselling was becoming time-consuming.

With the new web- app, our client demanded to provide a dedicated interface to end-users, through which they can send affiliate links and resell SSL certificates. And To make it fast, our team suggested embedding custom APIs, which will automate the verification process.

Online SSL Tool Access

To maintain the working of SSL certificates, our client provides various tools to their customers to analyze the functioning and troubleshoot basic errors.

Our ally wants to provide every user with browser-based access to the below-listed tools.

  • SSL Checker
  • CSR Decoder
  • Certificate Decoder
  • Certificate Key Matcher
  • SSL Format Conversion
  • CSR Generator
  • Padlock Checker
  • CAA Record Generator
  • Symantec Re-issue checker

Our team considered this need and embedded every possible component, fulling the remote tool accessibility need.

Remote SSL Installation

Our client provides SSL installation service by connecting remotely to its customer’s system. They were using external applications, which employ more computational resources.

Also, the complete installation process gets disturbed due to incompatibility issues between systems, making it more complex to offer appropriate service.

To optimize their customer satisfaction and provide top-notch SSL installation services, Rapid SSL demanded an in-built feature through which they can connect with end-users machines and perform the relevant operation even over modular bandwidth connection.

Besides this, the system must be secure and highly compatible, maintaining both the parties’ data integrity and confidentiality.

Customer Support Portal

Customers are one of the primary stakeholders of Rapid SSL, and to build a solid relationship with them; our customer wants to provide a dedicated portal.

Following are some of the requirements for the customer portal, which our development team has covered with an innovative approach.

  • Ticket Creation and Escalation
  • Prioritization
  • Linking with End-User Portal
  • Current SSL Status Analyzer
  • SSL up-gradation Functionality
  • Automated Replies

The primary goal of fulfilling these requirements was to retain customers and enhance their relationship with them by offering seamless services.

End-user SSL Management

Under the development of this management component, our client wants to fulfill the following goals.

  • Notification for renewing the certificates.
  • Installation and Configuration of certificates.
  • A centralized database, updating SSL information for both customers and staff members.
  • Key management feature.
  • PKI Handling
  • Certificate Signing Request module
  • Bulk SSL Buy, Implementation, and Maintenance

Site Lock Configuration and Support

To enable the customers to have an advanced security system, Rapid SSL offers Site Lock services to help prevent hackers and other unauthorized actors.

For providing these services, our client showcases its requirements of a dedicated management system, accessible to both customers and employees with different permissions according to defined roles.

The primary needs of our client were:

  • Website scanning module with an automated patch fixing
  • Firewall integration to block bots
  • Automatic data backup
  • Data Encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning and testing for XSS and SQL injection.
  • Email and Message alerts for malware
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Support
  • Risk Evaluation and Suggestions
  • Report Generation


Full-fledge eCommerce Solution

Our team developed a cutting-edge eCommerce solution for our clients, fulfilling their requirements and supporting their business operations.

The web app provides a product management system to the organization for editing and aligning images and content to be displayed. And it enables the customers to select the most relevant SSL certificate and add it to their cart.
Further, customers can buy that SSL certificate by paying online through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets. Also, all the payment gateways adhere to PCI DSS protocol, ensuring secure transactions.

Dedicated Interface for Reseller and Affiliate Programs

With the new application, the user will get a separate interface when it registers his id for reseller and affiliate programs.

When the user resells any SSL certificate, details of the new owner will automatically get transferred to Rapid SSL for the verification process. The users don’t have to send emails to update their user information.

In addition, the affiliate interface provides real-time data about new users purchasing through the link and how much bonus will get credited to the customer’s account.

Site Lock Management System

For managing the Site Lock services, we crafted two interfaces. One system gets handled by the staff members, and the other is available to the customer.

According to the requirement, if a customer sends a request to the support team to help them in Site Lock operations, the team can create a secure connection with their systems and perform security procedures.

Moreover, we embed custom reporting and analysis tools, which consistently evaluate the data to provide details vulnerability and patch reports.

Further, we integrate all the security APIs, plugins, and testing tools, which every customer can access to scan their website and remove malicious files.

Remote SSL Installation Mechanism

Our engineers adjoin the remote connection mechanism within the organization’s and customer’s portal. It helps both of them create an encrypted channel and take only appropriate control of the remote system.

In addition, the staff member gets the feature to utilize SSL tools while configuring it to ensure successful implementation.

End-user portal

Whenever a user buys an SSL certificate from Rapid SSL, they can access all the associated information through a dedicated system.

Using their login id and password, they will have access to update the information, contact customer support, and renew the certificate.

Also, the system will automatically send renewal notifications through mail and SMS before two weeks of expiration. All of its details will be stored in a centralized database to provide efficient services to customers.

Besides this, the customer can handle PKI operations and send certificate signing requests to the SSL vendor.

Customer Management System

The customer Request Handling portal is mainly for the organization.

It helps them assign customer queries to relevant support team members and prioritize them according to requirements.

Also, we embedded some SSL analysis and scanning tools, which will aid the support team in resolving basic errors and providing a fast resolution.

Tools Accessibility through Browsers

Our engineers have adjoined all the tools within the web app.

Now, every customer can visit the Rapid SSL website and utilize any tool without downloading it.

These tools are provided to internal staff members in the customer management system to resolve minor errors rather than escalating every query without proper details.


After deploying the web app in the IT infrastructure and providing all the relevant features to stakeholders, Rapid SSL has seen rapid growth in business and has accomplished the following goals.

  • There was an increase in customer satisfaction rate, as the support team resolved their queries in minimum time.
  • The company analyzes a rapid SSL sale and has grown enormously after utilizing the web app.
  • Workload upon user authentication team gets reduced.
  • All the users have access to the tools and can resolve minor errors during SSL configuration and maintenance.
  • User engagement and conversion rates have risen due to the attractive app UI.
  • The company was able to assure overall website security by providing a Site Lock Management system.
  • The revenue gets increased as customers can upgrade the services and buy and renew SSL certification from the dedicated end-user portal.
  • It allows Rapid SSL to maintain a secure link between the customer’s system and install the SSL certificate effortlessly.
  • The company updated SSL details on the website and provided relevant offers to all users, making them outstanding from their competitors.
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