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Freelance Job Portal App Development

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Type of projectWeb and Mobile App

Product Description

We designed a job portal app for freelancers looking for part-time and full-time projects at their convenience. The app offers dedicated portals for organizations to post jobs and job searchers to apply for them.

We build this web application by partnering with an HR Consultancy Firm, helping the job applicants to find relevant employment opportunities. The primary objective of this project is to provide an authentic job platform, establish an online brand and increase the revenue stream and user base.


We followed the Agile Development Methodology for crafting the app. And our initial step was to identify client requirements and project challenges.

Conversational and Attractive UI

The first requirement of our client was to create an easy-to-navigate interface for all the app pages. They provided us with their color theme and described the type of animations and motion graphics for the background.

In addition, our ally defined a requirement to offer functionality to switch between dark and light themes. And the interface should have hover effects, providing a short feature description.

Applicant Interface

Further, the second need for a portal is a dedicated interface for applicants finding a job. For it, the client provided us with the following requirements:

  • Login and Signup using third-party accounts, such as Gmail and Twitter.
  • Uploading of video, image, and text files to showcase their work.
  • Facility to modify profile theme and list new services.
  • Apply to jobs through a single click with automated form filling.

Job-Poster Interface

Likewise, for the dedicated applicant portal, the following need was a recruiter portal with the below-listed features:

  • Unlimited Job Posting.
  • Resume Filtering according to required skills.
  • Candidate Search based on location, skills, and experience.
  • Creating forms for collecting essential applicant information.
  • Profile bookmarking for future reference.

Built-in Communication Mechanisms

Following the applicant and recruiter portal requirements, our client wants to embed multiple communication channels. It will enable the users to exchange vital information and finalize the project details and agreement terms and conditions.

A chatroom and built-in mail system are two primary needs.

Secure Payment Gateway

Once the applicant performs the task according to the job requirement and submits it, the job poster releases its payment. In addition, the job poster adds the funds to a secure wallet and holds them until the work doesn’t meet the expected levels.

Bank accounts for both recruiter and candidate are linked, and for executing the fund transaction through and forth, a secure channel is the main requirement.

Job Alerts

Our client wants to provide an additional feature to the job searchers. They can set their preference about a specific job, and whenever someone posts it on the portal, a notification will get forwarded.

For instance, if a person has set an alert for poster design, the app will notify them about each new job posting regarding poster creation.

Search and Filtering Functionality

To reduce the efforts of job posters and applicants, our partner demanded a search box and filtering facility. The recruiter can define experience level, skills, and location for finding and connecting with a relevant resource.

Likewise, the job applicants can set filters for part-time, full-time, per hour-based, milestone-based and specific job types.

Support Panel

To provide an impeccable experience and resolve queries and complaints, the client wants to add a dedicated customer request interface.

The recruiter and job searchers can raise a ticket regarding payment, fraud, and abuse through the support interface. Moreover, they can also ask for any custom query and get real-time updates about the ticket. Additionally, there was an in-built ticket handling tool for customer support.


We generated the Gantt Charts in the planning phase and followed them throughout the design, development, testing, and deployment phase. As a result, our team fabricated the solution with the following functionalities.

Custom Job Notification

Our software developers added the feature to set custom notification alerts. The job searchers can go to settings to add their preferences about receiving alerts regarding a specific job type.

After this, whenever there is a new job posting, the app will check it with preferences and send notifications accordingly.

PCI DSS Complying Payments

All the recruiter and applicant payments are protected using the latest PCI DSS standards. From adding the money to an online wallet and transferring it to a bank account, each process gets secured from malicious actors.

In addition, all users’ accounts and personal details get stored after performing hashing and salting on them.

Dedicated Interfaces

We designed different interfaces for every user. For instance, if a job-poster logs in, they will get a contrasting portal compared to the job applicant and support team.

We have fulfilled all the requirements of end-users as follows:

  • Job posting by filling details in a job description form.
  • Direct apply button.
  • Media upload from computer and cloud storage.
  • Profile bookmarking and job-saving.

Attractive and Sleek Interface

Our UI/UX developers crafted the interface of the Job Portal App, defining the purpose of every button, checkbox, and input box.

The interface attracts the user and helps them easily navigate through its conversational and animated flow. It also aids the end-users in changing to dark and light themes according to their comfort.

Authentication and Access Controls

Our security architects configured all the latest authentication mechanisms to prevent fraud on this online platform. It verifies the user’s identity and then only provides access to utilize resources and create their account.

Also, for bank transaction purposes, the user has to upload the required documents, which are gone through a multi-stage verification procedure to determine their legitimacy.

Advance Search Facility

We implemented the search box facility for every user, including the support team. It will help them all in different manners, such as:

  • Job applicants can filter out part-time or full-time jobs.
  • Recruiters can find appropriate resources in the nearby areas using a location filter.

The support team can quickly sort and find the emails sent or received in the previous week based on open, closed, or escalated tickets.

Multiple Communication Channels

Users can take advantage of the built-in chat and email service to send the files or initiate direct communication with the recruiter or applicant.

It creates an encrypted channel between the users and transfers general information securely, maintaining its integrity and confidentiality. It also aids the users in editing the message after sending it.


Our client was able to leverage the below-listed benefits from the Job Portal Application:

  • Company revenue gets increases as they implement the app monetization strategies.
  • The firm was able to find a reliable human resource for its clients by analyzing the user data.
  • Increased user base and download rate optimize the app ranking across Play Store and App Store.
  • The organization was able to establish its brand online.
  • The app makes the task effortless for reaching out to the target audience.
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