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When talking about the development of a WordPress website, most people get confused between selecting WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Even organizations looking for business website development don’t know exactly the difference between the two. And it leads them to select the unreliable platform for them.

To save you from choosing the wrong platform to develop a business/personal website, we are here with WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. After reading this differentiation, you will have a crystal clear insight into the terms and how they are different.

What is WordPress.com?

Whenever someone has to build a website, the first thought is always WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a web-based platform that uses a pre-built theme and managed hosting by WordPress company to build and host the website. Primarily, the Gutenberg editor that a developer or an individual use is available on WordPress.com. In addition, to use the .com version of WordPress, users/organizations have to buy a monthly/annual subscription plan.

Further, once you buy a WordPress.com plan, you are ready to create and host your website immediately, rather than finding and partnering with a WordPress hosting service provider.

Additionally, you will see the following plans while creating a WordPress.com account:

  • Free Plan
  • Personal Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Commerce Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Pros of WordPress.com

If you select WordPress.com to develop your business site, it will provide the following benefits:

  • You will receive managed website hosting, as WordPress will handle all the server configurations.
  • Free 3GB storage space is provided under a free plan. And if you need more, you can switch to other plans at any time.
  • WordPress will automatically take care of all backups and updates.
  • WordPress will implement all the security configurations on the server side.
  • You own the content, even if WordPress manages the hosting aspect.

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Cons of WordPress.com

Before deciding which one is better, let’s have a look at the cons of choosing WordPress.com:

  • You have to pay separately for a domain name, otherwise, a sub-domain, such as wordpress.com or similar will get showcased in the URL.
  • WordPress.com don’t allow monetization. Thus, you can’t put ads on your website.
  • If you feature ads under the WordAds program, you need to share the revenue from ads with WordPress.
  • You are only allowed to use pre-built themes as per the plan and only a limited customization gets allowed.
  • It doesn’t allow you to use third-party analytical tools until you don’t purchase a premium or above plan.
  • To create an eCommerce store, you are bound to purchase Commerce or the above plan.
  • Sometimes the website budget exceeds as you move to a higher plan.

What is WordPress.org?

Unlike WordPress.com, a web-based solution, you download WordPress.org and require WordPress developers to customize it. The source code you download is free, but WordPress does not provide managed hosting services for it.

To deploy the website based on WordPress.org, you will require a WordPress hosting service provider, such as Hostinger, Bluehost, or similar. If you don’t know any reliable provider, you can consult a WordPress development company, like Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, to find one per your requirements.

Mostly, large enterprises prefer WordPress.org, as they consider it more flexible and scalable than WordPress.com. Although, it depends upon business objectives.

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Pros of WordPress.org

The benefits of choosing WordPress.org includes, but not limited to:

  • The source code of WordPress.org is free and anyone can download it to develop a website.
  • It leverages you with complete ownership of the website, including the code, website files, and data.
  • You can integrate as many plugins as you want, regardless of whether it’s free, paid, or custom.
  • You can create a custom theme and use it for your business website.
  • WordPress.org also allows to integrate Google Analytics and use it for deep website analysis.
  • It enables you to develop any website using the free code package, and you don’t have to purchase any subscription like WordPress.com.
  • You can publish as many ads on your website to increase revenue. In addition, if you find any other monetization mechanism, you can configure it too and you don’t have to share profit with WordPress.

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Cons of WordPress.org

The limitation of using WordPress.org comprises of the following:

  • You need to purchase WordPress web hosting services from a third party. It all depends upon your requirements and the provider, which will decide the hosting budget.
  • You will need to hire WordPress developers to download WordPress.org and install and configure it to develop a website. Also, you will require them to host and maintain the website in the extended run.
  • The website security and backup are all in your hand. You need to determine which controls are required.
  • You need to invest in constant WordPress support, if you are not proficient in managing WordPress.org.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Comparison Chart

PricingDepends upon the plan you select. It starts from Free and goes up to $25,000/year.The download is free. Hosting, development and maintenance varies on the services provider and developers.
Hosting BenefitYou get managed hosting with one-click website deploy feature.No managed hosting from WordPress. You need to find a hosting service provider by yourself.
Expertise & Experience RequiredA fresher, intermediate, and advanced developer can work on the WordPress.com website.Only an intermediate and advanced developer with 5+ years of experience can effortlessly develop using WordPress.org.
Security & BackupWordPress handles the security and backup. You get security from malware, potential loopholes, and other hacking activities.You are responsible for configuring security mechanisms and performing data backup per schedule. You can also use plugins to automate backup.
Monetization LeverageYou are not allowed to monetize, until you participate in WordAds. Also, you need to share the profit with WordPress.You can monetize as much as you want and don’t have to share anything with WordPress.
Theme UsageUsage of pre-available themes is allowed with minimal customization, until you purchase a Business or above plan.It allows the usage of any pre-built and custom theme. And you receive complete authority to modify any theme functionality.
Support AvailabilityDedicated support from WordPress is available. You can talk to experts through chat and mail.You need to avail of WordPress maintenance and support services. Otherwise, need to find online forums for help.
Google Analytics IntegrationOnly allowed with Business and above plans.Allowed for every website you build.
DomainA WordPress sub-domain gets showcased with the website’s domain name.You have to purchase and register your domain name, ranging from $10 to $50 or above.

FAQs: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Let’s explore the answers to some highly asked FAQs about WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

When To Use WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

The use case of WordPress.org and WordPress.com entirely depends upon one’s requirements. If you require a personal portfolio, then WordPress.com is preferred. And if someone wants to build an enterprise-level or eCommerce website, then WordPress.org gets considered.

However, before choosing any alternatives, check price differences, features, and business need coverage.

Which is more reliable – WordPress.org and .com?

The website data and content ownership are all yours in both cases. The main difference comes at the hosting level. If you require managed hosting within the plan, then go for WordPress.com; otherwise, WordPress.org.

Is it Possible To Switch Between the Two?

It happens a lot that companies first choose WordPress.com and they need to move to WordPress.org or vice versa.

You would be glad to know that, it’s possible to migrate from one platform to another. You can effortlessly change from WordPress.org to WordPress.com and the other way around.

Which is Better To Build an eCommerce Store?

To build an eCommerce store, you can choose either of the one. WordPress.com offers a Commerce plan, while WordPress.org necessitates developing from scratch. In both cases, you should hire WordPress developers. Therefore, analyze the cost difference and long-term impact and choose accordingly.

But, from an expert’s standpoint, the Commerce plan is adequate, as it uses the WooCommerce plugin and allows customizations as you want. Although, if you need more flexibility, WordPress.org is still available.

From Where To Hire WordPress Developer For WordPress.Org and WordPress.com development?

You can partner with a custom WordPress development company that outsources the developers. But ensure to examine the portfolio, reviews, and WordPress services the company offers. In addition, differentiate between the development cost, developers’ experience, and multiple firms’ industry expertise to get the best deal.

Final Verdict on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

The conclusion is clear that it depends on the requirement and budget when choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you want third-party hosting and need to use custom themes and plugins, WordPress.org is the clear choice. If you find satisfaction in the plans and features of WordPress.com, you can proceed with it.

Consequently, you will have a WordPress website, helping you impeccably manage the content and business operations.

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