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As per W3Tech40%+ websites utilize WordPress as the primary technology for their content management systems. And with its advancement, WordPress is becoming the first choice of organizations. Due to it, many professionals are learning it and providing WordPress Development Services.

Nowadays, you can find numerous WordPress developers across the internet, which makes it challenging to discover a reliable developer. But you don’t need to worry more; here, you will understand the complete procedure to hire a WordPress developer.

All the answers are here, from what to remember before and while hiring to how and why to hire a WordPress developer. So, let’s get started.

Why Hire a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer is the central pillar of WordPress development. From gathering details to providing maintenance and support, a developer is required at every step.

WordPress looks easy to operate, but it becomes complex when creating custom themes and plugins and building large websites. And it leads to a waste of effort, time, and money. However, all such complexities are prevented by hiring a WordPress developer.

A developer holds expertise in the domain and knows what needs to be done. Therefore, you should always prefer hiring a WordPress developer for top-class websites.

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Types of WordPress Developers

Primarily, you can hire a freelance developer or a WordPress development company. But, under them, following the WordPress developer’s category, comes those who work on the project. 

#1: WordPress Website Developers

WordPress website developers are like full-stack developers who create the site’s back and front ends. They have expertise in curating a complete website with all the plugins, custom themes, and APIs. 

#2: WordPress Theme Developers

The theme developers mainly develop custom WordPress themes with your choice’s font color, icons, and layout. Later on, website developers edit the themes and add plugins to extend their functionalities. 

#3: WordPress Plugin Developers

As the name defines, such developers create custom plugins, aiding in adding new features to the site. In addition, expert developers also create plugins for developers, designers, and testers to ease their tasks. 

While looking for WordPress developers, you will come across all the mentioned developers. Every WordPress development company employs all such developers to offer 360services. 

The Aspects To Consider and Steps to Follow To Hire a WordPress Developer

To hire a WordPress developer, remember the following factors throughout the process. 

#1: List Down Your Requirements

The first aspect of hiring a WordPress developer is to list your requirements. Firstly, you must gain a clear insight into what type of WordPress solution you need. It will help you efficiently search for the services that would be appropriate to fulfill business requirements. 

For instance, if you need a WordPress-based eCommerce store, search for WordPress eCommerce development services. As its output, you will get a list of numerous companies providing such solutions. Similarly, if you want to migrate a current solution, create a plugin, develop a theme, or need to avail only maintenance services. Then, you must first have a clear understanding of your needs. 

#2: Determine The WordPress Developer You Need

Once you know your requirements, it’s time to find the relevant WordPress developer or a WordPress Development Company. The primary difference between a WordPress development firm and a developer is that individual developers are available on freelance sites. In contrast, development companies have their websites through which you can contact and hire them. 

If you only require a plugin, then you can move forward with hiring a WordPress plugin developer. Similarly, if you need a theme, eCommerce store, or complete website development, hire a developer accordingly. 

It entirely depends on the requirements and which type of developer would be a perfect fit. However, if you need clarification, avail yourself of a WordPress consultation from a development company.

It entirely depends on the requirements and which type of developer would be a perfect fit. However, if you need clarification, avail yourself of a WordPress consultation from a development company. 

#3: Discussion With The WordPress Development Company/WordPress Developer

Discuss your project needs when you find an authentic WordPress Development Company or a Developer. And also learn about their skills and expertise in the domain. From the developer’s communication, you can determine how well-versed they are in WordPress development. 

In addition, you must cover the following questions while interacting with the development party: 

  • How much experience do you have in WordPress development?
  • What type of WordPress services do you offer? 
  • How are your services different from others? 
  • Do you have any recognition in the WordPress domain? 
  • Do you focus on SEO while developing sites? 
  • What type of projects have you completed so far? 
  • What communication do you use to share project progress and maintain client links? 

Likewise, if you have any questions, do ask them to get a better understanding.

#4: Explore Freelance Sites

Besides searching on the internet for WordPress development services, you can find one on freelance sites. Some of the most famous sites on which developers provide services include Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Arc, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Codeable. 

You can navigate to all such sites to find a relevant WordPress developer for your project. Moreover, if you want to avoid discovering a developer by yourself, there’s an easy way too. You can publish your requirements on freelance sites, and the developers will contact you. 

Further, you can assess their applications, pay rate, experience, past projects, trustworthiness, and other metrics. As a result, you will find your development partner. 

#5: Analyze The Portfolio and Client Feedback

Before you hire a WordPress developer, always analyze its portfolio of completed projects. By examining it, you can determine the level of complexity that a developer can handle. Also, it would help you know about the developer’s skill in creating interfaces, backend systems, and integrating APIs and other third-party components. 

Furthermore, along with the portfolio, assess the company’s client feedback and online reviews. You can find client feedback for almost all projects on the digital platform, such as Clutch. However, finding reviews could be problematic for freelance developers if the platform doesn’t support it. 

Therefore, always examine the portfolio and customer reviews. 

#6: Assess Pricing Models and Timelines

Regarding WordPress development, the cost is the primary factor when choosing a developer. Everyone wants to gain high interest in their investment. Thus, you must assess the prices of development companies. In addition, reliable firms, such as Positiwise Software Pvt. Ltd offers resource-based, time-based, and many other pricing models you can choose as per your comfort. 

Additionally, consider services in return whenever you need to compare the price. For instance, if company A is providing only development for $1000, but company B is offering development in maintenance for $1200. Then, it would help if you opted for company B, as it’s offering an additional service at a nominal cost addition. 

Likewise, consider all metrics while determining the best cost model. 

#7: Ensure Data Security Practices

Data is the most valuable asset of every organization, and during WordPress development, you need to share it with the developers. It can contain customer data, company data, or any other confidential information. And it makes data security a concern when hiring a developer. 

Before finalizing the developer, discuss the data security practices followed. It ensures that data integrity and confidentiality will be retained. In addition, always sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before starting the project. 

Furthermore, choose a developer with WordPress security knowledge to provide a protected solution, preventing malicious actors/activities. 

#8: Test the Expertise of WordPress Developers

Along with the best price, you should also look for experience and expertise in the WordPress domain. To gain an in-depth insight into the developer’s potential, you can provide them with a small task. Throughout the task, you should assess their technical and soft skills. 

Under the technical skills, determine the time taken, number of bugs, errors, compatibility, functioning, interface, and more. For soft skills, note down how the developer communicated progress and how well they understood the requirements. 

It would help if you made this paid, as it will ensure the developer completes the task. And once it gets completed, you can finalize your hiring decision.

#9: Define Agreement Terms and Conditions

Once you are satisfied with the development cost, timeline, offering services, and expertise of developers, finalize the contract agreements. Ensure that the agreement contains all the necessary details, such as project delivery date, payment, and all other necessary information. 

Moreover, if you avail of post-development services, list them in the contract. After all this, you will get your WordPress developer. 

#10: Sign the Contract and Start WordPress Development

After signing the contract with all terms and conditions, duly sign and store it safely in software or physical format. Further, set up the communication channels, meet with the development team, and start the process as defined during discussions. 

With time, your WordPress development will progress, and you will receive a stable, secure, and avant-garde business solution.  

How Can Positiwise Software Pvt. Ltd. Be Your WordPress Development Partner? 

Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd can fulfill all your needs of WordPress development, as it has top-notch WordPress experts. And the hiring procedure is the simplest. You can contact Positiwise through email, phone number, or by filling out the contact form. 

In addition, Positiwise holds 10+ years of experience in WordPress development. Whether it’s a custom website, theme, or plugin development, it can provide all the services. Also, you can avail of migration, maintenance, support, and modernization services. 

Further, its pricing models are economical, and the development approach is flexible, ensuring timely delivery. You can trust Positiwise for any WordPress development services, assuring data security, utmost quality, high performance, and compatibility.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a WordPress developer is a seamless task, but first, you must clear your requirements. After that, you need to determine the type of WordPress developer or avail of WordPress consultation. Further, analyze the services of WordPress development companies and associated development costs. And also analyze the portfolio, client feedback, and data security approaches. Once you get satisfied with a company, finalize the details, sign the contract, and hire WordPress developers.

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