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According to numerous surveys and statistics, 40+ percentage of the sites present globally are based on WordPress. And the number is multiplying, pacing WordPress forward from other technologies. Also, businesses are choosing WordPress to develop their websites. Due to this, many have the same question “Why WordPress Website Development is getting so popular?” or something similar.

But now you will get the answer to all your questions. Here, you can learn about the top nine reasons why you should prefer WordPress for your business. So, let’s get started to know about them all. 

What is WordPress Development? 

WordPress is a website development platform. Initially, companies used it as a Content Management System (CMS). But, later on, with advancements, it became a full-fledged development technology. You can also consider it as a low-code or no-code development approach. And when you use it for building a website, it’s known as WordPress Development. 

Top Reasons Explaining, Why You Must Prefer WordPress Website Development

The following top nine reasons will give you a clear insight into why you should use WordPress for your business. 

#1: Provides Flexibility and Scalability

Nowadays, you are still determining when the business goals and objectives will change. And to fulfill them, you need a solution that can align with the ongoing trends. For such cases, WordPress is the most appropriate solution. 

It offers extensive customizable themes and plugins to extend website functionalities. For instance, if you need social sharing buttons on the site, you only have to install and activate a plugin. And it all requires a few minutes to do it. In addition, you can find numerous such plugins on the WordPress platform, offering the following functionalities but not limited to:

  • Displaying a custom form to the visitors. 
  • Optimizing a website for search engines. 
  • Gathering website analytics and creating reports for the same. 
  • Maintaining data security. 
  • Enabling authentication and access control. 
  • Automating emails. 
  • Chat support and more. 

Therefore, WordPress websites are flexible, enabling to add and delete any component. 

#2: Low-Cost Development and Maintenance

The WordPress development editor is free to use. You only need to create your site’s WordPress account and web pages. In addition, WordPress offers different packages at affordable prices that can easily fit within anyone’s budget. 

You can choose from a budget if you require additional functionalities; otherwise, the platform is free. Due to this, the project cost gets reduced even if you hire a WordPress development company

Furthermore, the pre-built themes, website templates, and plugins are available for free and some at economical prices. You can avail of paid plugins on a monthly and annual subscription basis. Because of all such themes and plugins, the developer’s effort gets reduced, which lowers the development cost. 

Besides, you can avail of WordPress maintenance services at a meager compared to software based on other technologies. Thus, WordPress helps you save on your overall budget. 

#3: Easy To Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

When it comes to discovering a development company or freelance developers, it can be complex. But, if you need to hire dedicated WordPress developers, it’s a streamlined task. You can effortlessly search on the internet across platforms to discover the most relevant technology partner. Numerous firms provide custom WordPress development environment services.

However, you must find a reliable one, such as Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd. Before you finalize any of the companies, complete the following checklist: 

  • Analyze the portfolio of completed WordPress projects. 
  • Interview with the developers to assess their skills. 
  • Ensure that the firm or freelance developer follows data security and privacy standards. 
  • Compare the prices and services available under it for better decision-making. 

Further, if you need a developer for a specific purpose, such as creating a theme or a plugin, it’s possible with WordPress. Numerous developers provide only theme and plugin development services within cost constraints. 

#4: Vast Community and WordPress Support 

A vast community of developers, contributors, and supporters is an added advantage of using WordPress. All such stakeholders help make the site faster, more secure, stable, and full of advanced functionalities. And if you get stuck during development, you can effortlessly find a solution for your WordPress query. 

In addition, thousands of blogs, articles, and guides get published daily, providing insights into WordPress. Whether you are a freelance developer, a development company, or someone looking to avail of WordPress CMS development service, all such available content can help you. 

Moreover, WordPress constantly tests its platform and updates itself with newer trends and technologies. As a result, you receive reliable upgrades, making your site compliant with industry standards. And if you get stuck during development, the WordPress support team is always there to resolve your queries. 

#5: Compliant With SEO 

Ranking in the top list across search engines is one of the primary targets of every business. Whether someone owns a blogging site or an eCommerce store, all want to index their site at the top. With the help of WordPress, you can do it seamlessly. 

The WordPress structure aligns with SEO guidelines, which is another benefit of choosing it. And search engines, such as Google, also prefer WordPress sites over others. In addition, hundreds of digital marketing and SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, are available for free. You can use the plugins to view the analytics about the site and know where it lacks. 

Further, take the suggestions from the plugin and improve the site accordingly. As a result, your WordPress website will start displaying on the first search results page. And due to it, traffic will increase, boosting the business revenue. 

Therefore, WordPress complies with SEO standards by default, and you can accelerate its growth by using additional plugins. 

#6: Adequate Security Features

WordPress covers all the primary aspects of website security. It offers built-in DDoS protection, WAF (Web Application Firewall), scanning and removal of malware, and other tools for maintaining account integrity. 

Moreover, it allows the integration of custom security plugins to enhance overall site protection and implementation of policies. You can also leverage its permission for different websites and different roles and be configured for every website can get configured, allowing only authorized persons to perform a function. 

For instance, if you want the admin to have post-deletion functionality, you can configure such responsibility under an admin user. Likewise, WordPress offers to configure the following six users: 

  • Super Admin 
  • Admin
  • Editor 
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber 

Further, you can list down the responsibilities of each user and implement them across the website. It will function as access management, as no user will go out of bounds. 

#7: Integration with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the ultimate WordPress plugin that creates a complete eCommerce store with minimal effort, cost, and time. You only need to search for WooCommerce using the plugin feature on the WordPress dashboard. And then install and activate it for your website. 

With the aid of WooCommerce, you can leverage the following benefits: 

  • Pre-built eCommerce website theme, compliant with SEO standards. 
  • Payment gateway integration in a few clicks. 
  • Effortless uploading of product images, descriptions, and offers. 
  • Automated shipping and tax calculations for all orders. 
  • Allowance to sell physical and software-based products. 
  • Responsive eCommerce store development, compatible with all web and mobile browsers. 

The list goes on and on. Therefore, all the online store benefits are available with WordPress. 

#8: Highly Customizable 

You can customize anything on a WordPress website. It provides the leverage to design a site that defines the brand message. From choosing custom colors and fonts, you can place any section at any place on the webpage. Also, it allows you to utilize the icon symbols, animations, and backgrounds of your choice. 

Additionally, if at any point you want to change a section layout, remove it, or add one, it’s just a work of a few hours. WordPress sites offer full ownership, from headers to footers. Furthermore, if you want to host a provider, site platform, or anything else, you are free to do so. 

Thus, WordPress modifies itself as you want it. 

#9: Responsive, Fast, and User Friendly 

Every business needs a fast and responsive site in the era of mobiles, tablets, and devices with different screen sizes. With WordPress, you can effortlessly build a responsive site that automatically modifies architecture as per the device. Due to it, every end-user smoothly navigates through the site across devices, and your customer satisfaction rate increases. 

Additionally, WordPress sites also ensure fast loading and processing speed. And you can find numerous tips and tricks for increasing its overall performance. In terms of management, WordPress offers a clean GUI-based dashboard, displaying every site functionality at a touch. 

Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd: One-Stop WordPress Development Company

To develop a WordPress site, you need a WordPress Development Company. And Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd can be a perfect fit with its 10+ years of experience in the domain. Their developers can build any website, from blogging to eCommerce store, within minimal time and cost. In addition, Positiwise aligns with all necessary standards and guarantees topmost quality, data security, and performance. 

In addition, choosing Positiwise provides you with the following leverages: 

  • Dedicated WordPress Developers 
  • All WordPress development services in one place
  • Agile Development Methodology for Flexible Development
  • Maintenance and Support Services
  • Custom solutions as per your business requirements
  • Seamless communication and more

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Concluding Up

Numerous organizations utilize WordPress, and it’s one of the leading website development technologies. From building a small-scale site to an enterprise-grade online store, it can fulfill all your requirements. In addition, WordPress reduces development and maintenance costs and gets customized according to custom business needs. 

Moreover, you can build responsive, SEO-aligned, fast sites with it, increasing traffic, retaining visitors, and boosting revenue. Consequently, WordPress is the perfect technology for developing a custom business website. And the most reliable way to build one is by hiring a WordPress development company. 

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