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Repurpose your backend development with modern technology through robust C# development services. Integrate speed, scalability, security, and round-the-clock Support for full-stack web and mobile interface development. Ensure your availability on every device and reach out to every stakeholder through a platform-independent C# application 

A Farsighted C# Development Company

We dispel the thought that merely an online presence will keep you at the top of your A-game. As software solution providers for the last 20 years, we at Positiwise have a deep understanding of the ever-changing psyche of the consumer’s minds. Your brand needs ever-ready and highly interactive interfaces that run across various platforms for effective communication. C# is a backend framework that is:

  • Versatile: It can be used to develop both web and mobile interfaces.
  • Fast: It facilitates the quick development of apps with the help of an internal code library.
  • Crisp: It gives you clean and sanitized codes powered by higher-level syntax.

We develop highly cost-effective, bespoke, and value-induced C sharp web development services for global clients. Our expertise spans several industry verticals and businesses of various scales.

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C Sharp Development

C# Development Services – Our Offerings

Visibly improve the performance of your web/mobile interfaces and build competitive positioning with C#, an object-oriented programming language.

C# Development Outsourcing – The Stages

At Positiwise, we follow a 6-step process to deliver a super scalable and high performing asset at a faster time-to-market


Our technological experts critically assess your business process and determine if your concerns can be addressed by C# Development. Accordingly, a plan of action is devised, and iterative goals are set.

UI/UX Design

We design extremely stimulating and visually appealing designs that have the prospect of attracting a new customer & generating new ROI along with a guarantee to minimize customer support costs 

Concept Design

A blueprint is drawn up keeping in mind your business goals. Then, our developers use the most appropriate tools of the C# framework to develop a robust, secure, and super scalable interface.


Our developers build prototypes of the interface according to the blueprint. Then, we employ best industry practices to add features and upgrades to position your app in a good market.


We engage in continuous manual and automated testing cycles to assess the performance of the interface. In addition, we aim to identify all underlying bottlenecks that can hamper smooth functioning.


Our developers deliver a fully functional, high-performing asset developed through the C# framework. In addition, a thoroughly tested interface guarantees that your clientele is faced with no glitch.

Benefits of C# Development Solutions

Our developers can enlist a host of reasons why C# makes backend development highly rewarding. Here are a few:

Easy to Develop

C# has an inbuilt rich class library that implements functions and upgrades quickly. This simplifies the development process and fastens a solution/ product’s time-to-market.

High Productivity

C# combines the raw power of the C++ programming language and extreme productivity of Visual Basic to create high load-bearing interfaces that seamlessly eliminate repetitive tasks.

Object Oriented

C# is a simple, object-oriented language that provides a clear structure for programs and helps to keep the code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), making it easier to maintain and debug.


The C# backend framework allows using components of VB NET and several other managed code languages directly. This high interoperability quotient eases development woes.

Data Security

C# enables developers to craft highly data-centric applications and guarantees extreme security against data breach concerns. Also, it renders a next-level user experience with high encryption.


C# enables the creation of robust extensions and wrappers. C# developers can leverage these tools to use the inbuilt libraries and extend their functionalities to fulfill your business requirements.  


Our developers love the C# backend framework as they can create a host of apps based on it. In addition, the .NET and Visual Studio are limitless and enable smooth development.


Microsoft highly supports the C# backend framework, integrating it with emerging features and syntactic enhancements. In addition, the straightforward architecture enables fast loading.

Our Expertise – What Can We Develop with C Sharp Development?

Our peerless expertise over the C# programming language enables us to develop a diverse range of highly innovative apps and experiences for the .NET Platform


Craft Core Windows/ Web/ Windows Services, Rest-based Services, Web WPF/API/ WCF solutions using .NET.


Ensure continuous delivery with flexible solutions in Microservices architecture focused on domain-driven design.

Containerised Apps

Simplify app development and deployment through docket containers with lightweight, standalone packages.

Azure Development

Render high-speed performance and seamless experience through .NET web apps and services using Microsoft Azure.

Hire Full-Stack C# Developers

To optimize your project costs, leverage the strong memory backup of C#, along with the flexibility and cross-language capabilities of our experts.

Hire C# Developers

Why Choose Positiwise for C Sharp Development?

Positiwise has been serving the IT industry with utmost diligence for 20 years.

C Sharp Development FAQs

C Sharp is a general-purpose programming language developed and launched by Microsoft in 2001. C# is a simple, easy-to-use object-oriented language. It runs on the .NET Framework.

Yes, C Sharp is very popular among developers and clients. Moreover, According to Tiobe Index ranking, C Sharp is now the fifth most popular language worldwide.

C# is a language derived from C and C++. C# is used for graphically intensive applications, games, and cross-platform mobile apps in platforms such as Windows, Windows services, Mac, Android, iOS, and more. But C# is well-supported by Microsoft.

C-Sharp is a general-purpose object-oriented language developed by Microsoft that runs on the .Net Framework. Where as C++ is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T Bell Laboratories. C# is mainly used for simple web, mobile, and desktop-based application development where as C++ is used for server-side application, games and more.

Our main C Sharp development services includes:

  • C# Windows Development
  • Server-side Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • C # Web Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Integration Services
  • PaaS Development
  • SaaS Development
C Sharp is object-oriented language which is easy to develop, high interoperability, inbuilt libraries, extended extensions, high flexibility, next-level user experience with high encryption & data security.

Many popular brand such as NMath, Open Dental, FlashDevelop, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Installer XML, Adobe Systems, Bloomberg RDBMS, Mozilla Firefox , Google Applications and more using C#.

C Sharp Development cost depends on various factors such as the complexity of the designs, customization requirements, and number of elements to add, region. But you can consider starting from $18/hour for hiring a C# developer from Positiwise.

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