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With the digitization of the real estate sector after COVID-19, several companies are moving their operations to a website or a desktop/mobile application. It helps the firms to reach out to potential users and increase their business at an exponential rate. Among all the development technologies, ASP.NET has been the top priority for such software building.

In this blog, you will also learn about the top features, benefits, and functionalities of ASP.NET, which makes it reliable tech for real estate software development. Additionally, you will understand the exact answer to the most trending question, “Why Choose ASP.NET for Real Estate Web Development?”.


As the complete global market is getting digitized, the real estate sector is also on the same runway. Most organizations dealing with buying, selling, and leasing property are developing solutions to streamline operations for every stakeholder. In addition, it’s also helping them to increase revenue by showing ads and other revenue streams.

The top technology that enterprises prefer is ASP.NET. There are multiple reasons behind its selection, which we are going to unfold further. Once you undergo them, why should you hire an ASP.NET developer for your real estate website development project?

So, let’s get started.

What is Real Estate Web Development Software?

Likewise, any other custom software development or real-estate software development revolves around property selling, leasing, and buying solutions. The most common examples of real estate websites and applications include Magic Bricks, 99 Acres, and Housing.

The primary purpose of real estate web development is to streamline the following procedures:

  • Selling the property directly rather than involving a property dealer/agent.
  • Buying the property without any middleman.
  • Leasing the property on the go.
  • Finding plots, houses, and work spaces available at affordable prices and in the required city zone/sector.

In addition, such applications also help apartment construction and selling organizations increase their reach and increase revenue.

How To Build a Real Estate Website?

To build a software for real estate, you must consider the following factors:

  • Client requirements and long-term business objectives
  • Stakeholders involved in the software development
  • Technology stack to be used (Web Development framework, database, APIs, and more)
  • Experience and expertise level required for development
  • Standards, protocols, rules, and regulations to adhere

After analyzing all the factors mentioned, you will receive clarity on what is included in the real estate software. In addition, it will help to choose the right real estate web design company. Furthermore, you should prefer the firm providing maintenance and support services for retaining performance, security, and adherence to standards in the extended run.

The Reason To Choose ASP.NET for Custom Real Estate Websites

Let’s learn about all the potential benefits, features, and leverages of ASP.NET, which makes it a viable choice for developing a real estate application.

  • Strong Security Features
  • Top-Tier Performance
  • Leverages with Dynamic Web Pages
  • Highly Customizable
  • Affordable Development & Maintenance
  • Solid Community and Microsoft Support
  • Cross-Platform Compatible

Strong Security Features

On every real-estate application, the user has to create accounts by inputting their email IDs, phone numbers, and other confidential details. As per the government and industry standards, it’s crucial that all such personal information be secured from unauthorized actors.

To maintain data integrity and confidentiality, ASP.NET can help you seamlessly. It provides built-in mechanisms to enable encryption, hashing, authentication, authorization, and access control lists. In addition, it leverages per-application security configuration, leading to enabling multi-layer security.

As a result, the application and data both get safeguarded from cyber threat actors and attacks. Also, your real estate aligns with the required standards.

Top-Tier Performance

High performance is a top priority regardless of the application type and size. Every firm wants its application to load and execute user requests phenomenally within seconds. You can ensure a skyrocketing performance by availing of ASP.NET for custom real estate websites and app development. Its JIT compilation, caching, early binding, native optimization, hardware Intrinsic, and tiered compilation power works in collaboration to make ASP.NET speedy.

According to Fortune benchmarks, ASP.NET and its extended frameworks, such as ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, and more, hold significant places in the high-performing web development frameworks. Therefore, your real estate website will load within minimal time, helping you improve user experience, satisfaction rate, and SEO.

Leverages with Dynamic Web Pages

The primary feature of a real estate app or website is allowing sellers to upload videos and images of the property. For the buyers, the main feature is to view those multimedia files in full quality. To fulfill this feature, ASP.NET provides dynamic webpage development functionality.

Even when you hire an ASP.NET development company for your project, they will also prefer using ASP.NET-based dynamic pages. It will help you provide a better user experience across all web browsers and platforms. Also, the overall content structuring and maintenance will become impeccable, making the software eye-catching and quick to use.

Moreover, displaying ads at the most reliable position will become effortless, helping you increase revenue.

Highly Customizable

ASP.NET comes with an open-source architecture, which benefits the developers to mold it per your requirements. It makes the application flexible, enabling the integration of third-party APIs, databases, service resources, and enterprise systems. Also, it aids in connecting your internal systems with the real estate application to streamline data flow and improve collaboration among stakeholders.

Furthermore, the open-source leverage ensures utmost flexibility and scalability characteristics. It helps you extend the software features and functionalities as your business grows with time. Thus, you can effortlessly align with the trends of real estate and technology domain with ASP.NET. And your business will take an edge, making you a leader in the domain.

Affordable Development & Maintenance

ASP.NET development companies and freelance developers are readily available on the internet. You can find all the required resources within your budget, as ASP.NET developers are available for as low as $18 to $25/hour. However, the price can differ according to the development team’s experience, expertise, and size.

In addition, most of the resources to build ASP.NET applications are also free, lowering the overall cost. If you need to cut the overhead cost, you can outsource the developers from a reputed firm, such as Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd. Such companies provide 360-degree ASP.NET development services with quality, security, and agility guarantees.

Similarly, ASP.NET maintenance services are also available at economical prices. And some development firms provide it within their packages. Therefore, ASP.NET helps you save money, time, and effort from development to maintenance.

Solid Community and Microsoft Support

You receive dual support when you select ASP.NET for real estate software development. The one is from its wide community of professionals and veterans present globally. And the other support is from Microsoft.

You can participate in the community forums and connect with ASP.NET experts to resolve the queries associated with your software. Also, it will help you widen your network and get access to a whole new resource for software development. In addition, you can avail of ASP.NET updates released by Microsoft. It will support you in tightening the security, enhancing performance, and improving the scalability.

As a result, your ASP.NET real estate software will never lag, and it will unleash its maximum power to support your business reaching new heights.

Cross-Platform Compatible

Your real estate software based on the ASP.NET application can run on all significant operating systems and digital platforms, including the following:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Docker

With the cross-platform compatibility of ASP.NET, you can develop an application for users spread across different OS and devices. It will help you increase your reach and onboard more users than expected. In addition, your market share will also increase, and you will get applications for different platforms within a single budget. Additionally, it will support reducing the time-to-market, enabling the introduction of business early and making a space in the market.

Thus, ASP.NET will cover all your stakeholders, supporting businesses to increase user base, revenue, and market share.

Why Consult With ASP.NET Development Company?

Consulting and hiring a software development company is recommended whenever you need to build software. For real estate software development, you must partner with an ASP.NET development company, like Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd.

The development firm will function as a core pillar, supporting all the processes from scratch. They will help you define the accurate requirements, objectives, and tech stack. In addition, you will onboard the professional ASP.NET developers, helping with real estate website development.

In addition, such outsourcing companies provide all the services to their clients, including the following but not limited to:

However, you should also undergo the following checklist while selecting any real estate web designing company:

  • Check the provided services
  • Analyze the cost and time estimation
  • Assess the portfolio and feedback
  • Cross-verify the requirements with provided services
  • Compare multiple companies and select the most appropriate among them

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Concluding on Why Choose ASP.NET for Real Estate Web Development

Asp.NET is a reliable web development technology, which developers prefer to curate several applications and websites. It hails from the Microsoft corporation and provides an open-source architecture to seamlessly customize software for the real estate sector. In addition, its solid security helps keep user data confidential from attackers. Its high performance supports improving the user experience and boosting customer satisfaction.

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