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You must have seen frequent hiring at IT companies for various roles. But, have you ever considered what type of IT Tech positions are in high demand.

Whether a Software Development Agency, a Cybersecurity firm, or an IT outsourcing company, each organization has multiple employees working on different technologies, from legacy development to cloud integration, and each industry has additional hiring requirements.

However, there are some top tech positions that you can see in most IT companies. So, let’s move further to know about them.

What are the leading hiring at IT Companies in Various Tech Positions

Software Architect

Software Architect mainly works in a senior position in the development team.

Its primary responsibilities include designing and creating application architecture, defining features, and embedding essential components. In addition, it requires vast experience and knowledge to become a professional software architect.

Moreover, a software architect is proficient in Unified Machine Language and multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Python, and many more.

salary software architect june 2022 glassdoor

Moreover, A Software Architect earns an average of US $130,356 annually, including a cash bonus of $10,000.

software architect salary in us

Further, according to Glassdoor, a software Architect’s lowest salary is 15LPA, and the highest is 45LPA, with an average wage of 26LPA.

Web-App Developer

Software Engineers dealing in developing web-based applications are known as Web Developers.

These professionals utilized web development technologies, such as .NETHTMLCSSJavaScript, and its associated frameworks and libraries. The primary responsibilities of a web developer are to create, whether frontend or backend, the applications. It all depends upon the proficiency in the technology.

In addition, they take care of the website’s performance and manage its structure to ensure that it can handle extensive user traffic.

web application developer salary in India

Additionally, a Web Developer in the USA earns an average of $69,000 a year, and their maximum salary can go up to $126.4 thousand.

web developer salary careerexplorer

A fresher web developer earns around 1.8LPA, and in regard to experience, the salary gets increased up to 12.3LPA.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are currently in high demand, as many Software Development Agencies are moving to DevOps Development methodology.

To enter the IT industry as a DevOps engineer, one should possess expertise in the following technical domains:

  • Source Code Management
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration Handling
  • Web and Linux Scripting
  • Containerization

In addition, these engineers are responsible for deploying every code component into the production environment. Further, they maintain the application according to new releases, project objectives, and integrations.

devops enginner avg yrs of experience

DevOps Engineers get hired on different levels. At L2, the minimum salary is 7LPA; at L3, the minimum wage is 14LPA. As the level increases, so does the compensation of the person.

Furthermore, a DevOps engineer in the United States gets a package of $126,352. However, it can increase up to $ 141,364 according to experience and skills.

2022 devops engineer salary in us dailybuiltin

Cyber Security Engineer

With the rapidly increasing cyber-attacks, every small to large-scale organization hires cyber-security specialists.

Cyber-experts ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability from maintaining the network to application security. These professionals keep a keen eye on every IT infrastructure and implement a state-of-the-art mechanism to protect every digital asset.

cyber security engineer salary in india ambitionbox

In addition, companies in the US offer an average salary of $71,635 to a cyber-security engineer. One can earn $200,000 based on skills, location, and position.

salary cyber security in new york glassdoor

There are various roles in the cyber-security domain, such as Ethical Hackers, Chief Information Security Engineer, Cyber Security Manager, Security Architect, and many more.

However, according to Ambition Box, if you have Cyber-Security skills, you can effortlessly start earning a minimum of 3LPA. And after gaining efficient experience, you can land a job with 18LPA or more.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are responsible for configuring and linking the cloud infrastructure with the business application.

Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, a cloud architect must understand the basics of all. As the latest statistics, a fresher working as a cloud architect earns around 9 LPA. And with more experience and skill set, the salary can go up to 38 LPA.

cloud architect salary in india ambitionbox

Moreover, ass Cloud Architect in the USA earns $128,418 as the base salary with an additional bonus up to $26,000 and other additional benefits.

salary cyber security in new york us glassdoor

Besides this, data security foundations, computer networking, Python scripting, and C# are some additional technical skills for getting a higher package.

Moreover, ass Cloud Architect in the USA earns $128,418 as the base salary with an additional bonus up to $26,000 and other additional benefits.

cloud architech

Mobile App Developer

With the high utilization of apps, mobile application developers are currently in demand. Both professionals get top-notch packages, whether it’s iOS development or Android app creation.

An entry-level mobile developer earns around 4.5 LPA, and one with experience of three to four years can get a salary of 7.5 LPA.

mobile app developer salary in india average salary

The salary of a mobile app developer depends on various factors, such as expertise in backend creation, UI designing, cybersecurity skills, and hybrid app crafting.

A person with hands-on experience in furnishing hybrid apps and providing native experience can get 40 to 45% more salary than the other developers. Mostly, you can see .NET developers in this role.

In the US, a mobile developer gets a package of $93,142. However, it can change with increased experience, responsibilities, and technology.

mobile developer salary in us

Product Manager

Product Managers play a vital role in every project by identifying the appropriate client needs. Moreover, they are also responsible for structuring the project plan and ensuring a reliable final product.

Due to extensive responsibilities, Product Managers must be experts in A/B testing, Software Development, Market Research, and Data Analysis.

A person with all these technical skills can obtain a salary of 13 lakh annually.

Additionally, if someone is a beginner and has only a basic understanding of implementing the mentioned strategies and technologies, they can earn up to 8 LPA.

software developers

Moreover, with an average salary of US $123,626, a product manager in the USA gets additional compensation of $16,000, increasing their annual salary to $139,000.

2022 product manager salary in us updated dailybuiltin

Full-Stack Developer

Besides Frontend Developers and Backend Developers, there are full-stack developers responsible for creating full-fledged software.

These engineers are well-known for server-side and client-side technologies, enhancing the code structure and app compatibility. From utilizing HTML, CSS, and JS to linking Node JS and Database, full-stack engineers can do all the functions.

Additionally, they are also capable of configuring hosting platforms. In an IT outsourcing company, you can assuredly see such developers.

full stack developer salary in india ambitionbox

Their salary range is between 2.5 LPA to 17 LPA, depending on the skillset and overall experience. However, most full-stack experts earn an average of 6.6 lakhs annually.

In addition, a full-stack developer in the United States mostly gets an annual package of $100,380 with a cash bonus of $5500.

full stack developer salary in us

Business Analyst

For better decisions, efficiently analyzing company data is essential, and Business Analysts are experts in it.

They are responsible for optimizing IT product quality, evaluating data to improve development strategies, and using statistical analysis tools.

business analyst salary in india ambitionbox

It requires a high understanding of IT and business operations, for which Business Analysts are getting paid with an average compensation of 7 LPA.

Besides this, a business analyst with median experience earns an average of $81,000 annually, which increases with experience.

salary business analyst in new york us glassdoor

Programmer Analyst

The primary responsibilities of a Programmer Analyst are to evaluate the functioning, security, and maintenance of desktop, web, and mobile applications.

One should have strong analytical, software, hardware, and cybersecurity knowledge to earn around 4.5 LPA as a programmer analyst fresher.

programmer analyst salary in india payscale

Furthermore, a programmer analyst’s base salary in the USA is around $83,000, with a bonus of $2,000 annually.

programmer analyst salary in us

In addition, companies offer various other benefits, such as bonuses and profit-sharing, which are additional advantages upon base salary.

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Wrapping Up: On which IT Tech positions you should look upon

IT companies hire for multiple open Tech Positions daily to provide their services seamlessly. Software Architects, cybersecurity experts, Business Analysts, full-stack Developers, and Product Managers are in high demand.

Most IT companies focus on hiring the mentioned resources, as minimal human resources are available for fulfilling expert tech positions.

In addition, if someone is looking for a software outsourcing company, the person should go through the team. It will help them select a reliable partner, such as Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, which has all the essential resources to fulfill client needs within business constraints.

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