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Encompass ongoing trends with HTML5 Web Development

Activate your organization’s potential with a rich internet application developed using HTML5 Markup Language and build a robust digital presence with API integration and a unique front-end.

A Quality Promising HTML5 Development Company

Move ahead from downgraded and deliberated solutions with a feature-rich and highly scalable application developed using HTML5. Insure to be available at just a click away from your customers across a wide range of mobile devices regardless of its operating system.

Positiwise helps its clients and partners develop a robust, scalable, and secure software solution, which can lead to carrying out business goals in a short period. We have worked with various enterprises and have a track record of fabricating cross-platform and audio video embedded HTML5 applications. Moreover, we have immense resource pools and expertise to understand your business requirements and guarantee to craft the web app as per your expectation.

HTML5 Development Company

Hire Our HTML5 Developers and Make a Difference

Enroll our experienced and organized HTML5 Developers ready with the latest tools and out-of-the-box ideas to update your business with a future-oriented and up-to-date web solution.

Hire HTML5 Developers

What Makes HTML5 Application Development a Better Choice

HTML5 has evolved significantly over the years, and its files are easily read by every browser, which makes it top the list of every web developer.

Significantly Improve User Experience with
HTML5 Development Services

Swiftly scale up your business with our on-demand HTML5 development services and modify the traditional way to complete daily operations through its reliable libraries, frameworks, and tools.

HTML5 Website Development

Offer matchless experience to users with an end-to-end HTML5 dynamic website, as it enables access to solutions across any platform/device. It enhances your browser ranking with its SEO-friendly structure.  

HTML5 Consultation

Our expert technical consultants evaluate your business requirements and define a scope to advise you with all the required elements for building a responsive and secure website aligned with your vertical needs.

HTML5 Mobile Application

Build a cross-platform compatible application that caters to all your demands and provides with requested services in a minimal time. Moreover, it adapts to a device for seamless functioning. 

Migration to HTML5

Modernize your application developed using Flash into a power-packed and versatile web-enabled application, easily integrating third-party gateways for enterprise usage and improving business operation execution.  

HTML5 Banner Development

We produce rich media banners with several unique formats and sizes. We can dynamically update banners with data feeds to optimize the website and display videos over it for building your brand and optimizing the sales and product visibility.  

HTML5 Widget & Plugin

Get advantage of our adaptive rendering and coding skills for constructing scalable and secure widgets, which can be implemented across any advanced frameworks and streamline executions performed by HTML5 web-app. 

Dashboard Development

You can rely on Positiwise Software to develop a dazzling HTML5 dashboard for your company, from where users will be able to access the essential data and services. Also, we can craft multiple themes for the dashboard, which can be modified according to need.

Maintenance and Support

We assure you a glitch-free experience through our 24/7 available support. Furthermore, our squad constantly monitors your software’s current health status and performs various overall framework upgradation processes.

The Approach We follow for HTML5 Web Development

We have the most effective approach, which concentrates upon every facet and makes our developers proficient in delivering applications on time regardless of many barriers.

Project Discovery and Strategy

It is the first phase, in which our Analysts review the demands of your business and share a quote for the whole project budget, resources, and timeline.

Iteration and Testing

After fabricating every individual plugin and section, we cross-verify it with the project scope and test it under different virtual ecosystems to ensure its performance.

HTML5 Development Process

Design and Development

Further, various prototypes will be generated in this phase, and numerous brainstorm sessions will be conducted to tailor it before final development.

Deployment and Support

This is the final phase when we execute a quality assurance test before delivering the final project. Furthermore, volunteer support is presented for essential parameters.

Check out our portfolio for HTML5 solutions and Partner with Positiwise for a multi-dimensional web application.


Outstanding Standards of Positiwise as
HTML5 Web Development Company

We have a constant top spot in developing HTML5 websites and applications and a refined team, which passionately works to keep up your business pace.

Multi-Domain Development

We have experience of more than ten years serving different industries with distinctive business requisites and aids all of them to transform digitally successfully.

Strict NDA

Confidentiality and Integrity are our top-most precedence, and we always store all the agreements, personal information, and your enterprise data in an encrypted format locked using access-control systems.

Transparent Engagement Models

We offer various fixed prices, hourly rates, and milestone models with dedicated teams. Also, there are no hidden charges, and each detail about project progress is shared through online and offline modes.

Collaborative Course of Action

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any query in the middle of development. We consistently serve quick solutions and modifications in the project through our custom agile methodology.

HTML5 Development FAQs

HTML5 is a Hypertext Markup Language mainly used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and latest HTML version.

There are many HTML5 Editor available in market such as:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Rendera
  • Aloha Editor
  • BlueGriffon
  • Aptana Studio 3
  • Notepad++

HTML5 allows developers to provides various features such as structural elements, form types, new attributes, semantics, and media attributes, enhanced web standards result to develop/deploy web content and web applications for better representations.

HTTP is hypertext markup language that is primary language for developing web pages that doesn’t support audio video. But HTML5 is the newest and fifth version of HTML that supports multimedia, tags and element, Image, Audio Video and API that helps to describe web contents.

Our main HTML5 development services includes:

  • HTML5 Website Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Applications
  • HTML5 Consulting
  • Migration to HTML5
  • Dashboard Development
  • HTML 5 Widget and Plugin Development
  • Banner Development
  • HTML Maintenance and Support
Flax support is ended from Dec 31, 2020. So HTML5 is the best option to migrate. To migrater from Flex into HTML5 makes your application responsive and mobile friendly. You can contact our HTML5 Developers for the same!

Overall 94% companies in the world using HTML 5 now a days including Amazon, Udemy, Tencent, Baidu, Facebook, Delivery Hero, etc.

The cost of HTML 5 Development depends on various factors such as the complexity of the designs, customization requirement, number of elements to add. But you can consider starting from $18/hour for hiring HTML 5 developer from Positiwise.

Positiwise – Leading the Way of HTML5 Development

Quick Team Scaling

No need to worry, even if an HTML5 web application is required earlier. We allocate more resources to develop, deliver and deploy it before a defined schedule.


Code written by our developers is crisp and clear for both understanding and reading. It can be easily scalable, reusable, and extended for any new requirement.

All-rounder from a Decade

We are with you from the first step to structure our dream of a robust and dynamic application into reality. From consultation to delivery, Positiwise encloses every development activity.

Splendid Tech Supplies

Our systems are updated with brand new technology to save time, cost, and easy mobility. In addition, we scrutinize the entire application to patch it with present-day mechanisms.

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