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Nowadays, every organization’s operations are becoming data-dependent and data-driven. Due to this, managing data has become a crucial task that needs to be completed promptly and with complete security. But, if you are still using spreadsheets to organize and manage your data, your firm can suffer in achieving new-age data management objectives. Yes, you read it right: popular spreadsheets are now getting outperformed, and that too by .NET Core web apps. .NET Core Apps Outperform Spreadsheets when it comes to data management capabilities. And in this blog, you will know why it’s happening.


Managing data is quite a task in an organization, as the data flows from multiple sources. Also, firms must gather, assemble, and process multiple kinds of data, including customer personal details, employee details, internal operations information, etc.

In the digital landscape, if you use spreadsheets for all such data, you will lack at some point. That’s why professionals prefer .NET Core web apps. When you hire an ASP.NET developer or collaborate with a dotnet development company, they help you modernize data management, resulting in maximum availability, security, and productivity.

So, let’s get started to understand why .NET core apps are taking the place of spreadsheets and when you should consider them.

Where Does Spreadsheets Lack From ASP.NET Core Software?

You can still see people working on spreadsheets to maintain data in an organization. But, when it comes to managing extensive data, such as the personal information of thousands or lakhs of users, it needs to improve in some aspects.

Following are the top factors where Spreadsheets fall behind .NET Core web apps:

  • Minimal User-Friendliness
  • Lacks Security and Backup Features
  • Data Visualization is Complex
  • Mobile access is not readily available
  • Scalability Issues
  • Integration Complexities

#1: Minimal User-Friendliness

As compared to .NET core web applications, spreadsheets are not user-friendly. They display only rows and columns, which isn’t considered pleasing to the eyes. Also, it becomes hectic for users to scroll through thousands of rows to find a specific data set. Moreover, it has been analyzed that going through extensive rows and columns lowers productivity.

Contrastingly, when you avail of ASP.NET development services, the developers create an easy-to-navigate application. It helps to effortlessly identify an individual data set and find associated information at a single click. In addition, such applications are responsive, leading to viewing every detail with complete quality on any screen.

#2: Lacks Security and Backup Features

Whether it’s Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice, or any other spreadsheet software, they are unable to match the security of a .NET core app. Most such spreadsheets can only be protected using passwords, which can be easily broken down through brute force and similar attacks. Thus, there’s a high risk of data breaches while using spreadsheets for storing confidential information.

Furthermore, spreadsheets also lack in providing appropriate backup retention. You have to manually create a backup file and upload it to the server. And in case you forgot to upload the file and the system crashes, all your data will be lost.

#3: Data Visualization is Complex

In spreadsheets, you can find numerous options to convert raw data into charts and graphs, pivot them, calculate a result, and similar. However, finding accurate data for visualization is complex, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating. If you don’t know the exact filtering mechanism, then scrolling through hundreds of rows is going to take hours.

But, if you hire ASP.NET developers, they will create a smooth data visualization process. You will get the benefit of filtering data based on any parameter, such as date, specific month, year, first name, last name, email ID, and more. Also, developers can enable the app to create reports per industry standards automatically.

#4: Mobile access is not readily available

If you have ever used Microsoft Excel on a mobile phone, you have analyzed that the data is not accurately displayed. It becomes frustrating to copy, edit, and move data from one column or row to another. Also, all the desktop or web-based application features are unavailable on mobile-based software.

However, it’s not the case when you opt for custom ASP.NET web application development. It aids you to avail of a responsive app that provides all the browser and mobile phone features. In addition, .NET Core apps ensure compatibility with all significant operating systems and work seamlessly.

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#5: Scalability Issues

Primarily, spreadsheets were developed for the masses and not for organizations with large numbers of datasets. Every organization collects data from multiple sources, such as its websites, mobile apps, web apps, and internal systems. And it’s not possible for spreadsheet software to efficiently process such a high data flow. It even leads the spreadsheet app to crash.

Additionally, even if you start storing data in different spreadsheets to mitigate unexpected application closures, it will be highly complex for data managers to find information, process it, and create reports. Therefore, spreadsheets are unreliable for businesses handling enormous amounts of user data.

#6: Integration Complexities

Integrating spreadsheets with a traditional system requires additional cost and time, as no native mechanism is available. You have to utilize a third-party API or a connecting mechanism to transmit data between the software and the spreadsheet. However, if the connection is lost, the data availability will fall to zero.

Therefore, you should avoid using a spreadsheet for crucial business operations. Further, if you think of building ASP.NET core spreadsheet software, then you should avoid it. Instead of integrating spreadsheets with .NET application, it’s recommended to use a database server, such as MS SQL.

How .NET Core Web Apps Outperform?

Now that you comprehend the limitations of spreadsheets, let’s delve into how precisely ASP.NET Core web applications outshine them. .NET Core Apps Outperform Spreadsheets in various critical aspects of data management and performance.

Below are the main reasons behind the selection of .NET Core and ASP.NET development framework:

  • High-End Security
  • Effortless Integration
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Compatible Across Platforms
  • Scalability at Top
  • Top-Tier Performance and Speed
  • Scalable Development

#1: High-End Security

The .NET Core offers all the required security mechanisms to safeguard the data from unauthorized access and breach. It enables configuring authentication, encryption, hashing, authorization, access control, and more controls. It helps to retain data integrity, availability, and confidentiality in all use cases and also aids in aligning with required standards.

#2: Effortless Integration

The technologies in the .NET ecosystem are highly flexible and allow the integration of any third-party API and service. Using data management software based on .NET Core will seamlessly get embedded with your enterprise and intranet software. As a result, collaboration, productivity, and overall output will be improved.

#3: Automated Report Generation

You can ask your dotnet development company to build a logic for automating report generation. It will streamline workflow and complete tasks promptly. For instance, using a single instance, you can use .NET Core best practices to fetch details about pending orders. Further, the software will provide you an option to generate reports directly per the required wireframe.

As a result, the tasks to define whether you need a chart, graph, or statistics will be eliminated, and a pre-defined structure will be used each time.

#4: Compatible Across Platforms

The dotnet applications let your users perform data management from any operating system. If, in the future, you switch from Windows to macOS or vice-versa, your application will work efficiently. In addition, the cost of developing a new app for every OS will be saved, which can be invested in other business operations.

#5: Scalability at Top

A web application development company can exponentially increase the scalability of your ASP.NET application. It will result in storing and processing all the data from multiple streams with utmost accuracy and speed. Even if your business grows from a thousand users to a hundred thousand users, the dotnet app will handle every bit while assuring maximum availability.

#6: Top-Tier Performance and Speed

.NET Core applications don’t compromise performance. Whether you deploy the app on microservices, distributed, or cloud infrastructure, it will unleash the maximum speed. The data managers will see all the filtering results, transmit data, and create reports within seconds.

Top Use Cases To Convert Spreadsheets into Web Applications

If you currently use spreadsheets and want to know whether you need a .dotnet core web app, complete the below points. It will help you understand the top use cases when you should use the ASP.NET core app:

  • When your business is growing, speed is required in data management.
  • When you want a cross-platform compatible application.
  • When you want high scalability to handle a large number of datasets.
  • When you want to automate data management and report generation.
  • When you require efficient data backup, editing, and retrieval.
  • When you need to eliminate redundancy and process data within seconds.
  • When you are converting from a startup to a small or medium-scale firm.

You should prefer the .NET core web app in all the scenarios mentioned. If you have other requirements, consult a dotnet development company like Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd.

The Right Place To Avail of ASP.NET Development Services

To avail of ASP.NET development services, you must look for an experienced company offering services such as:

  • .NET consultation
  • .NET app development (Mobile, Desktop, and apps-based apps)
  • .NET migration
  • .NET maintenance and support
  • ASP.NET Core Development Services
  • ASP.NET Development Services and more

In addition, you must assess the portfolio and expertise of their developers before finalizing the contract. And also ensure that the firm guarantees data security, signing of NDA, and flexible pricing packages. If you find all such characteristics in a company, hire ASP.NET developers from them.

Concluding Up

Spreadsheets are used for storing and managing data. But, with the digital revolution, businesses nowadays require more high-performing, secure, and scalable solutions. And that’s why .NET core web apps are coming into focus. The .NET, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core applications make you more proficient in data management. They help you automate the filtering processes, streamline report generation, and ensure every bit is secured.

In addition, such software is easy to navigate and doesn’t frustrate the users from continuous scrolling. Thus, productivity, revenue, and operations get optimized. That’s why .NET core apps are considered to outperform spreadsheets. With their superior performance, security, and scalability, .NET Core Apps Outperform Spreadsheets for today’s data-driven businesses.

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