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Enhancing DataGrid control functionality in a form or .NET Windows application is essential. It requires expertise in the domain and selection of the correct .NET lookup tool. The user can effortlessly sort, filter, and view data by choosing a suitable mechanism. You should always prefer the recommended tools, like DevExpress WinForms Data Lookup, Telerik UI, and Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid Tool. For all the details about these tools, you should read this blog.

How to Enhance Your DataGrid or Form Application with the Best .NET Lookup Tool

Professionals highly prefer .NET lookup tools for optimizing the DataGrid and Form application. It helps to manage the multiple data sources and enables effortless navigation between them. Also, it helps to optimize the functionality of data-binding architecture and control handles. But, if you use an outdated tool, it can reverse all such benefits.

However, you don’t need to worry, as in this blog, you will find all new-age dotnet lookup tools for your DataGrid or form application. As a result, you will avail of rich data managing, display, and editing capabilities.

What is DataGrid in .NET Windows Application?

DataGrid is a control in .NET applications that aids in showcasing the rows and columns in a series. The grid primarily connects to a data source, fetching the values and displaying them to the end user. In .NET, you can use a single or multiple data sources per your requirement.

Even though the control is available for the .NET Windows applications, it’s preferred to use the .NET lookup tool to build optimized and best-form applications.

Top Dotnet Lookup Tool For Your DataGrid or Form Application

In the .NET development domain, most professionals utilize the following three .NET lookup tools:

  • DevExpress WinForms Data Lookup
  • Telerik UI
  • Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid Tool

All these tools provide state-of-the-art features, enabling you to enhance the DataGrid of your form application. To understand these .NET tools, let’s dive into their details.

DevExpress WinForms Data Lookup

A .NET development company highly uses the WinForms lookup controls from DevExpress. You can use it on a standalone and container basis per your requirements. It offers a prominent line of lookup editors, helping to manage data appealingly and effortlessly. Also, according to your usage scenario, you can choose its significant controls, including:

  • Grid-based Lookup
  • TreeList Lookup
  • Standard Lookup
  • Search Lookup

In addition, DevExpress offers support for all major source types. Whether your data is available in an on-premises server, cloud-based infrastructure, or at some remote location, it’s compatible with all. Also, it enables the showcase of both unbound and bound value, optimizing the application functionality. You can also utilize the combination of unbound and bound values if needed.

Furthermore, it provides the functionality to embed cascading lookups into your form application. Due to this, one data lookup functions as a filter for another lookup, helping to optimize customer experience and satisfaction. The time required to complete a task also gets reduced, as the required options in a list are impeccably showcased and selected for further execution.

The best part is that you don’t have to write code; if you get stuck, DevExpress offers complete documentation to resolve every query.

Now comes another excellent feature of the DevExpress .NET lookup tool, i.e., automatic suggestions. It’s way different from the auto-complete. With its automatic suggestions, the users will see available options while inputting data into a field.

For instance, suppose a user inputs America in the field requiring a country name. When the user types the keyword “Am,” the automatic suggestion will showcase the list of countries starting with “Am.” Then, the end-user can quickly scroll through the list and select the country. With the help of this feature, you can reduce human errors, improve experience, and speed up the form-filling time.

Features of DevExpress WinForms Data Lookup

Additionally, there are many more features of this lookup tool, which you must be aware of:

  • Auto-complete features to find the records matching exactly with the input.
  • Search and filter using custom API and value highlighting mechanisms.
  • Provides the ability to add new values in a single click in the right database.
  • Offers multiple selections and a resizable window for dropdown data viewing.
  • Provides the ability to showcase images, multiple columns, calculations, and summaries.
  • DevExpress allows data display in three tile formats: Table, List, and Kanban Board.

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Telerik UI

Telerik UI provides “GridViewComboBoxColumn” for optimizing the DataGrid and form application. Primarily, it’s for showcasing the dropdown lists efficiently and more precisely. You need to hire a .NET Core development company to use it, as only a professional can execute its implementation.

Know About Telerik UI’s Significant Properties

  • Data Source: While configuring this property, you should define the data source or database from which the value must be selected.
  • Display Member: The display member property must navigate to the specific column of the data source, which you need to showcase on the screen through forms.
  • Valued Member: The value member needs to be implemented in accordance with the selected column to update the values shown in the grid simultaneously.
  • Filter Mode: The filter mode leverages the user to determine the data based on the display member and the value member. The results are more accurate than any other .NET lookup tool.
  • Display Member Sort: You can use this property to sort the values in the list according to the value member and the display member. However, by default, the values in Terelink UI are sorted per value member property.
  • Sync Selection with Text: You can use this Terelink property to synchronize the value of SelectIndex with the text available in the editable area.  
  • Auto Complete Mode: It works similarly to the auto-completion of DevExpress lookup controls. But, while using Terelink, you need to use an added functionality known as RadDropDownListEditor to implement it.
  • Has Lookup Value: It’s an essential property that helps confirm whether the column selected for displaying the values contains data.

Furthermore, the Terelink UI for forms provides three main methods that help to lookup for a value in the specified cell and to return the default editor and its type. For .NET form applications or any other software using DataGrid functionality, you can implement it with C# and VB.NET languages.

Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid Tool

The Syncfusion .NET lookup tool is part of its complete UI stack, which helps to make applications more responsive. It’s even compatible with HTML5, leveraging to showcase grids, lists, and tables in an eye-appealing and structured manner.

With the aid of this tool, you can handle data from multiple sources, such as web API, web services, OData endpoints, and WCF services. And t binds all the data in the form of a JSON object array, making it easy to transmit and call.

Features of Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid/Lookup tool

Following are the top features of Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid/Lookup tool that you must understand:

  • Aggregates: By using the aggregate functionality, the data display gets streamlined, allowing the showcase of values in individual groups, rows, and caption rows.
  • Virtual Scrolling: The virtual scrolling feature contributes to improving the application’s speed and performance. It showcases only the required number of rows per device screen and requests further rows when required. Due to it, the load on the application gets reduced, fewer resources are utilized, and speed increases.
  • Filtering and Searching: With ASP.NET DataGrid, you can benefit from the menu, bar, and all major MS Excel integrated filters. It will help you find all data associated with a particular value. For example, you can use a customer ID value to find the related information, such as phone number, email, and more.
  • Column Freezing and Re-Ordering: With the help of the column freezing option, end-users can efficiently differentiate between the data by comparing cell values. They can also reorder the columns per requirement and analyze data to achieve a particular objective.
  • Grouping and Sorting: As the name defines, this tool lets users sort data based on the different header values. For instance, data can be sorted based on the highest to lowest price and vice versa. In addition, it also leverages group data based on a single or multiple instance.
  • Conditional Formatting: The conditional formatting supports improving the look and feel of the displayed data. It lets you change the background color, highlight a column or a row for better focus, and differentiate values.

So, these are the three top tools used for the .NET Windows application to improve DataGrid and lookup functionalities. But, before using any of it, consult with a .NET development company.

How can a .NET Development Company Help You Make the Best Form Application?

For selecting the most appropriate and reliable lookup tool, you should discuss your requirements with a .NET development company. Such firms have years of experience utilizing the tools and know which tool would be best in which use case.

In addition, they employ top-notch developers who can help you enhance the DataGrid Forms application. And if you want to build a .NET Windows application from scratch, they can also help with that. However, before you finalize any company, ensure they have 10+ years’ experience, deep knowledge of all significant tools, and hands-on expertise in .NET development.

Lastly, if the company’s services are authentic and fit within your business constraints, then hire dedicated .NET developers from them.

Concluding Up

.NET lookup tools help in easy data filtering, sorting, and efficient display of values to the end-users. To achieve all such objectives for your application, you should use the top lookup tools, such as DevExpress WinForms Data Lookup Tool, Telerik UI, and Syncfusion ASP.NET DataGrid Tool. These can help you manage data from multiple sources and optimize the form’s application functionality.

But, before you select any of the mentioned tools, always check its features and functionalities. If it fulfills your requirements, then only prefer it for building the best form application.

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