While developing web applications, developers have to create them highly robust to handle extensive user requests. And to achieve such an objective, selecting a well-grounded tech is the initial step. And fulfilling this requirement is a primary reason for the adoption of the Elixir and Phoenix frameworks.

From the beginning of 2022, the IT sector is analyzing a rapid growth in utilizing Phoenix Framework and Elixir programming language. But, many organizations and individuals are still unaware of its features, becoming a barrier to business success.

However, you can clear the road to immense growth by reading further about the Phoenix framework, starting by answering what is Elixir programming language and the Phoenix web framework.

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Exploring the Development Technology: What is Elixir and Phoenix?

At first, we will discover, What Elixir is, as it will help to understand the Phoenix technology efficiently.

Likewise, like many other web development languages, Elixir is also a programming language whose foundation is on the BEAM virtual machine. You can utilize it for any general-purpose task, which can get completed using a functional programming language.

In addition, the BEAM VM also aligns with the foundation of the Erlang language, making it a contrasting partner of Elixir.

However, finance, telecommunications, and eCommerce industries mostly prefer Erlang, and the rest of the companies appraise Elixir due to its high scalability.

Furthermore, various web development frameworks get created using the Elixir programming language. And Phoenix is also among them, leading developers to create extendable apps through a low-code development approach.

The Phoenix framework utilizes the Model-View-Controller architecture, providing detailed insight about each app layer. Moreover, it also leads the engineers to build a reliable server-side mechanism for seamlessly handling high user traffic.

Discovering the Use Case: What is Phoenix Elixir used for?

You can utilize Phoenix and Elixir for creating several applications, such as:

  • Distributed Systems for Enterprises
  • Embedded Systems for multiple digital devices
  • IoT configuration and maintenance applications
  • Online meeting applications for managing millions of users concurrently
  • Real-Time Project Management applications with cloud as backend
  • GraphQL and JSON-based Web APIs
  • Event-Driven Software and many more

The Primary Elixir Features and Functionalities

By going through the main features of the Elixir programming language, you will understand why to utilize it in 2022.

Dynamically Functional

Elixir is a purely functional programming language appropriate for extending the Erlang functionalities and crafting low-latency applications.

It uses pure functions to provide accurate output to each end-user and doesn’t have any pre-defined value. In addition, it enhances the source code readability, aiding the developers during modernization and app re-architecting.

Moreover, you can consider it for crafting various applications, from standard APIs to large-scale distributed web apps.

Highly Scalable

The business app should effectively optimize vertical and horizontal scaling are two of the primary developer objectives.

And, Elixir programming language impeccably supports the engineers to achieve it. Due to the featherlight nature of the Elixir, it runs millions of processes concurrently and isolates them from each other. Moreover, each process has its garbage collection mechanism, reducing the lags and manual memory operations.

Besides this, if the processes run on different machines but are in the same network, they can communicate and share data. As a result, the business app efficaciously uses computational resources among multiple nodes, reducing additional horizontal and vertical scaling.

Fault Tolerance

Fault-tolerance capability gets considered to prevent or reduce the risk of app failure in the production environment. Its primary aim is to provide all the services seamlessly and smoothly while maintaining service quality.

Elixir offers an in-built module known as Supervisor for handling the responsibility of each component during unexpected conditions.

For instance, if extensive user requests get forwarded to the app, the Supervisor will instruct the element to restart and manage the flow from the initial stage.

Specific to Domain

While using Elixir, you don’t have to worry about the problem domain, as it allows developers to expand its features for adapting to any ecosystem.

It ensures the resolution of any software complexity and aids in achieving the final goal.

defmodule MathTest do
use ExUnit.Case, async: true

test “can add two numbers” do
assert 1 + 1 == 2

According to the above code, the test runs concurrently with the async: true, utilizing the required number of processing cores. And in parallel, assert code can inspect the code and provide output in case of exceptions and failures.

The Main Reasons to Choose Phoenix Web Framework in 2022

Real-Time Functionality

Using the Phoenix framework, you can develop real-time applications and analyze the live data flow and server-client connections. It provides a built-in component called LiveView, helping professionals to craft real-time apps in a shorter time and with minimal effort.

Streamlined MVC

Its modular Model-View-Controller architecture brings all the application layers at a glance. It helps the Phoenix developers to build an ideal software foundation for the long run. Its primary focus is on the business and problem domain for optimizing productivity and robustness.


Phoenix eliminates the use of third-party APIs, tools, and widgets for implanting real-time capabilities and handling layered caching. As a result, you can save the project time, resources, and cost and reduce development complexity.

In addition, it allows utilization of the Erlang VM capabilities to improve concurrency, scalability, and reliability.

Deployment Ready

Phoenix offers the most advanced tools and a live dashboard for handling the core production environment operations. It comes up with by default enabled instrumentation to provide details of the Erlang VM simultaneously supervising hundreds of transaction channels.

Wrapping Up

There are various programming languages and frameworks available for developing web applications. However, most industry experts prefer the Elixir programming language and the authentic Phoenix framework based on it.

These technologies come up with a pool of built-in resources, modern components, functional working, and modular structure. It helps the engineers to craft appealing, high-performing, and real-time applications, making it a top web-app creation tech in 2022.

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