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Accelerating web application development was the need of the hour, as the development time was increasing. Many development companies were facing challenges in delivering the .NET projects on time. The .NET foundation developed and released the ASP.NET Boilerplate framework to solve this issue. During version 1, it was not so popular, but with the release of Boilerplate version 2, it’s in the trending list from recent years. It offers several benefits and features, leading to code reusability, app customization, usage of AngularJS, compatibility with ASP.NET Core, and more. In this blog, you will find all the details you must know about the ASP.NET Boilerplate framework.

Introduction to .NET Boilerplate Framework

In the highly competitive and rapidly digitizing world, it even becomes complex for developers to create data access, app design, and architectural design strategies. Due to this, the project timeline can increase, leading to late app delivery.

But if you use the DotNET boilerplate framework, you don’t need to worry about it. The ASP.NET boilerplate technology rescues the developers from all such complexities and streamlines the complete development procedure.

So, let’s learn more about the features and benefits of the ASP.NET Boilerplate framework.

What is the ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

The ASP.NET Boilerplate framework is an application/website development technology from the .NET foundation. It’s a new-age tech that lowers the time and effort to build modern web applications for businesses.

Its open-source and modern architecture, complying with .NET best practices, is the prime highlight. In addition, the compatibility with other development frameworks, such as AngularJS, makes it a prominent developer choice. You can also utilize it with ASP.NET Core and leverage the functionalities based on Domain Driven Design (DDD).

ASP.NET Boilerplate Usage Statistics
Image source: trends.builtwith.com

Further, according to BuiltWith, the ASP.NET boilerplate framework usage is pacing quickly, as numerous organizations prefer it for their official web app development in 2023.

Top Features of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework

ASP.NET boilerplate framework has numerous top-notch features, aiding in avant-garde application development. And you should also learn about its primary features as listed below:

  • Modular and Authentic Infrastructure
  • Built-in Security Mechanisms
  • Automation and DRY Compliance
  • Support for Other Development Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries
  • Integration with Entity Framework Core

#1: Modular and Authentic Infrastructure

The .NET boilerplate framework offers developers a modular infrastructure for easing the application development procedure. It helps to divide the complete software into multiple modules and work on them independently.

It helps the developers to focus on client and server-side development efficiently. Also, it aids in improving the compatibility, stability, and scalability of the software. In addition, it enables the implementation of DDD (Domain-Driven Design), making app architecture flexible and data validation quicker than ever.

#2: Built-in Security Mechanisms

Security is the primary aspect of every software, as it helps prevent unauthorized access and retains data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. The ASP.NET boilerplate technology provides built-in mechanisms to configure authentication and authorization in the application.

Due to this, you can prevent illegitimate users from accessing the application. And it also allows you to enable multi-factor authentication for rock-solid software security. With its authorization feature, you can also declare the users with respective permissions.

For instance, you can implement a logic to check the username and password of all users (authentication) but only allow the admin to update the backend (authorization).

#3: Automation and DRY Compliance

With this dotnet framework, you can efficiently align with the DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself best practice. It helps with several startup templates, which helps to reduce the time-to-market and rapidly build custom software. In addition, you can prefer it for automating significant development tasks through convention.

As a result, the development team gets additional time and resources to improve the overall quality, performance, and business logic. Thus, the final dot net boilerplate application fulfills all requirements and works per the stakeholders’ demands.

#4: Support for Other Development Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries

ASP.NET boilerplate framework leverages to extend the functionalities of an application by supporting other technologies, such as:

  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Redis
  • Identity Server
  • Npm
  • Bower and more

You can utilize any of the mentioned technologies to improve your application’s frontend, backend, server-side, or client-side. The DotNET boilerplate will ensure complete compatibility with all of them. You can also embed ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET MVC with it for accelerating performance, scalability, and stability.

#5: Integration with Entity Framework Core

Integration with the Entity framework core is one of the most prominent features of the ASP.NET boilerplate framework. It lets developers perform numerous high-end operations with ease, such as:

  • Operating multiple databases simultaneously and executing their tasks efficiently.
  • Helping in reducing the development cost, time, and effort.
  • Providing auto-generated code for better model designing and database mapping.
  • Business objects mapping for better data management.
  • Accurate data filtering and processing.

If you collaborate with an authentic .NET development company, like Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd, you will see the developers performing all such operations. And it will lead you to avail of your business solution within minimal time.

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Top 5 Benefits of ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework For SMEs

The features and top-tier functionality of boilerplate dot net framework lead SMEs to avail of the following advantages:

  • Standardized Exception Handling
  • Reliable Logging
  • Minimal Development Time and Resource Requirement
  • Code Reusability
  • Affordable Development and Maintenance

#1: Standardized Exception Handling

Whether your application is in a development or production environment, the ASP.NET boilerplate framework will automatically handle the exception. In addition, it will also create a log for the exception and generate a return value for it. Thus, the end-user will receive a response instead of getting stuck during unexcepted scenarios.

Furthermore, the end-user will not see the exact exception due to security concerns. The application will show a message if the exception is not user-friendly. So, your customers will know that they have encountered an error and must navigate back or forward accordingly.

#2: Reliable Logging

Dot net boilerplate offers the built-in logging facility using the Logger object. When you hire .NET developers, they always prefer to use the functionality for efficient maintenance and security purposes. It helps them to determine the root cause and solve the errors and bugs encountered in the production environment.

In addition, the ASP.NET boilerplate uses the Log4Net logging mechanism, whose configuration you modify. And if you want, you can remove it and use any of your custom logging methods.

#3: Minimal Development Time and Resource Requirement

Integrating Entity development frameworks and features to extend functionality using third-party libraries and frameworks helps save money and time. Also, you don’t need to buy expensive licenses, hardware, or software resources for building dot net boilerplate applications.

In addition, you don’t have to find any specific company for developing software using it. You can outsource services from any reputed ASP.NET development company; they will provide boilerplate development within flexible outsourcing and pricing packages.

#4: Code Reusability

This dot net framework lets you reuse the code for multiple applications and helps project teams save time on development and testing. In addition, it supports boosting the productivity and delivery of final applications per timeline.

In addition, when you use a pre-developed and tested code, you get assurance that it’s free from risks and will prevent the code bloat. Moreover, it aids in retaining the product standards and following the best practices for all major software components.

#5: Affordable Development and Maintenance

Due to open-source architecture and easy availability of dot net boilerplate developers, the overall development cost gets highly reduced. It leverages the small and medium-scale industries to avail of a top-notch business application with fundamental security mechanisms.

Also, with the code reusability benefit of this dot net framework, the efforts of testing and timeline to delivery get minimized. In addition, the workload on the support team also gets reduced, as the reused code works efficiently for different applications and doesn’t create additional errors, glitches, and bugs.

When You Should Avoid Using ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework?

If you are considering your ASP.NET boilerplate framework for your next software development project, you should know when and when not to use it.

By undergoing all the following points, you will understand when not to use dot net boilerplate technology:

  • When you need complete control over the codebase, framework, and libraries.
  • When you need to develop large-scale software, such as enterprise systems or similar applications.
  • Building complex business websites with multiple APIs, third-party components, and integration with traditional systems.
  • Performance and speed are the two primary objectives to achieve.
  • When you must embed the application with cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, and others.

For the rest of the cases, such as for small and medium-scale development, ASP.NET boilerplate can be a reliable choice. But, before making any decision, always consult with a Dot NET development company.

How To Hire Full-Time .NET Developers for Boilerplate Framework Development?

You should consider hiring ASP.NET developers for boilerplate development rather than availing of freelance services. When you outsource or hire the developers, they are available for a complete week to work as per the established timeline.

In addition, outsourcing ASP.NET development services helps you save money and improve the code quality per your business standards. Also, you don’t have to look for different service providers for development and maintenance, as a reliable ASP .NET development company offers all services under one roof.

Furthermore, whenever you hire full-time .NET developers, thoroughly interview them to assess their technical and soft skills. Moreover, examine their experience and expertise by evaluating previous projects and their role during the dot net boilerplate project.

Concluding Up on ASP.NET Boilerplate Framework

ASP.NET boilerplate framework is a new-age development technology that helps build fundamental business applications and websites. Its modular architecture, integration with entity framework, development automation, and support for AngularJS, ReactJS, Redis, jQuery, and other technologies make it a viable choice.

When looking to hire .NET Core developers, ensure they understand the benefits of using the dot net boilerplate framework. It supports lowering development costs, as boilerplate resources are readily available. You can also outsource its services, ensuring top-notch quality and scalability within business constraints. However, you should only consider the dot net boilerplate framework for small-scale applications needing significant performance and speed. Experienced .NET Core developers will understand when and how to leverage the dot net boilerplate framework in application development properly.

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