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With the increasing user demands, the need to add more features to a .NET app is also accelerating. And to enable .NET developers to do so, Microsoft is continuously updating the framework with new advancements. But, sometimes, a software development company or any other associated stakeholder misses some updates and then lacks in development. Then, it impacts the application functionality and doesn’t provide the expected results. Therefore, you must understand the latest .NET development trends. And here, you will get to know the top 10 trends that will help you in 2024.

The Need To Know .NET Custom Software Development Trends

Learning about new trends in .NET technology is essential for all primarily associated stakeholders, including NET development firms, .NET developers, and organizations using .NET-based solutions. For better clarification, let’s have a look at all three stakeholders.

The Need To Know For .NET Web Development Firm

  • Helps to provide better consultation to clients.
  • Aids in developing an avant-garde solution with top-notch features.
  • Supports in advancing .NET development services.

The Need To Know For .NET Developers

  • Helps in improving and learning new professional skills.
  • It helps to understand current trends and contribute more to the project.
  • Benefits in getting the promotion, as everyone requires team leads to be well-versed in their domain.

The Need To Know For Organizations requiring a business solution or having a .NET-based one

  • It helps to understand the services of a dot net web development agency.
  • Aids in efficiently explaining the requirements and understanding new app updates.
  • It becomes easier to differentiate between which company updates itself and which doesn’t.

A Brief Insight To Dot Net Development Trends 2024

Below are the top .NET development trends that are ruling in 2024. And you will see them getting implemented everywhere throughout this year.

  1. ML.NET
  2. .NET Game Development
  3. Usage of .NET MAUI for Native Apps
  4. Web-Based Apps Using .NET
  5. ASP.NET Core Blazor Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  6. .NET for IoT Networks
  7. Xamarin .NET Development
  8. Advancement in .NET Security
  9. Docker Support For ASP.NET Core PWA
  10. Azure Cloud For .NET Applications

#1: ML.NET

ML.NET is a new framework introduced by Microsoft, allowing the integration of machine learning capabilities in .NET applications. It’s also open-source and freely available, enabling developers to customize it for business needs. 

It can be embedded in new and old applications without complex modifications. In addition, it allows the use of pre-built Artificial Intelligence models it for voice, emotion, and sentiment recognition and detection. 

You can effortlessly make a .NET application capable of learning customer behaviors, improving experiences, predicting growth, forecasting sales, and detecting fraud. And all this with ML.NET and maintaining speed, security, and quality.

#2: .NET Game Development

As per Statista reports, the global gaming industry is booming at an insane speed, with a predicted growth of up to $482 Billion. 

global gaming report
Image source: Statista Video Games – Worldwide

For game development companies, .NET has all the dedicated frameworks and tools for 2024 and beyond. .NET aids in develop­­­­­­ing lightweight games with high-end graphics for every platform, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, Mac, Android, and more.

In addition, it allows the creation of graphics for Virtual and Augmented Reality-based games. In 2024, you can increase your revenue by creating a cross-platform game with .NET. Furthermore, you benefit from managed graphics and providing a native app experience to all users.

#3: Usage of .NET MAUI for Native Apps

Due to lack of time, every organization needs dotnet companies to create a solution within minimal time. .NET MAUI is a superior technology that can help you create a native application through a single codebase using C#.

Whether you need to build an Android or an iOS app, you can create it all with .NET MAUI new features. It even helps to embed sensing, network connection, data access, and more such capabilities in the solution through custom APIs.

Furthermore, it aids in the reuse of UI components for different platforms, leading to saving time and maintaining the user experience. In 2024, .NET MAUI can help you save time and deliver projects before the defined time.

#4: Web-Based Apps Using .NET

.NET was a top choice for development professionals and organizations in 2022. Its position is predicted to be retained in 2024 due to its cross-platform, scalable, stable, secure, and modern characteristics.

It aids in running a single codebase across all major operating systems, leading to reach out to all current and targeted stakeholders. In 2024, .NET can help you save money, time, and effort as a single web-based application will help you achieve all business objectives.

Whether you need a charismatic interface, dynamic web page, HTML rendering, and integration with relational or non-relational databases, it enables you to do all. You can create a full-fledged application for any company of any size with .NET in minimal time and cost to exponentially grow and digitize business.

#5: ASP.NET Core Blazor Progressive Web Application (PWA)

ASP.NET Core Blazor PWA aids in creating a single-page application with the capabilities of full-fledged desktop software. You can use any browser API with it for seamless communication between systems. Also, several PWA templates are built-in within Visual Studio that you can update to build an app within the shortest time possible.

In 2024, PWA apps will help companies boost user satisfaction rates, as these apps consume fewer resources and ensure high performance. Also, its development is low cost, operations get executed offline, no dependencies are required, and push notifications are enabled.

Therefore, ASP.NET Core Blazor PWA apps help to provide a desktop app experience on a low budget.

#6: .NET for IoT Networks

As IoT networks are getting configured in most enterprises for security and automation, the demand for compatible applications is also increasing. With .NET, you can build apps for IoT devices and sensors. In addition, it also offers a dedicated framework, called the Nano framework, for creating apps for embedded devices.

Moreover, .NET provides libraries enabling applications to function with IoT input devices, sensors, System-On-Chip, RFID components, GPIO, I2C, and port interfaces.

Additionally, you can use it with Raspberry Pi to control and manage all other connected devices. It can also define the data flow in an IoT network through a secure communication channel, maintaining data integrity.

#7: Xamarin .NET Development

Xamarin is a unique technology stack that helps to build all kinds of applications, including mobile, desktop, and web-based apps. Now, you can use it with .NET to embrace the user experience and provide a native touch to all your applications.

It leverages to build a shareable codebase at a low cost, saving money and time in generating multiple solutions for different OS. In addition, Microsoft offers support, which can help update software with all framework and security patches.

In 2024, you don’t need any additional tools, as Xamarin comes built-in with a .NET framework. And any software development company can use it for Android and iOS applications.

#8: Advancement in .NET Security

.NET offers some amazing, solid, and easy-to-configure security controls for all types of applications. Microsoft thoroughly performs vulnerability assessments and releases frequent updates to patch them. In 2024, security support from Microsoft will make .NET a dominating development technology compared to other stacks.

With .NET, you get the leverage of the following in-built mechanisms:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Input Validation
  • HTTPS configuration
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Protection from Remote Code Execution
  • Access Control and more

In addition, .NET supports aligning with security best practices and standards and assures data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

#9: Docker Support For ASP.NET Core PWA

You can deploy applications on a microservices architecture with Docker support for ASP.NET Core PWA. It supports individualizing all services and updating, deploying, and managing them independently. In 2024, it’s necessary to retain the app availability, and with Docker support, you can do so effortlessly.

Also, Docker improves scalability, stability, and security, as you can configure components for each service. And service will only use one another’s resources. Furthermore, it aids in configuring different security mechanisms for every app function, preventing attackers from accessing data and breaching.

It also reduces the time to market as Docker gets integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.

#10: Azure Cloud For .NET Applications

With Microsoft Azure Cloud, you can effortlessly scale up the resources for any .NET application. It provides a built-in analytics interface, authentication, and access controls. Also, it’s advantageous for .NET custom software development companies due to its integration into CI/CD channels and Visual Studio.

In addition, Azure aligns with ISO 27018 standards, which makes it a perfect choice for enterprise solutions. In 2024, building trust with stakeholders is the utmost priority, and it can be fulfilled by complying with all such policies.

Furthermore, Azure also supports identity and access management through its active directory services, making software agile. Thus, with Azure support, .NET apps optimize their speed, security, and scalability.

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Concluding Up

It’s just the start of 2024, but .NET has become a trending technology. Whether it’s about integrating machine learning potential, cloud services, game engine optimization, or creating Android and iOS native apps using a single codebase, it can do all.

Additionally, you can use it for developing IoT applications and programs for embedded systems. And if you are looking for a dot net development company to do all this for you, Positiwise is a reliable organization. You can effortlessly onboard with them to build a cost-effective and high-performance .NET solution.

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