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The .NET team has brought about multiple .NET 8 changes in the aspects of authentication, authorization, and identity management. And these .NET 8 Auth changes are quite exceptional! So, if you’re willing to know more about these new features of .NET 8, we present you this blog. Keep on reading.

The Rising Popularity of .NET Among Developers

Who doesn’t like talking in numbers? So, let’s start the article with some significant numbers. As per a report by Statista, .NET achieves the first position in most used libraries and frameworks among developers all around the globe, with 25.29%. Wondering why? Due to the immense popularity of .NET, as well as the features and functionalities it offers. No doubt developers love it! Moreover, .NET is the ideal choice for developing both web and mobile applications, with the capability to run on different platforms. Hence, there is a rising boost in .NET development, as developers are consistently opting for new and advanced technologies.

All credit goes to the .NET community. The .NET team consistently provides new releases, helping developers ease the whole development process. These releases always come with new features and functionalities and an improved version of the previous one. And the most recent version released by the .NET team is .NET 8, whose preview was last updated in October. The official launch will be held in November. And, before the official launch, curious tech geeks and developers can seek a glimpse of .NET 8 features through its preview. Also, this version is not just another update; it’s quite special, as it’s an LTS (long-term support) release. 

An Introduction to the Exciting .NET 8 Auth Changes

Many tech people are enthusiastically waiting for the release of .NET 8 Auth changes. And if you’re hearing this for the first time, allow us to tell you all about it. .NET is now all prepared for a significant breakthrough in its identity management, authorization, and authentication capabilities with the forthcoming .NET 8 Auth changes. Hence, the dynamic world of authentication, authorization, and identity management is overall referred to as AUTH. These new features assure an efficient customization of user login experiences and identity management in a much more seamless way than before. 

So, if you’re curious to know more about these .NET 8 Auth changes, well, congratulations, you’re at the perfect place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing these features of the current .NET version, along with its several aspects. 

Why .NET 8 Auth Changes Were Needed?

The developers opting for .NET technology had various routes to decide regarding the matter of authorization and authentication. These routes consist of the different third-party choices, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and an inbuilt ASP.NET Core Identity solutions. However, there were certain times when developers faced a lot of challenges when choosing and leveraging these solutions for single-page applications (SPAs). This is the reason they were frequently forced to utilize external packages for supporting token-based authentication. The .NET team soon caught these limitations, and hence, they developed a .NET 8 version with these Auth changes.

These .NET 8 Auth changes were all about bringing new APIs that help make it much more effortless to customize the identity management and user login experience. New endpoints designed will allow token-based authentication and authorization to take place in single-page applications (SPA). And developers now do not need to rely on external dependencies. Amazing, isn’t it? These new .NET features also help optimize the documentation and guidance to make it more seamless to discover and deploy different identity management solutions.

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What are the Best .NET 8 Auth Changes?

The .NET team has made some advanced changes to the .NET 8 version, making the lives of developers much easier and the applications they build more secure, perceptive, and engaging for the users. Hence, in the following section, we’ll discuss the best .NET 8 changes. Let’s begin, then!

Bidding Adieu to Duende’s IdentityServer 

In the process of providing different options and aligning your application development process, .NET is all set to eradicate its reliance on Duende’s IdentityServer from its SPA templates in the new .NET 8 release. In the initiation, IdentityServer4 offered good support for JSON Web Token (JWT)safety and security in SPAs. However, this modification was needed in alignment with the ever-changing scenario, client demand, and developer requirements. 

Evolution of ASP.NET Core Identity

The .NET core Identity provides a dynamic collection of features and functionalities, including UI elements, authentication systems, Identity Store interfaces, and Identity Manager. Yet being robust, the solution did face several complications in SPA applications, thereby pushing developers in the direction of external packages and server-rendered web pages for token-based authentication. 

First-Prolonged Approach – Customization

Customization in SPA apps is the first approach to enhance authentication and authorization in .NET 8. Here, the platform opts to expand the cookie-based authentication to support the customized single-page application (SPA) experiences. There’s no need for developers to address the server-rendered pages for further identity management. This is one of the best .NET 8 Auth changes.

Second-Prolonged Approach – Modernization 

Token-Based Authentication Modernization is the second approach to improve authorization and authentication in .NET 8. ASP.NET core easily observes the rising acceptance of token-based authentication in advanced SPA frameworks like Blazor WebAssembly, Angular, and React. This token-based .NET 8 Auth changes majorly focus on providing enhanced adaptability and flexibility, streamlining with modern industry standards. 

Adopting Self-Hosted Solutions 

The focus of .NET 8 rests simply on aligning the entire development experience for self-hosted software solutions. Hence, when opting for the “Individual Accounts” authentication option in templates and also the –auth command-line option, developers can now effectively handle the permissions, roles, and user identity. Moreover, the cookie-based authentication experience on the platform is the biggest proof of its user-eccentric approach. 

Community Involvement 

Feedback and collaboration are also among the important .NET 8 Auth changes. As the .NET core is consistently following the roadmap towards improved authorization and authentication, and here community engagement remains important. This encourages developers to share their up-vote existing troubles, file errors, and feedback, eventually contributing to documentation enhancements. This collaborative technique sets the seal that optimization helps accomplish the developers’ needs and requirements throughout the spectrum. 

Seamless Discovery and Learning

These are some of the important .NET 8 Auth changes that every developer, whether novice or expert, will love, as it helps them guide the way. You must understand the requirement for extensive guidance and how .NET has revamped its complete documentation procedure. The utmost objective of this .NET 8 Auth change is to help developers offer scenario-based documentation. This will eventually help them opt for the ideal authorization and authentication solutions for accomplishing their unique application needs.

Whether it is integration of Azure AD securing an API endpoint or integrating with Azure AD, developers can now experience a central hub for guidance, tutorials, and resources. With all these remarkable .NET 8 Auth changes, the .NET community is consistently evolving and providing a more efficient and streamlined authorization and authentication experience in the new version. Hence, the future of .NET 8 is brighter, providing developers with the necessary toolkit they require to develop user-centric, secure applications with much more ease. 

Wrapping Up!

.NET 8 has greatly enhanced and simplified authentication, authorization, and identity management, addressing long-established pain points and ultimately making the entire setup and utilization process much easier. The new .NET 8 features also help simplify the overall process of registration, adding login, and token refreshing endpoints by mapping them automatically. This eliminates the overall requirement for manual setup. The .NET 8 Auth changes have also established a customizable map identity API and an automatic token refreshing. This helps make the whole setup more versatile and seamless. Moreover, requesting feedback and review is an essential positive step towards a successful solution.

All in all, the .NET team is determined to fine-tune the process of implementing these .NET 8 Auth changes, and they eagerly await the users’ feedback. As these .NET 8 changes usher in, we recommend you keep an eye on the ASP.NET Core GitHub. However, you’re still confused about these changes and willing to know more about them. Experts at Positiwise are always happy to help. 

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