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The year 2024 has just begun, and .NET is already making its place in the list of most in-demand technologies. Due to this, the major question is bustling in the industry: “What exactly does .NET hold, which is increasing its demand?”. And here, we’ve got the answer to this. We’ll be exploring the exact reasons behind .NET demand in 2024, and you will also gain an insight into the future of .NET development. So, let’s get started.

A Brief Look To Past Performance of .NET

Learning about the past performance of .NET in 2023, 2022, and 2021 will briefly explain why it’s still leading the charts.

Fig: https://www.statista.com/statistics/793840/worldwide-developer-survey-most-used-frameworks/

According to Statista, .NET frameworks and libraries are most used by developers. All the .NET techs also hold their dominance over 25% of the development sector. In recent years, .NET has constantly increased its demand due to the following reasons: 

  • It supports the development of cross-platform compatible applications. 
  • Microsoft support helps organizations align quickly with industry standards and regulations. 
  • The performance, speed, and scalability of .NET apps fulfill the business and technical requirements. 
  • The security features aid in retaining the data availability, integrity, and confidentiality. 
  • With every emerging technology, Microsoft provides the functionality to use in the .NET apps. 

Due to all such benefits, .NET was and is in demand. So, let’s look at the detailed portion and define the exact reasons for this. NET’s exceptional demand in 2024. 

The Exact Reasons Behind Increased .NET Demand in 2024

Let’s explore the reasons behind the increasing demand for .NET in 2024. Understanding all the mentioned factors will help you gain insight into the exclusive .NET features, benefits, and leverages.

Free and Open-Source as Before

Until .NET remains free and open-source, its demand will increase exponentially. It benefits all the primary stakeholders – the development team and the organization availing of the dot net development services. 

Due to the open-source nature of this technology, developers can fulfill all the client requirements by integrating custom components and APIs. In addition, it provides the capability to build custom applications that align perfectly with the business, regulatory, and industry standards. 

Further, the organization investing in the application will gain cost-saving benefits. The Microsoft dotnet framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and all other associated technologies are free, helping enterprises save license and subscription expenses. 

Consistent Top-Notch Performance

Top-notch performance across all platforms is another reason behind the .NET popularity and growing demand. Whether it’s a .NET desktop, web-based, or mobile application, all run smoothly on their respective compatible devices. 

In addition, Microsoft reliably releases updates to ensure that the .NET architecture is up-to-date and executes operations quickly and accurately. Also, you can rely on .NET even during high-traffic hours, as it can process 7.02 Million or more requests per second. Thus, the resources will always be available to the authorized customers. 

Because of this, businesses have selected .NET in recent years and prefer it in 2024, too. 

Security at its Peak

Nowadays, data security is the prime factor of organizations when selecting a development technology, and .NET fulfills all the necessary requirements. It comes with numerous built-in authentications, authorization, and access control mechanisms. It highly supports in preventing cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. 

Additionally, .NET allows you to integrate as many third-party security controls as required to fulfill your business’s digital protection criteria. Moreover, Microsoft provides .NET coding guidelines to developers, helping them to eliminate duplicate and excessive code blocks to reduce the attack surface. 

Therefore, .NET security characteristics are one of the reasons behind its excessive demand in 2024.  

Superlative Development Frameworks

.NET has everything for you in one place. When enterprises choose .NET as their primary technology, they receive the leverage to use the following frameworks and libraries: 

  • Blazor 
  • ASP.NET Core 
  • SignalR
  • .NET MAUI 
  • Xamarin 
  • Windows Forms and more 

You can also utilize the techs mentioned above with other technologies, but they work most seamlessly with .NET-based applications. In addition, Microsoft supports all of them, and you don’t have to fret about any component becoming outdated or vulnerable to discovered attacks. 

Also, as an added advantage, you can also use the language of your choice from the provided options, including C#, F#, and Visual Basic (VB.NET). 

Machine Learning Support

In 2024, more organizations are expected to adapt machine learning models to improve productivity, efficiency, and decision-making. And it will be leveling up the competition between organizations. So, to embed the systems with high-end ML capabilities, ML.NET is being preferred and used. 

ML.NET can impeccably integrate with business applications and offers the benefit of creating and training custom models. You can also use other ML models with it, including TensorFlow, ONNX, and more. 

Furthermore, in an organization, it supports sentiment analysis, object detection, fraud detection, customer segmentation, and price prediction. All these features and benefits give one more thumbs up to .NET for being a highly demanded-technology. 

Enables to Build App for IoT Networks

IoT networks are getting configured everywhere, from SMEs and large-scale enterprises to city-wide networks. .NET helps to build applications for all sizes and types of IoT networks, consisting of an “n” number of controllers and smart devices. 

Additionally, due to specialized IoT libraries, frameworks, and below advantages, .NET demand is growing among firms. 

  • It helps to configure and support controllers like Raspberry Pi, Pine A64, and BeagleBoard.
  • It enables developers to build and debug IoT code using Visual Studio IDE. 
  • The framework supports humidity, gas, accelerometer, temperature, and all other sensors. 
  • The .NET meadow technology offers leverage to build app production-grade IoT networks. 

Compatible with Significant OS

Compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux is what every organization is looking for. It helps them save money and time reaching out to their users across multiple operating systems. This compatibility is a primary reason for the significant demand for.NET. 

In addition, the following advantages also contribute to the usage of dotnet in 2024: 

  • The organizations only have to pay for developing and maintaining a single codebase for all operating systems. 
  • It helps to increase the ROI on minimal investment for business application development. 
  • The .NET performance, scalability, and stability are retained on every platform. 
  • Enterprises can choose any infrastructure to run cross-platform applications. 

A Lot of Tools for Every Need

Developers prefer .NET because of the extensive tools available for every purpose – development, testing, debugging, deployment, and maintenance. The list comprises various paid and free tools supporting .NET and associated frameworks. It helps the dotnet programmers to work on the application efficiently and curate a masterpiece for the organization. 

With the availability of all such tools, you don’t need to worry about any task. If one tool lacks functionality, an alternative can be used to develop, integrate, and test the application. Besides these development-oriented tools, numerous collaboration tools are also available to improve team communication and productivity. 

Affordable Development for Every Firm

The .NET affordability plays a crucial role in its high demand. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-scale firm, anyone can leverage .NET within their budget. The reasons for its inexpensive development are listed below: 

  • The .NET is free, and you don’t have to pay for any update provided by Microsoft. 
  • There are plenty of .NET development tools available for free. 
  • Many dot net development companies outsource their services, making it cheaper to avail of custom business software. 
  • The resources to develop a .NET app are less expensive than other technologies. 
  • Most of the frameworks, libraries, extensions, and APIs for .NET apps are free or available at a minimal price. 

Enables to Develop Any Application

.NET is in demand because any type and size of application can be developed using it. From static websites to entire eCommerce stores, it can curate everything, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Small website 
  • Medium-sized website 
  • Enterprise web application 
  • Desktop application 
  • Complex desktop application with integration of third-party CRM systems 
  • Android mobile application 
  • Desktop and mobile games 
  • eCommerce stores 
  • IoT device management applications 
  • Alert systems and more 

You only need to hire .NET developers from reputed firms like Positiwise, and they will help you build the exact application you thought of. 

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The Increased Demand from Different Curves

The demand for .NET is increasing in every aspect and among associated stakeholders, such as .NET engineers, .NET learners, and organizations looking to build their business applications.

For better insight, let’s have a look at all three aspects.

From an Emerging Developer’s Curve

Students, learners, and enthusiasts are covered under the emerging developer category. As per their aspect, the demand for learning .NET is increasing in 2024, as companies are hiring .NET professionals at superlative packages. Also, .NET is being used in almost every business application due to its performance, security, open-source architecture, and other features. 

Therefore, the demand to learn .NET has also grown with its usage. 

From an Organization Looking for a .NET Development Company

The features and benefits of the Microsoft dotnet framework stand out from other technologies. Enterprises are looking for companies offering .NET development services so that they can hire them to build or modernize their applications. 

The .NET ecosystem impeccably suits every industry and fulfills business requirements, making it a high-demand technology. 

From Development Professional’s Curve

The professional and student aspects are quite similar. Experienced .NET programmers are also improving their knowledge and gaining advanced certification in the technology. The reason behind this is the same that firms are looking to hire expert .NET developers. 

The .NET technology so seamlessly aligns with standards that it has become the first choice of organizations. And due to it, the demand to learn it is also rocketing up. 

Common FAQs Associated with .NET in 2024

Following are some of the top .NET FAQs, whose answers will help you understand the current situation and future of .NET development. 

Can .NET applications work efficiently with an increasing user base?

Yes, .NET applications retain their speed and performance in every use case, even during peak traffic hours. The .NET architecture, framework, and libraries are built by industry veterans whose top focus is on flexibility and scalability. 

You can use the same application for a growing user base and also integrate additional features anytime without any loss.

What if Microsoft stops the support for the .NET version used for my app?

Microsoft has defined the support timeline for every .NET version. You can check the defined time and select your .NET version accordingly. However, if the Microsoft support stops, it will not impact the functioning of your application. You will be able to perform all business operations as before. 

In addition, you can effortlessly migrate from one version to an updated one, retaining data, security, and performance. .NET doesn’t let you suffer at any cost. 

What is the cost to maintain a .NET app in the extended run?

The cost to maintain a .NET application depends on the size and type of your application. Also, if you hire .NET developers from an outsourcing firm like Positiwise, you can leverage .NET services at the most affordable price. 

In addition, Positiwise can also provide you with complete .NET consultation, development, modernization, maintenance, and support. 

Can I migrate from one .NET technology to another?

Yes, you can migrate from one .NET technology to another. For instance, if you want to migrate from .NET to .NET Core or ASP.NET Core, it’s quite easy, and your business operations will also retain their processing and integrity. 

In addition, if you want to use any other technology with .NET, it’s also possible. .NET + React and .NET + AngularJS are quite famous and highly preferred tech combinations. 

Is integrating an external system with .NET software possible?

Yes, it’s possible to integrate a third-party system with .NET software. Moreover, .NET developers can also create a communication channel within different systems using custom APIs to help you receive all necessary resources. The dotnet is an open-source technology that you can customize per your requirements and convenience. 

Concluding Up

From all the details and insights mentioned in this blog, the features and benefits of .NET are concluded to be the main reason for its increased demand in 2024. Also, as seen in the statistics, similar reasons were analyzed for its constant demand in recent years.

.NET is a reliable technology that offers every framework and library that a developer requires. It’s also compatible with and leverages numerous tools and programming languages, and it has the ability to build apps of any size with all significant features. Thus, the all-in-one characteristic of .NET is the prime reason behind its growing demand in 2024.

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