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For creating a robust application, development teams use various technologies, and you can always see Node JS as a competent tool in a developer’s stack.

The utilization of Node JS is not limited to running JavaScript codes on the server-side. There is an extensive Node JS framework list, which aids in simplifying and accelerating software creation. All the available frameworks have their significance, and one should know about them.

Get started with this article to find out the best Node JS framework in 2022 from the Node JS framework list.

What is a Node JS and a Framework?

NodeJS is a run-time environment specifically designed for running servers across operating systems and devices. It uses JavaScript as its primary programming language and is preferred for developing web-enabled mobile applications.

Numerous frameworks are based on Node JS and are taken as the principal component in software development.

So, let’s look at the answer to what is a Node JS Framework.

The framework is a unique set of tools and development structures, providing vanguard features for streamlining software development. And Node JS frameworks are particularly innovated to support and modernize the Node JS-based applications.

In 2022, the Node JS Frameworks are classified into three categories as listed below:

  • MVC Framework
  • REST API Framework
  • REST API Framework

MVC Framework

Model View Controller is an architectural anatomy used as the core structure for fabricating flexible frameworks, allowing developers to design each application layer independently.

REST API Framework

These frameworks are well-known for providing a ready-to-program interface to developers to save effort, time, and cost. Also, it is considered for establishing a faultless server-client communication channel.

Full Stack MVC Framework

This type of framework can support and handle both the front-end and the backend of the mobile app and provides plenty of tools to create and update software.

The Node JS Framework List for Crafting Cutting-Edge Solutions

  • Express JS
  • Meteor JS
  • Socket IO
  • Nest JS
  • Sails JS
  • Loopback IO

Express JS

Express is the most appraised NodeJS framework in the development community due to its MVC-based architecture and extensive libraries, freely available in online repositories.

The utilization of this framework is not limited to building responsive web applications; it is also preferred for creating scalable mobile applications. In addition, it offers in-built components that you can straightforwardly integrate along with NodeJS for crafting and configuring API for web solutions.

Moreover, HTTP utilities, modules, and middleware is also provided by Express JS, leading developers to furnish authentic API-embedded applications.

expressjs framework

Also, as per the statistics evaluated in November 2021, more than 600000 users over the internet are performing their tasks through Express JS-based web applications, and it’s still immensely growing with an expected user base of more than 750000 in 2022.

Features of Express JS:

  • Routing libraries are present by default, making the application function per HTTP data flow.
  • Its MVC-based architecture allows more precisely focusing on the frontend, backend, and middleware.
  • Server-side tools can also be created with it.
  • Asynchronous development can be performed, enabling to perform multiple operations independently.
  • Server-client communication can be enhanced with content negotiation by abstracting only required information.

Meteor JS

Meteor is an isomorphic framework that only uses JavaScript for crafting lightweight and robust web and mobile applications. It is a cross-platform compatible framework that works seamlessly on every operating system, including Android and iOS.

Due to the usage of a single language, the mobile app development process becomes faster, and produced applications can adapt to the device environment.

In addition, the code, once compiled, can be reused for fabricating a web and mobile solution, leveraging organizations to reach the targeted audience.

And the most considerable advantage of the Meteor framework is its automated propagation of information stored in the database to clients without the developer’s intervention. Furthermore, if your application requires frequent updates, you must select this framework, as it enables upgrading solutions in a live environment.

Features of Meteor JS:

  • Both mobile and web applications can be created using the same code.
  • Meteor-based solutions are platform-independent.
  • It can be embedded with Angular and React to optimize the performance and frontend.
  • Due to its ample community support, full-stack development can be performed with it.
  • NoSQL databases can be adjoined with the Meteor apps.

Socket IO

For building real-time applications and supporting multiple programming and scripting languages, Socket.io is considered the best full-stack Node JS framework.

This framework can aid you in innovating a flexible business solution that can effortlessly maintain reliable connectivity and process user input in a real-time environment. Moreover, you can see its implementation frequently while navigating any web app, as chatbots are built on this framework.

In addition, video conferencing applications such as Skype and WhatsApp use this framework to provide a secure environment to push data without request and update messages in the background.

If you plan to create a multiplayer online game, video conferencing application, and real-time software where the server must push data without request, then this is the technology you go for.

Features of Socket IO

  • Effective socket management to support binary streaming and multiplexing.
  • Offers auto-reconnection, insight analysis, and robust error detection, leading to seamless and smooth detection.
  • Custom APIs can be developed for both server and client-side, supporting multi-party communications through real-time apps.
  • It is facilitated with custom URL routing for web sockets to improve data transmission.

Nest JS

Nest JS is one of the most advanced Node JS REST API frameworks with Typescript as its primary language to develop scalable and easy-to-maintain mobile applications.

Typescript leverages the developer to follow any programming paradigm, such as functional, object-oriented, or functional reactive, according to the project scope. In addition, it also provides a command-line interface, which allows it to extend its functionalities by embedding other front-end technologies with it.

Moreover, its built-in modules help produce a clean code, even when developing a complex and sizeable enterprise-graded solution.

And its benefits are not limited to development, as an extensive array of compatible tools are available to test and patch loopholes in the solution.

Features of Nest JS

  • Easy to learn for both freshers and professionals due to its simple syntax.
  • Backend performance is enhanced.
  • Multiple programming methodologies can be selected to produce code according to business requirements.
  • Compatible with Angular, as both use Typescript.
  • It can be considered for any project, from crafting small applications to complex enterprise management systems.

Sails JS

Sails JS framework is innovated using Express JS to build advanced data-oriented web applications. It comprises MVC architecture, leading developers to craft an appealing frontend with a scalable backend.

Moreover, with the easy availability and accessibility of a wide array of compatible technologies, you can rely on this framework to include database-based functionalities in enterprise-graded solutions.

If it is based on Express, you must be thinking, then what is the difference between them. So, let’s clear it out.

Sail JS is considered more lightweight and faster than Express, as it is the former version and offers features to integrate with MySQL, PostgreSQL, local disk, and so forth. Also, it can be easily adjoined with more backend and frontend technologies compared to Express.

Features of Sails JS

  • Easy to learn and implement, as JavaScript is its primary language.
  • Auto-generated REST APIs are supported efficiently.
  • HTTP requests can be flawlessly handled by using Sail JS.
  • Its in-built Object Relational Mapping features help to embed applications with database systems.

Loopback IO

Loopback is a REST API Node JS framework with an open-source license and is freely available to furnish dynamic APIs.

The main objective of using this framework is to ease the building of a seamless transmission channel between business solutions and NoSQL and relational databases.

Furthermore, it comes with an incorporated API Explorer to manage the generation of leading-edge REST APIs, which any end-user can call.

The proper use of Loopback is when your application can divide into model entities, saving your development time, cost, and resources. Moreover, you can quickly get your hands on it with the official documentation.

Features of Loopback IO

  • It comes with predefined REST APIs to create, modify, read, and delete operations.
  • Lessor no code is required to create APIs with it.
  • API documentation and SDKs can also be generated through it.
  • Both relational and non-relational database management systems are supported.

The Identification of Best Node JS Rest API Framework

You must be wondering why we are focusing on discovering a relevant REST API Framework.

The answer is simple, to enable a client system to interact with the server, you need a reliable framework to handle CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) requests. And for this purpose, REST APIs are utilized.

From the list of NodeJS Frameworks, Loopback is considered the most suitable REST API-based framework, as it was mainly developed to be used in such particular cases. Furthermore, this framework is also based on Express, enabling you to create microservices and APIs efficiently.

Moreover, you can configure it using a command-line interface in minimal time. It also aids in producing controllers and models to expand the support for authorization and authentication mechanisms.

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It enables you to create a dynamic Application Programming Interface quickly through its no coding interface and features, leading to creating a clean file structure.

All these features make Loopback an appropriate REST API Node JS Framework.

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Wrapping Up

Various Node JS frameworks are currently available, and each of them provides eccentric features, expanding the functionalities of web apps. All these frameworks are based on Node JS, and their classification is based on MVC and REST API patterns.

Also, the listed frameworks will immensely grow in 2022 due to their ample community support, frequent updates, and compatibility with complex technologies.

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