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The blog answers the What, Why, and How associated with a .NET development outsourcing company for your projects. You will get details about why you prefer outsourcing and factors you should remember while availing of the services. Every aspect is thoroughly analyzed and explained, including the skillset to look for, services to consider, communication, budget, time, NDA, security, etc.


According to various online surveys, over 90% of enterprises outsource .NET development services. They consider it a convenient way of getting their application developed and maintained. Outsourcing software development company always benefit and provide a high return on investment.

In this blog, you will get to know all the benefits to hire outsource .NET developers. In addition, you will also understand the factors to consider while selecting an outsourcing development company.

What Does Outsourcing .NET Development Services Mean? 

Outsourcing .NET Development Services means hiring a development company to develop your application. The company can be in your country, a neighboring country, or some other continent. Mostly, organizations prefer to select an outsourcing company, where development costs are less and skilled personnel are readily available.

For instance, many enterprises in America choose development companies in India for their project due to the vast currency exchange rate. It leverages them to avail a high-performing .NET application at a meager price.

Why You Should Hire Outsource .NET Developers? 

The following are the primary reasons explaining the benefits of outsourcing .NET Development Services.

Aids in Saving Cost

Selecting an outsourcing software development company is a primary pillar in saving application building and maintenance costs. When you partner with such a firm, the below costs get eliminated from your budget: 

  • In-house team training cost
  • Hardware and software resource cost
  • Infrastructure cost
  • License cost (if any) 

Due to it, the budget comes down to a minimal amount. And if you want, you can use the saved cost to embed newer automated, streamlined, AI- and ML-based features in .NET applications. Furthermore, you can pay less for maintenance, as the same team can monitor and update your software. Thus, an offshore .NET company provides a high return on investment.

Exposure To Talented Professionals

Developing a .NET application requires a full-fledged team of designers, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, security professionals, network and cloud experts, and more. And if you start hiring them as an in-house team, it would take a lot of effort, time, and cost.

However, by moving with an outsourcing approach, you can get the complete development team at once. Offshore .NET development companies consist of all the required human resources. Moreover, most of their professionals hold 5+ years of experience and are certified by authorized bodies, such as Microsoft. Besides, they understand the requirements of every industry, leading to starting your project within a few days.

Therefore, outsourcing helps you meet with industry experts and provide you with a complete development team in no time. Also, it saves your efforts of hiring and training the individuals.

Minimal Development Time

All outsourcing .NET development companies have multiple teams and individual resources for completing their projects. Because of this, they ensure the delivery of the .NET applications on time with utmost quality.

To understand it better, let’s look at a scenario.
Suppose that an offshore firm has assigned three developers to a project whose deadline is in ten days. But, due to some circumstances, the client needs an application in five days. Then, the outsourcing firm will assign its additional human resources to the current team to deliver software on time.

Thus, if your timeline changes, then you can opt for more resources to avail application before or on a defined date.

Effortless Software Localization

Sometimes the business software needs to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of a particular country or state. In such situations, partnering with an outsourcing .NET development company can help you for sure. You can choose the firm operating in that particular area or be aware of all the required policies.

For instance, if you are in America but want to create a .NET application for users in Europe, where laws are completely different. Then, instead of hiring an in-house team from Europe, you can easily partner with an outsource company in Europe that knows all the regulatory software policies.

As a result, you will save on the cost of hiring, visa support, training, and infrastructure. And your final software will align with all the essential standards as per the location.

Complete Focus on Core Business Operations

You can efficiently focus on other business operations by choosing an offshore .NET development company to build an application. The outsourced development team will handle all the development work, and you will receive the updates. And in the meantime, you can manage other core operations, such as marketing, accounting, legal, and others.

Moreover, you can invest the cost, time, and effort saved by choosing an outsourcing company to improve internal processes, infrastructure, marketing campaigns, and more. Thus, you get the leverage of entirely focusing on your primary goal while the application is getting developed simultaneously.

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Factors To Consider When Outsourcing Software Development Company

While choosing an outsourcing .NET application development company, consider the following points.

Project and Company’s Objectives

Before you start looking for an offshore .NET application development company, define your requirements, goals, and objectives. It means that you finalize whether you need a new application, want to upgrade the current solution, migrate a solution, or require only maintenance services.
Further, considering all the information, start finding an outsourcing firm providing services aligning with your business requirements. By following this method, you will save time in finding the right .NET partner.

Communication Mechanisms

Focus on language proficiency and communication mechanism while choosing the development partner. Ensure that you and the company communicate in a common language. It would help you share the requirements efficiently, and the firm will thoroughly understand them. In addition, avoid choosing a firm for which you need a translator to communicate.

In addition, choose the most compatible and 24/7 available mechanism to communicate. For instance, calling someone in another country can be expensive. So, you should prefer Skype, Microsoft Teams, or some similar software. And also focus on data security while communicating and file sharing.

Data Security

An outsourcing .NET development company knows all relevant data security policies and regulations to which software must align. And they take them into consideration while creating your application for the audience in that specific region.

For example, if you need .NET software for stakeholders in France, then you complying with GDPR is compulsory. So, hiring .NET developers from France will help you efficiently comply with GDPR regulations. As a result, you can showcase that your software is following all the data security measures as per government rules.

Budget and Timeline

Prior to finalizing a company, differentiate between the budgets and timelines provided by multiple firms. It will help you select the best offer for your .NET application development project. In addition, also check the cost for .NET services in the firm’s region to negotiate thoroughly. It will help you avail a cost-saving deal with top-notch services in return.

Furthermore, define the accurate timeline with the development partner before project initiation. And also set up weekly meetings and frequent updates to track the progress.

Offered Services

Analyzing the dot net development services offered by a company is a must. It helps to determine whether the firm is offering the required service and whether it matches your needs. 

For instance, if you want to migrate your .NET application, but the outsourcing company only provides development services. Then, your efforts and initial investment would be of no use. So, whenever you look for a company, firstly list your requirements and find them accordingly.

Signing of NDA

The signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements must be on your list. It helps to safeguard the confidential information about your organization and the project. And it also builds a feeling of guarantee that the partner will not disclose any detail to a third party. 

In addition, if you want to add any terms and conditions to the NDA, define them before consulting with the firm. Although, finalize only if the outsourcing company agrees to sign NDA; otherwise, find another one.

Skillset of .NET Development Team

Once you find the .NET development company, discuss your requirements and check the expertise of their team. You can conduct an interview with them or provide them with a task to complete. And on the basis of the results, you can determine whether they fit with your needs. 

In addition, focus on the following factors while assessing the team’s skillset: 

  • Understanding of your domain. 
  • Technical expertise. 
  • Certifications
  • Recognitions 
  • Aptitude and Communication
  • Problem-Solving and Data Security Knowledge

Availability of Dedicated Team

Never choose a company that assigns multiple projects to its development teams. Select the firm offering a dedicated team for the most reliable and up-to-the-mark results. It would help you maintain constant communication with an authorized person from the beginning. And you will know precisely about the individuals working on your .NET application. 

In some cases, availing of a dedicated team can be a little costly, but it’s worth the investment. 

Dot Net Development Services To Avail From Outsource Partner

While selecting an outsourced Dot Net Development company, ensure that it provides the following services: 

  • Custom .NET Application Development
  • .NET Consultation Services
  • .NET Cloud-based Application Development
  • .NET Application Migration
  • .NET Maintenance and Support Services
  • .NET Desktop App Development
  • .NET Distributed App Development
  • .NET eCommerce App Development
  • .NET Mobile App Development and more 

Besides, check that the development partner knows multitier, cloud-based, and microservice deployment approaches. If you find all such services being offered, move forward with it, cross-verify with your requirements, and assess the skill sets.

Concluding Up

Outsourcing .NET development services has emerged as a trend. Now, every organization is looking to avail of such services to build their business solution at an affordable price. Besides saving money, outsourcing also helps work with skilled professionals, localize the application, and complete the project within a defined time.

However, while selecting any company, you must take care of the offered services, data security, compliance with standards, signing of NDA, and all other factors. It would help you partner with an authentic development firm offering high-end business applications.

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