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AWS SDK for .NET is an all-in-one package for .NET developers. With a single installation, developers can access all major .NET libraries, tools, APIs, and AWS resources. It helps to streamline the development process and simultaneously manage the AWS cloud resources using Visual Studio or any other compatible IDE. However, to avail of the maximum benefit of this AWS SDK, you should understand its basics and best practices. In this blog, you are going to find all such information in one place.


To develop a .NET application, a developer has to use several libraries, APIs, and tools. And to manage all of them requires additional effort and load on the machine. However, AWS SDK for dot NET core was introduced to streamline the developer’s task and optimize .NET app development.

The AWS .NET Core SDK is a new-age kit that helps in every aspect of building a .NET core application. But, to use it effectively, one must understand its best practices, as this blog covers. So, let’s get started to learn how AWS SDK efficiently supports a dotnet core developer.

What is AWS SDK for Dot NET Core?

As the name defines, AWS SDK is a complete software development kit offered by the cloud service provider Amazon. You can consider it as a downloadable package containing all the required tools, libraries, project templates, code samples, documentation, and app samples. Therefore, everything a dotnet core developer requires is available inside the AWS .NET Core SDK.

The primary reason behind choosing the AWS SDK is the cost-effectiveness, easy cloud deployment leverage, and support for all .NET-associated components. This SDK supports most of the outdated and latest technologies in the .NET ecosystem, including the following:

  • Visual Studio 2010 or above version
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or above version

In addition, if you don’t want to download and install it separately, you can integrate the AWS SDK for .NET with your Visual Studio IDE. Once the integration is completed, open access to the below features will be provided:

  • Managing AWS resources from the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Web and console application code templates written using C# programming language.
  • Security controls for managing account credentials.
  • AWS SDK for Dot NET Core

Furthermore, AWS SDK for .NET also leverages businesses to utilize the following AWS Cloud features:

  • AWS Identity and Access Management
  • Amazon EC2
  • S3 Transfer Utility
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service
  • Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service)
  • Amazon SQS (Amazon Simple Queue Service)
  • Amazon S3 Select and Spot Instance

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The Exclusive AWS .NET Core SDK Best Practices

While using AWS SDK for dot net core development, you should focus on the following best practices to streamline operations, assure high performance, configure efficient logging, and remove bugs.

  • Understand the Debugging
  • Use the right tool
  • Configure correct logging and monitoring
  • Prefer using Amazon Cognito
  • Align with infrastructure-as-code fundamentals
  • Efficiently manage the environments

Understand the Debugging

Debugging is a crucial part of a .NET app development. It helps the developers find and resolve errors, bugs, and exceptions. During the debugging, the development team must undergo each line individually, which can be hectic and time-consuming. But, with the usage of AWS SDK for .NET, it can be streamlined by using the AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It will enable multiple developers to analyze code through a remote connection and complete the task within minimal time.

Further, you must utilize the AWS SAM CLI for serverless applications. It will enable the .NET expert to test and debug the application using their local machine efficiently. Also, it can be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, leading to streamlining the code integration and app deployment.

Use the right tool

Switching between Visual Studio and the AWS interface can be a complex and time-consuming task. So, every .NET developer should download the AWS SDK or integrate its plug-in with the Visual Studio IDE. It will help the team to develop the application and manage the AWS resources from a single application.

Moreover, you can also consider using the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, as it offers access to the following:

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service)

The toolkit and the AWS SDK are both beneficial and must be a top choice due to their remote debugging and accessible resource-handling functionalities.

Configure correct logging and monitoring

The lack of a logging mechanism can be a pitfall while maintaining and upgrading the application. Logs are the primary data every developer analyzes to resolve the issues raised during development and after deployment. Therefore, you should always use the most effective AWS monitoring and logging mechanisms, such as:

  • Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights for .NET

It provides you the advantage of machine learning to automate the creation of dashboards as soon as an application alert rises.

  • Amazon CloudWatch Alarms

It is used for monitoring the application metrics, such as performance and speed, and alerts the admin if metrics fall down the defined value. Simultaneously, it can also take pre-defined actions to minimize or eliminate the fault before getting noticed by an end-user.


The AWS X-RAY can help trace and assess the application’s behavior on a microservices or distributed infrastructure.

Prefer using Amazon Cognito

For AWS security purposes, using the Amazon Cognito mode is always recommended instead of using hard coding. The Cognito will ensure your account credentials are secure and only available to the authorized person. Also, it will minimize the possibility of exposing the username and password to the public in any scenario.

Therefore, you must avoid using hard coding due to the higher risk of credential exposure to the public. And instead of it, configure the Amazon Cognito and don’t share the credentials with anyone or write them. As a result, unauthorized access will be prevented, and your application security will increase.

Align with infrastructure-as-code fundamentals

Most of the .NET developers find it challenging to efficiently handle the difference between production and test environments. Due to this, the application deployment can get delayed, and the software quality can suffer. So, to not let such a thing happen with your .NET application, use the Infrastructure-as-code on AWS.

It will provide you with the benefits of persistent application and infrastructure code. Also, your DevOps process will be streamlined, leading to instant and faster deployment through CI/CD pipelines. Moreover, the test and production environment will remain the same, helping developers to work efficiently and maintain collaboration from the initial stage.

Efficiently manage the environments

AWS aids the developers in lowering the Windows workload through its two top tools as follows.

  • AWS Tool for Windows PowerShell
  • AWS System Manager

These tools are prevalent in the developer domain; every company providing ASP.NET Core development services utilizes them.

You should also prefer using both tools to reduce efforts and complete tasks promptly. They will enable you to run scripts for automating the operations and gain accurate output for redundant tasks. Moreover, they can also be used to handle multiple instances and update them simultaneously through a single interface.

As a result, your .NET Core applications will be developed within the time constraint.

Exclusive Use Cases of .NET App Development with AWS SDK

The AWS software development kit for .NET app development provides all the necessary components. Due to it, the development team can utilize it for creating an extensive range of applications, including the following but not limited to:

  • Enterprise application development
  • Mobile application development (Native and Hybrid apps)
  • Migration from one .NET technology to another, such as from ASP.NET to .NET Core
  • Optimization of database using AWS storage instances
  • Web application development
  • eCommerce website development with payment gateway integration
  • Desktop application development
  • IoT device management software development

Furthermore, AWS constantly adds new components and technologies to let you create more types of applications using the .NET and .NET frameworks.

The Top AWS SDK Libraries, Tools, and Software Solutions

AWS SDK for .NET provides all the significant libraries, tools, and frameworks required by a .NET development company to curate a top-notch solution. Some of the most prominent technologies included in the package are:

  • AWS Logging .NET library for integrating Amazon CloudWatch Logs
  • Amazon Cognito Authentication Extension Library for user identity verification
  • Amazon.Lambda.RuntimeSupport for using .NET to generate Lambda functions.
  • AWS .NET Mock Lambda Test Tool to run code in an emulated environment.
  • AWS Toolkit for JetBrains, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, and Azure DevOps.
  • .NET Core EC2 AMIs and .NET Core CodeBuild Images.

There are plenty of .NET libraries and tools, which you must discover by installing the AWS SWD for .NET. And you don’t need to fret about learning them, as the installation package contains all the documentation.

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Concluding Up

The AWS SDK for .NET app development is a complete package for curating . .NET-based applications. This SDK contains all the tools, libraries, frameworks, and even APIs to call services for extending the software functionalities. But, whenever you utilize the AWS SDK, always consider following the best practices to save the application from common pitfalls. You should enable the logging, use CloudWatch, understand the tools, automate debugging, prefer Infrastructure-as-code, and all other means mentioned above. Also, undergo the documentation for each component to take its maximum advantage and unleash application potential.

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