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ASP.NET CMS Platforms: The blog provides a detailed insight into the top 7 content management systems based on the ASP.NET core platform. You will get to understand the features, functionalities, and benefits of each of the CMS solutions. In addition, the factors to consider while choosing a reliable ASP.NET-based CMS platform and ASP.NET development services are also listed.


ASP.NET core platform is one of the top choices for organizations to build their business applications. Keeping all its features and benefits in mind, such as high performance, platform compatibility, clean coding practices, and more, are becoming the reason for the high usage of ASP.NET-based CMS platforms. 

However, besides the ASP.NET feature, the CMS systems have more to offer. Here, you will learn about the top 7 of the CMS for dotnet development. 

Top 7 Content Management System (CMS) Based on ASP.NET

Following are the top CMS for dotnet development, offering exceptional features and functionalities for IT professionals and marketers.


Umbraco is one of the most used and preferred CMSs among all the ASP.NET-based content management systems (CMS). It’s built on the latest version of ASP.NET core technology and provides powerful features and an intuitive interface to create websites.

In addition, its architecture is flexible, which allows the integration of custom applications, APIs, and all other components to fulfill business needs. Moreover, Umbraco is a reliable CMS for web developers and content editors. ASP.NET programmers can leverage their MVC architecture, API extensions, and WebAPI controllers to create faster rendering.

Similarly, for editors, it offers media library functionality to store, manage, edit, and upload any content piece, along with keeping track of everything. The features list of Umbraco is quite lengthy, but some of its prominent characteristics are as follows:

Its content editor helps to create all kinds of content pieces, such as blog posts, product pages, articles, landing pages, services pages, and more. 

  • It allows them to create drafts and automate their publishing by generating a schedule. 
  • The content created on Umbraco seamlessly adapts to every device and screen size, and it maintains the quality. 
  • It enables you to roll back and forth content in case you don’t like the modification or want some other changes. 
  • It provides auto-cropping for images, customizable workflow functionality, and a WYSIWYG editor. 


Kentico is also a leading CMS-based ASP.NET technology. Many large enterprises utilize it to launch their business websites within minimal time. It has all the features developers and marketers require to integrate avant-garde features and run omnichannel campaigns. 

Additionally, it offers the functionality to reuse content, automate publishing, and remodel the entire content while retaining the availability. Also, it’s compatible with all significant platforms and helps to increase brand awareness, user traffic, and conversions. You can also rely on its security mechanisms, which are constantly updated to prevent cyber-attacks and retain data integrity. 

Moreover, it helps to improve agility by leveraging developers with no-code and low-code website development. It’s a feature-packed ASP.NET-based CMS system providing the features and benefits below. 

  • ASP.NET Core MVC architecture to relevantly focus on business logic and frontend for impeccable rendering. 
  • Functionality to differentiate content creation and development environment while maintaining a channel between them for efficient collaboration. 
  • For improved security, data separation, user permission management, and live site administration. Allowance for third-party app and REST API integration. 
  • It helps to synchronize content between multiple channels and smoothly run campaigns. 
  • Enables to collect data about visitors to gain insights and improve strategy for better conversions and brand reach. 
  • Provides a built-in mechanism to analyze every KPI and metric and automates content publication and removal according to plan. 


Orchard CMS is available under the open-source license, and it’s a part of the Orchard project. You can use it for creating websites and web applications. It can also integrate with your .NET, .NET Core, or ASP.NET app and help you manage only content like blogs, resources, and documentation. 

Primarily, Orchard CMS is built using the Orchard core framework, which is also a part of the Orchard project. This Orchard core framework is built on top of the ASP.NET core platform to make the CMS flexible, high in performance, secure, and scalable. 

In addition, Orchard CMS supports all significant website development approaches. You can use it as full CMS, decoupled CMS, or headless CMS per requirements. Moreover, it provides the following features and benefits to developers and marketers.

  • It allows developers to build websites on the OS of their choice among Windows, Linux, and macOS. 
  • It’s compatible with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite. 
  • You can install the pre-developed themes and modules in just a click by using the NuGet package manager. 
  • You can live preview the content while publishing and editing it. Developers can create their custom SQL queries to improve rendering and custom content display. 
  • It enables the use of GraphQL API, which allows us to connect and show content on third-party websites and web applications. 

DotNetNuke (DNN)

DotNetNuke, or DNN, is heavily used by ASP.NET development companies, and most professionals consider it a reliable content management system (CMS). From small-scale organizations to large Fortune 500 enterprises, it’s the first choice of firms from the past decade. 

It comes with an open-source license that provides developers the freedom to curate websites, fulfilling all business requirements. Further, it’s highly extensible, and you can swap the default features with the custom ones. The security of DNN is highly robust, as it undergoes frequent scans, and the platform maintaining authority constantly updates it. 

All the DNN features make it a preferred choice of IT and marketing experts due to the features listed below. 

  • For website development, it offers .NET API, MVC development leverage, web forms, and SPA curation. 
  • You can deploy DNN CMS on any cloud platform and even use a hybrid model for its management. 
  • To strengthen security, JWT authentication, granular user permission, role-based access control, and CAPTCHA validation mechanisms are available. 
  • You can use its built-in user management,  event viewer, scheduler, multi-site management, theme management, and asset management programs for efficient administration.  
  • Marketers can use its leaderboard, activity feed, events, badges, groups, comments, Wiki, and discussion components to engage visitors.
  • DNN also provides built-in tools to optimize the complete website and enhance its performance and SEO metrics. 
  • For content, it provides localization, version management, visualizers, inline image editor, page preview, workflow, WYSIWYG editor, and more.


 The search to find a CMS platform offering features for content management, content operations, digital commerce, and personalization ends at Sitecore. It’s used by globally present companies to enhance their digital presence and display content in an alluring manner for high CTR and conversion. 

In addition, Sitecore is compatible with cloud and on-premises infrastructure running on the technology of your choice. You can also integrate with your ASP.NET applications and embed APIs to share data with internal and third-party sources securely. 

Sitecore is used by some prominent brands in their industry, such as General Mills, Bridgestone, Aston Martin, and more. The reason behind its usage by such brands is the features provided below: 

  • It helps to save time by providing a centralized interface to manage all the websites. 
  • It aids in directly publishing and automating content operations on multiple channels from a single interface. 
  • You can integrate third-party tools with the Sitecore platform without impacting scalability and flexibility. 
  • It aligns with the standards of all significant industries, including healthcare, education, tourism, retail, information technology, and government. 
  • It supports nurturing the overall customer journey to increase conversion and retention. 


Sitefinity CMS helps simplify marketing and website development operations. It’s an extensible, flexible, and scalable platform that can be used to build small, medium, and large-scale websites for every significant use case. 

All the features of Sitefinity are updated constantly per the industry requirements. You can leverage it as a headless and multichannel CMS for mobile and web experiences. In addition, you can access the platform anywhere and configure the security and processing resources, as it’s available as PaaS or a cloud service. 

Further, it offers the following features and functionalities for marketers, developers, and admins.

  • It offers pre-build modules to help you release a website and start publishing content quickly. 
  • You can customize the way your content launches or displays on the end-user screen. 
  • It enables you to upload images, videos, GIFs, and all other media files to your website. 
  • You can utilize its built-in analytical tool for measuring KPIs and modify strategy accordingly. 
  • It offers AI and ML capability for deep analytics about customer journeys. 
  • It uses encryption to ensure that each code variable and other data files are protected from breach. 


mojoPortal is a freely available content management system based on ASP.NET core technology. Anyone can access and utilize it with minimal or no coding knowledge/experience. Companies have used it for the past 13 years to manage their content and maintain a digital presence. 

You can use mojoPortal for building blogging sites, landing pages, forums, and entire websites for a global audience. And if you find anything missing, the platform allows you to embed pre-build and custom-developed add-ons. In addition, your website will also be mobile-friendly, and all the content will be displayed with the utmost quality. 

This legacy CMS platform also holds some industry-dominating features like the following. 

  • It’s an editor as simple as Microsoft Word. You can write and edit any of your content on the platform and publish it quickly. 
  • It provides a drag-and-drop facility to reduce the efforts and set the website menus, images, and other components seamlessly. 
  • All the tools on mojoPortal are developed, focusing on SEO and ensuring a clean website markup. 
  • To prevent illegitimate access, you can use the in-built role-based security control. 
  • The content versioning or history feature is provided to roll back changes within minimal time. 
  • It leverages to localize the website in 10 different languages. If your required language is not present, you can contact the platform-owning authority to get that translation. 
  • With content workflow, admins can overview every operation and modify it per business policies. 

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What To Consider While Selecting CMS for Dotnet Development?

To choose the most relevant and appropriate ASP.NET-based CMS, you should focus on the following factors. 

Alignment with your requirements

Firstly, list your CMS requirements and then cross-verify them with the available content management systems. For instance, if you need a CMS compatible with a cloud platform, then you should look for cloud compatibility in the CMS feature list. Similarly, you should validate all the needs and functionalities. 

Data Security Features

Protecting data from illegitimate actors must be your priority. Ensure that the CMS you select has fundamental security mechanisms built in, such as authentication, authorization, and access control. In addition, it should also allow you to integrate custom and additional control for retaining data integrity. 

Available Resources

With the growing user base, you will need some additional tools to improve SEO, performance, and other metrics. You need to prepare them in advance by choosing a CMS that is compatible with trending and preferred third-party tools. Also, focus on human and hardware resources. 

Current Cost and Long-term Affordability 

The cost is a crucial factor that you must consider. Always choose a CMS that you think can result in affordable investment and high ROI. You should keep the following points in focus: 

  • The CMS doesn’t bind you with using specific tools. 
  • The CMS is compatible with both free and paid tools. 
  • There are plenty of experts available for development.

Architecture and design

You should choose an ASP.NET-based CMS platform providing MVC architecture. It will support the developers in efficiently creating the business logic and rendering them on the front end. Also, the maintenance will be eased, leading to impeccably integrating new features, resolving bugs, and patching software in a production environment.

Factors To Focus on While Availing of ASP.NET Development Services

Every organization looking to avail of ASP.NET development services and choosing an ASP.NET-based CMS should consider the following factors. It will help them to choose the top-notch firm that can provide them with complete consultation, development, and maintenance.

You should choose an ASP.NET development firm with the following characteristics and offerings:

  • The company should hold 10+ years of .NET development experience.
  • A transparent process must be followed in the firm.
  • The portfolio should showcase expertise in different sectors and industries.
  • NDA signing, consistent communication, and regulatory standard compliance must be primary pillars.
  • Pre-development, development, and post-development services should be available to avail.

Further, if you have any additional requirements, you must look for that too.

Concluding Up

Among all the content management systems (CMS) based on the ASP.NET core platform, the top 7 enterprises use globally are mentioned above. All these systems require security controls, integration capability, platform compatibility, and flexible development architecture. However, you should only select the one that aligns with your requirements. As a result, your content will be appropriately structured, published, and ranked on the web.

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