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Every year new software development technologies come into the market. But, still, .NET is leading the charts, and it’s one of the most popular and preferred development frameworks. Due to the high demand for .NET developers, many companies started to provide .NET development services. However, only a few were experts with the technology and could fulfill client requirements.

Whenever you choose a .NET development company, you must consider some essential factors, as discussed further. It will help you select the right development partner who is an expert in .NET and can build avant-garde applications.

Tips For Choosing a .NET Development Company 

To onboard a top-notch .net development company, consider the following seven aspects. As an outcome, you will choose an excellent development enterprise. 

#1: Check The Offered .NET Development Services

Before selecting any .NET development company, the first step is to check its services. It will help you gain clarity on whether the firm can fulfill your requirements or not. And it will also help you save time in reaching out, sharing needs, and getting to know the conclusion. 

Firstly, visit the company’s website and check the offered .NET development services. Primarily look for: 

  • .NET Consultation
  • Custom .NET Application Development
  • Cloud Integration With .NET App
  • .NET Desktop App Development
  • .NET eCommerce Solution Development
  • .NET Game Development
  • Enterprise Solution Creation
  • HR System Development and more

In addition, you must also confirm the development company’s proficiency in curating different software architectures, such as multi-tier and microservices architecture. If you find a firm offering all such services, you can get an assurance that it can fulfill your current and upcoming requirements. Also, it can help you build the solution of your choice.

#2: Go Through The Company’s Portfolio 

Checking out the portfolio is crucial to learn about the projects the dot net development company handles. It can help you understand the potential of an organization to manage small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale projects. 

In addition, the portfolio tells about the technology the company primarily utilizes. Once you undergo the portfolio, it will tell you which .NET version is getting used, what security controls they implement, and how their .NET developers achieve project requirements.

Furthermore, check the diversity in the portfolio. For instance, assess whether the development firm is creating .NET solutions in a particular industry or has created software for different domains. If the firm has built applications for medical or financial organizations, then it’s an added advantage, as these domains require applications strictly aligning with the defined standards. 

Additionally, ask about the links to the applications and websites (if possible) for better assessment.

#3: Analyze Outsourcing Models 

Undergoing and learning about outsourcing methods must be on your task list, as it aids in understanding the pricing models. Analyzing such approaches lets you know the most economical way to develop your application and receive best-in-class services and a high ROI. 

It would help if you focused on the following terms while undergoing outsourcing approaches: 

  • Dedicated .NET Developers for having full-time employees working only on your project. 
  • Team extension, in case you need to fast-track the development or require more human resources. 
  • Pay-per-hour if your work will get completed in minimal time. 
  • Full development lifecycle outsourcing for availing all pre and post-development services. 

In addition, you must enquire about the communication channels, tools, and methods used by the development company for sharing progress and receiving queries. As a result, you can easily select an authentic development company per your comfort, cost, and time constraint.

#4: Mechanisms Used To Secure Data

When you hire a dot net development company, sharing confidential information is obvious. And it makes focusing on data security a vital task while selecting an organization to curate your business solution. 

Before you choose a company, enquire about the procedures, techniques, and tactics used by them for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. 

In addition, you must verify whether they share your data with any third party or whether such sharing would get executed during development. 

Moreover, confirm signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with them to ensure data protection. You must ask about their systems to store, process and retrieve information for better insight. Additionally, discuss the data disposal process from their end after project completion. 

Any reliable company would not store your personal information and will always sign NDA before project initiation. Hence, you must know about the overall procedure followed by the development company to handle your data.

#5: Assess Success Rate and Previous Record

Project completion and customer satisfaction rates are the two most essential metrics you must focus on. And for analyzing such metrics, don’t rely on a single source. Search the web to find out the feedback of clients and stakeholders utilizing the application. 

Further, to better understand a company, contact its clients and ask about their experiences while working with the development firm. Besides it, make sure that the company holds the potential to build bug-free applications and that too within the time limit. While examining the feedback, consider the following metrics: 

  • Time defined by the company to develop a .NET solution
  • Time taken by the company to curate the software
  • Communication during the project between the client and the development team
  • Data protection during and after the development
  • Completion of project objectives and primary goal
  • Updates and patches provided by the firm after software handover

#6: Experience of .NET Developers

The experience and expertise of .NET developers highly matter when selecting a software development company. Choosing a firm without knowing the developer’s characteristics is a risk you must always avoid. If you want to know about .NET developers before contacting the company, use LinkedIn. From there, you will get to know about the experience and expertise that someone holds. 

In addition, you can conduct interviews with developers or provide them with some technical tasks to complete to assess their hold on technology. It will aid you in knowing about a developer’s efficiency in understanding requirements, providing innovative approaches, and handling issues. 

Moreover, you should ask the development team or the company about the procedure they follow if an unexpected error occurs in a live application. As a result, you will have clarity that the firm will never let software suffer, and your business operations will seamlessly execute.

#7: Availability Of Post-Development Services 

Post-development services are an added advantage and a must to look for factors while choosing a development firm. Whenever you visit a company’s website or discuss your project, ensure you will get maintenance and support. 

If the selected company cannot offer support after development, you must prevent it for the .NET development. Otherwise, looking for another organization for support services would be best, which can significantly expand the budget. 

Therefore, before you finalize your software development partner, ensure you get post-development services. It will aid you in having a point of contact in case something unexpected happens, and you will receive frequent updates.

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From Where You Should Hire Dot Net Developers 

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In addition, you can leverage from: 

  • Dot Net Developers with 10+ years of experience 
  • Expertise in handling small, medium, and large-scale projects in different domains
  • Support and Maintenance services 
  • Assurance of Data Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Top quality, secure, scalable, and stable solution
  • Economical pricing models 

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Concluding Up

Selecting a dot net development company is a high-priority task that must get completed with complete focus. Otherwise, it can lead to heavy losses in the future. Before selecting any company for .NET software development, you must analyze every angle. You can start assessing the firm by looking at the offered .NET development services, their portfolio, and reviews from existing clients. 

Furthermore, you must research that company on various search engines and learn about them through LinkedIn. And also examine the expertise and experience of their developers. Once you consider all mentioned factors, you can find a reliable partner to develop a .NET solution.

Parag Mehta

Verified Expert in Software & Web App Engineering

Parag Mehta, the CEO and Founder of Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd has extensive knowledge of the development niche. He is implementing custom strategies to craft highly-appealing and robust applications for its clients and supporting employees to grow and ace the tasks. He is a consistent learner and always provides the best-in-quality solutions, accelerating productivity.

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