Frontend Technologies

React JS is among the popular frontend web development tool used for building user interfaces. It comes with a component-based architecture, which allows you to reuse your code and develop component libraries. As a result, react JS is one of the best ways for developing big & fast web applications using JavaScript while saving significant time & money on web development. Know More

Created & maintained by Google, AngularJS is one of the popular and in-demand JavaScript open-source web development frameworks that work using MVC design that helps build intuitive and robust web applications. Angular JS is useful for organizations that want to have the project according to schedule while complying with time constraints. Know More

Get required functionalities while eliminating non-required features and keeping the design of your websites focused using our JavaScript and jQuery service. Standardize and simplify interactions between JavaScript and HTML elements of your website, and provide cool animation effects, smooth cross-browser compatibility while lessening bugs of your website’s JavaScript code that users face. Know More

Backend Technologies

Get ultra-fast and affordable Microsoft .Net consulting for your current application development, legacy applications, or new customized applications according to your requirement. Microsoft .Net framework is the recommended option for high-quality and faster applications. It helps you provide the most out of its excellent framework that facilitates and achieves your enterprise’s requirements at maximum efficiency. Know More

Get your web applications and desktop applications developed with C (C-Sharp) programming language, which works using .NET Framework. It’s one of the popular programming languages by Microsoft, which helps develop applications that work on Windows 10 and above. Likewise, it’s also helpful for developing web applications that connect and prove beneficial in developing enterprise solutions to smooth business processes. Know More

Modify, optimize, or create new UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications, including desktop applications and microservices developed with open-source Microsoft .Net Core configuration. Get rapidly scaling and modified embedded software, command-line applications, libraries, and high-performance systems for executing self-contained deployment of your applications developed by our Positiwise developer team in an affordable price range. Know More

Hire experienced and dedicated PHP developers at an affordable price and get your website, e-commerce solutions, and web applications developed in highly optimized PHP solutions using the latest advanced technologies. At Positiwise, you can ensure that our PHP development team offers secure, robust, high-performance, and high-value PHP web solutions according to your requirements with an iterative approach to delivering quality web applications. Know More

Mobile Technologies

Hire React Native (RN) developers to build natively-rendered mobile applications for Android TV, macOS, Android, and iOS according to your requirements. RN (React Native) is a JavaScript-based mobile application framework that helps create a mobile application for different platforms with the same codebase, making it a cost-effective option. Know More

Hire Flutter developers and get your mobile, desktop, web, and embedded applications developed, tested, and deployed at an affordable price according to your requirements and business flow. Flutter is an open-source framework provided by Google for building compiled, beautiful multi-platform applications using a single codebase. Similarly, it compiles to ARM, Intel machine code, and JavaScript, which helps to provide faster performance on devices.

Hire iOS developers of Positiwise and facilitate unlimited possibilities for your business. Get future-oriented iOS applications developed that efficiently engage and have intuitive, attractive visual appeal and functionalities. Get your enterprise’s world-class developer initiative, along with our full-stack iOS applications that work perfectly fine on iPad, iWatch, and iPhone. Know More

Hire Android application developers and stay assured that you’re being provided with the best technology frameworks such as Flutter and React Native to build applications tailored for providing solutions and enhancing user experience. Likewise, we’ve Android experts who are well experienced in providing highly functioning applications at cost-effective pricing. Know More

AWS and SQL Server Technologies

Revamp your business by hiring our AWS developers. Get highly functional AWS web services and enterprise-level secure applications with reliable cloud solutions that help to design enterprise infrastructure. Likewise, migrate your business process to cloud space, manage your workflow, share, and collaborate easily using features that allow you to store and access data on the cloud. Know More

Get SQL server analysis by Positiwise and eliminate the unpredictability of overseeing and arranging high availability, backups, and other database assignments with a managed SQL Server database. Instead, deploy a fully managed SQL database that helps automate your business provisioning while remaining scalable, flexible, and responsive while keeping your data secure using SQLs multi-layer protection and threat detection features. Know More

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