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A Complete Guide to Shopify App Development

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that lets people set up and run their stores. It gives customers more control over their business and makes it easier to change and grow. You can also use powerful tools like order fulfillment and customer service with Shopify apps. The Shopify app development company platform is the [...]

Where to Find the Best Healthcare Software Developers

Healthcare software developers are in high demand, and the best ones will be able to help you transform your business. Unfortunately, Healthcare software developers are rare. They're not just programmers who build apps for doctors but experts in the healthcare field who can help improve your company's software. In addition, the healthcare industry is [...]

Complete Guide on Retail & ECommerce Software Development

Retail and eCommerce software is the backbone of any business. It’s where the money is made and where consumers can easily navigate your site and make purchases. The importance of software development cannot be understated. The retail industry allows businesses to grow at an exponential rate and offer more value to customers. Suitable retail [...]

Complete Guide on Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare development is a process that can take years to complete. Companies that build software for the healthcare industry must understand the needs of their clients and develop solutions that can meet those needs. This can be difficult because many stakeholders are involved in the process, including patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare [...]

Things to Know About Low Code Development

Low Code Development has been around for years now. However, it has only recently gained traction within large companies. Nowadays, low code development is seen more than ever, especially with smaller teams trying to take control of their own IT environment. Joint code development is a buzzword that has been around for a few [...]

Which is the Best CMS to Develop an Ecommerce Store in 2022?

The best CMS development platform helps you develop, manage, and publish your website. It should be easy to use and provide tools for developers to customize the look and feel of the site. You should also be able to use it on multiple websites. The best CMS for small business platforms will give you [...]

What is Legacy Software? Why You Need Legacy Application Modernization Services?

The speed of innovation and technology has made it possible for companies to operate in a new way. However, when it comes to legacy software, these systems are often outdated, making them difficult to maintain and update. Today’s businesses need to be agile, adaptable, and able to meet the needs of their customers. With this [...]

How COVID-19 Impacted Software Developers Work or Study Worldwide as of 2021

According to the Statista report, the pandemic didn’t affect how 37% and 43% of software developers work or study in employment and education, respectively. Further, the report also revealed that covid19 impacted 30% and 25% of software developers significantly on how they work and study. However, unlike other industries, the software development industry [...]

GitHub VS GitLab: Best Code Repositories for Software Development

GitHub and GitLab are open-source code repository platforms allowing anyone to collaborate on projects. You should know about some similarities and differences in their features. GitHub is the world's most prominent code host and collaboration platform, where developers can host their projects, manage other people's contributions, and build software together. GitLab is an open-source [...]

Top 5 Software Outsourcing Trends of 2022 with Outsourcing Rates

IT and software outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing industries around the globe. It provides you with several benefits such as reducing overhead & operational costs, increased efficiency, a greater focus on core business, improved quality, availability of a global expert workforce, and many others. The COVID crisis and Pandemic have further fueled the [...]

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