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Emerging Laravel Framework Development Trends in 2023

Laravel is a PHP framework that embraces the idea of convention over configuration, making it an excellent choice for new and experienced developers alike. It provides a simple, flexible architecture and excellent tools to build web applications. The framework's goal is to help you get your job done while giving you the tools to [...]

PHP Vs Python: Which Is Better PHP or Python for Web Development

Every day, we navigate through various web apps, and all these are built using different programming and scripting languages, handling client and server-side operations. However, PHP and Python are always on the top of a developer's list to fabricate the server-side of a software. And while planning the project lifecycle, every team goes through [...]

Core PHP vs. Laravel: The Difference Between Core PHP and Laravel Explained

When it comes to developing an application, the most time-consuming and complex task is to select a programming language and platform. Sometimes, this task does not end by selecting a single technology, as every framework has pros and cons. In addition, some tech stacks are based on the same language but have different functioning and [...]

PHP Vs. JavaScript: The Difference Between PHP and JavaScript Explained

Web applications have become a necessity of every organization, and for creating a robust web-based application, the first step is to select a suitable programming language. PHP and JavaScript are at the top of the priority list whenever developers create a website and a web app. These languages are becoming a must-have tool in [...]

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