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Migrating VB6 to .NET: A Descriptive Handbook

Nowadays, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale, everyone uses some software to handle their daily business operations. And only a few know the concept of updating them with current technology. Many organizations still use outdated technologies, such as VB6, for their central business system. They are unaware of the VB to [...]

PHP Vs Python: Which Is Better PHP or Python for Web Development

Every day, we navigate through various web apps, and all these are built using different programming and scripting languages, handling client and server-side operations. However, PHP and Python are always on the top of a developer's list to fabricate the server-side of a software. And while planning the project lifecycle, every team goes through [...]

Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming Comparison

Whenever a new application has to be developed, the first question arises of the technology, framework, and programming language to be utilized. But, with this, an additional query arises, and that is of the development paradigm to be used. And, every developer comes down to Functional Programming vs Object Oriented Programming for selecting an [...]

How to Install NPM and Node JS on Mac and Windows

With exponential growth and demand for full-stack development, JavaScript has become a reliable technology to develop a full-fledged business application. Several backend and frontend frameworks and libraries are available, which are based on JavaScript and are highly compatible with each other. Node JS is a technology that professionals appraised for fabricating a scalable server-side [...]

What are the Benefits of SaaS

With the emerging technology, companies leverage their customers to avail services affordably and more seamlessly through web browsers. With this, customers are not required to download and install heavy software on their devices. Along with end-users, organizations are also benefiting from the SaaS mechanism, as the overall maintenance of hardware and software components is [...]

MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack: The Difference Between Full Stack Options

Several types of programming languages, frameworks, tools, APIs, and plugins are used for crafting a single application, whether it is a web app, mobile app, or desktop solution. However, several difficulties are faced by IT firms during development, as some of the modules of different technologies are not compatible with each other. Sometimes, the [...]

Core PHP vs. Laravel: The Difference Between Core PHP and Laravel Explained

When it comes to developing an application, the most time-consuming and complex task is to select a programming language and platform. Sometimes, this task does not end by selecting a single technology, as every framework has pros and cons. In addition, some tech stacks are based on the same language but have different functioning and [...]

Net Core vs. Node JS: The Difference Explained by Web Expert

Many programming languages, frameworks, and platforms have created a versatile business solutions. However, any business owner and development team can be confused in selecting a relevant technology for the software project. And, per limited budget, less time-to-market, and more needs, .NET Core and NodeJS are primarily appraised. But, now the question occurs, which one [...]

PHP Vs. JavaScript: The Difference Between PHP and JavaScript Explained

Web applications have become a necessity of every organization, and for creating a robust web-based application, the first step is to select a suitable programming language. PHP and JavaScript are at the top of the priority list whenever developers create a website and a web app. These languages are becoming a must-have tool in [...]

A Descriptive Guide to .NET Framework

All You Should Know About .Net Framework Before You Choose It for Your Software Development Numerous organizations provide top-quality services to their customers, but some are behind just because of outdated market strategies and weak relationships with their stakeholders. To move ahead from their peers and see their business-boosting revenue and strong connection [...]

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