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Things to Know About Low Code Development

Low Code Development has been around for years now. However, it has only recently gained traction within large companies. Nowadays, low code development is seen more than ever, especially with smaller teams trying to take control of their own IT environment. Joint code development is a buzzword that has been around for a few [...]

How COVID-19 Impacted Software Developers Work or Study Worldwide as of 2021

According to the Statista report, the pandemic didn’t affect how 37% and 43% of software developers work or study in employment and education, respectively. Further, the report also revealed that covid19 impacted 30% and 25% of software developers significantly on how they work and study. However, unlike other industries, the software development industry [...]

GitHub VS GitLab: Best Code Repositories for Software Development

GitHub and GitLab are open-source code repository platforms allowing anyone to collaborate on projects. You should know about some similarities and differences in their features. GitHub is the world's most prominent code host and collaboration platform, where developers can host their projects, manage other people's contributions, and build software together. GitLab is an open-source [...]

Most Trending Cloud Platforms Used in 2022: [Developer’s Survey]

Cloud application development has spread through the IT development industry like wildfire. Thanks to its ease of accessibility, users can now carry out many tasks online, which has led to the expansion of the cloud services provider industry. The most trending and advanced technologies like AI, ML, IoT, big data, and others require tons [...]

Top 10 High-Demand Tech Positions in IT Company by Salary 2022

You must have seen frequent hiring at IT companies for various roles. But, have you ever considered what type of IT positions are in high demand. Whether a Software Development Agency, a Cybersecurity firm, or an IT outsourcing company, each organization has multiple employees working on different technologies, from legacy development to cloud integration, [...]

A Detailed Guide on ASP.NET Core Authentication

Security is always in the top priority and objective whenever a company starts developing an application with any technology. And same is the scenario with ASP.NET Core development. Some of the primary goals of data security are ensuring data integrity and allowing only valid users to utilize the assets. Further, to accomplish this objective, the [...]

Essential .NET Core Libraries that Every Programmer should know

.NET Core applications have been in trend for a long time due to their platform-independent architecture and modern features. With each passing day, stakeholders provide some new requirements, and to fulfill them; organizations have to revamp their apps. However, with .NET Core libraries, developers can extend the functionalities and add new features quickly. There [...]

Essential Skills to Consider while Hiring Dot NET Developer

Whether a desktop application or a web app, every software requires a frontend and a backend to function smoothly and execute user requests. .NET is a software development technology available through the Microsoft online repository. It provides a dedicated environment, supporting business solutions' development, deployment, and maintenance. For fabricating business-oriented and data-driven .NET applications, [...]

What is NodeJS Technology? All-in-One Guide for 2022

While developing an application, selecting a backend technology is considered a time-consuming task. But, with the introduction of Node JS, many developers directly select it due to its modular architecture and high-performing capabilities in intense environments. As a result, Node JS is now a part of the central web development stacks. Having a top-notch [...]

Migrating VB6 to .NET: A Descriptive Handbook

Nowadays, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale, everyone uses some software to handle their daily business operations. And only a few know the concept of updating them with current technology. Many organizations still use outdated technologies, such as VB6, for their central business system. They are unaware of the VB to [...]

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