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Top Things to Consider for a Profitable App Development

Mobile apps are becoming popular, with businesses making a lot of money by building them. Unfortunately, there are many different mobile apps, from simple to complex, and there is no one way to make money from them. But, one way to make money from a mobile app is by selling it on the App [...]

What is .NET and What does .NET Developer do?

Net is the umbrella term for a family of programming languages. Microsoft developed .Net as an open, cross-platform platform with standard APIs that applications can use to communicate. This makes it quite simple for developers to create applications that run on different operating systems and platforms. A developer who works with .Net is called [...]

Most Popular React Developer Tools to use in the year 2023

With React, you can create single-page apps without writing a line of JavaScript. The library handles state management, HTML DOM updates, and style updates all in one place. This makes building large applications with many components that handle their state and events more accessible. You can also use JSX to write your markup in [...]

Node.js Vs React.js: What’s The Difference?

NodeJS and ReactJS are both JavaScript programming frameworks. Although the two languages share remarkable correspondences, they are not the same. Table of Contents What is Node JS? What is React JS? Difference: NodeJS vs. ReactJS Node JS Development Services React JS Development Services Conclusion What is NodeJS? Node [...]

Difference Between RestAPI & RestFul API

The Restful API has undergone significant updates and improvements over the years. There are now different versions to choose from RestFul, RestEasy, and even Restlet. Both the RestFul API & RestAPI APIs are used for building web applications. Restful API allows a server to be accessed through the HTTP protocol. It is a traditional [...]

Things to Know About Low Code Development

Low Code Development has been around for years now. However, it has only recently gained traction within large companies. Nowadays, low code development is seen more than ever, especially with smaller teams trying to take control of their own IT environment. Joint code development is a buzzword that has been around for a few [...]

How COVID-19 Impacted Software Developers Work or Study Worldwide as of 2021

According to the Statista report, the pandemic didn’t affect how 37% and 43% of software developers work or study in employment and education, respectively. Further, the report also revealed that covid19 impacted 30% and 25% of software developers significantly on how they work and study. However, unlike other industries, the software development industry [...]

GitHub VS GitLab: Best Code Repositories for Software Development

GitHub and GitLab are open-source code repository platforms allowing anyone to collaborate on projects. You should know about some similarities and differences in their features. GitHub is the world's most prominent code host and collaboration platform, where developers can host their projects, manage other people's contributions, and build software together. GitLab is an open-source [...]

Most Trending Cloud Platforms Used in 2022: [Developer’s Survey]

Cloud application development has spread through the IT development industry like wildfire. Thanks to its ease of accessibility, users can now carry out many tasks online, which has led to the expansion of the cloud services provider industry. The most trending and advanced technologies like AI, ML, IoT, big data, and others require tons [...]

Top 10 High-Demand Tech Positions in IT Company by Salary 2022

You must have seen frequent hiring at IT companies for various roles. But, have you ever considered what type of IT positions are in high demand. Whether a Software Development Agency, a Cybersecurity firm, or an IT outsourcing company, each organization has multiple employees working on different technologies, from legacy development to cloud integration, [...]

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