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Why Enterprises Should Use .NET 7 For Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

With the increasing usage of mobile applications among end-users, businesses are now targeting to increase reach through such apps only. Due to the diversification of mobile device operating systems, most organizations prefer cross-platform mobile app development. And when it comes to multi-platform compatibility, .NET development tops the list. It’s a reliable development technology, that [...]

Common Architectures in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is a new platform for building and running web apps deployed on IIS, AppFabric, or any web server capable of hosting .NET apps. It's the successor to ASP.NET, the .NET framework for building websites and applications. ASP.NET Core is a fully cross-platform, open-source web framework that provides a unified programming model across [...]

Reasons Why you Need a Professional .Net Development Company in 2023?

The .NET Framework is a powerful, object-oriented programming language initially developed by Microsoft in 2002 as a successor to its earlier Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) project. It includes components for creating desktop applications, web applications, mobile apps, and data access services. The .NET Framework is an open technology shared with all major computer [...]

A Detailed Guide on ASP.NET Core Authentication

Security is always in the top priority and objective whenever a company starts developing an application with any technology. And same is the scenario with ASP.NET Core development. Some of the primary goals of data security are ensuring data integrity and allowing only valid users to utilize the assets. Further, to accomplish this objective, the [...]

Essential .NET Core Libraries that Every Programmer should know

.NET Core applications have been in trend for a long time due to their platform-independent architecture and modern features. With each passing day, stakeholders provide some new requirements, and to fulfill them; organizations have to revamp their apps. However, with .NET Core libraries, developers can extend the functionalities and add new features quickly. There [...]

.NET MAUI: Leveraging UIs Across Devices

With the advancement in web-app development technologies, .NET will release its most-awaited platform to accelerate cross-platform app creation. .NET MAUI will be available for public use with the new version of Visual Studio, i.e., Visual Studio 17.2. As per official Microsoft Announcement Blogs, currently, .NET MAUI is under preview, and you can use it [...]

The Current Status and the Future of the .Net

Currently, there are extensive small to large-scale companies, which use the .NET framework as their primary technology. And, whenever Microsoft announces to stop support services for a specific version, people misunderstood it as the end of .NET development. Although, Microsoft has never announced a complete dead-end to .NET and assures to provide more authentic [...]

Migrating VB6 to .NET: A Descriptive Handbook

Nowadays, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale, everyone uses some software to handle their daily business operations. And only a few know the concept of updating them with current technology. Many organizations still use outdated technologies, such as VB6, for their central business system. They are unaware of the VB to [...]

ASP.NET Core Framework: Why It’s Best for Your Web Application Development?

Web Applications have become a basic necessity for every company to maintain their brand awareness and reach out to the targeted audience. With the ever-evolving IT sector, new technologies are being introduced in the market, which is confusing a lot of organizations in selecting a relevant platform for developing their business solution. While searching [...]

.NET Core and How-to Configuring HTTPS in ASP.NET Core

With the immense popularity of .NET Core, more and more organizations are developing and migrating their business applications. Regardless of its scalable architecture and robustness, it offers a highly secure environment to assure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In addition, several inbuilt modules, functions, and components are present in the .NET package manager, which [...]

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