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Why Enterprises Should Use .NET 7 For Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

With the increasing usage of mobile applications among end-users, businesses are now targeting to increase reach through such apps only. Due to the diversification of mobile device operating systems, most organizations prefer cross-platform mobile app development. And when it comes to multi-platform compatibility, .NET development tops the list. It’s a reliable development technology, that [...]

Top Things to Consider for a Profitable App Development

Mobile apps are becoming popular, with businesses making a lot of money by building them. Unfortunately, there are many different mobile apps, from simple to complex, and there is no one way to make money from them. But, one way to make money from a mobile app is by selling it on the App [...]

The Future of Flutter Development in 2022 & Beyond

Flutter is a mobile app SDK that offers native user interfaces on top of a cross-platform, high-performance engine. It provides a way to build high-quality native apps that look and feel like those built with Objective-C or Java. The most notable feature for developers is using the same language for UI and code. With [...]

Guide to Hire Mobile App Developer for Your Business

Mobile App Development is a growing industry, with an increasing number of apps being developed on the Android platform. Many mobile application development companies in India are ready to provide you with the best services. Mobile Apps are used for different purposes like banking transactions, booking hotel rooms, and other services through mobile phones. [...]

How to Hire Dedicated Swift Developer for Your Business

The candidate's skill set is the first and most important thing to check for when hiring a dedicated Swift developer. Do they have the experience required? Are they able to work on multiple projects at a time? Do they have enough knowledge about Swift and iOS? These questions will help you evaluate whether they [...]

What is Flutter? Is Flutter a Good Business Prospective?

Flutter makes it easier for developers to build apps with high-quality graphics, animation, and performance. The framework has been designed to make the development process faster and easier. Flutter boasts of having a high-speed development cycle and a high-performance framework. This makes it ideal for creating apps designed for speed, touch-based interactions, animations, and [...]

What is Legacy Software? Why You Need Legacy Application Modernization Services?

The speed of innovation and technology has made it possible for companies to operate in a new way. However, when it comes to legacy software, these systems are often outdated, making them difficult to maintain and update. Today’s businesses need to be agile, adaptable, and able to meet the needs of their customers. With this [...]

Most Trending Cloud Platforms Used in 2022: [Developer’s Survey]

Cloud application development has spread through the IT development industry like wildfire. Thanks to its ease of accessibility, users can now carry out many tasks online, which has led to the expansion of the cloud services provider industry. The most trending and advanced technologies like AI, ML, IoT, big data, and others require tons [...]

How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

Nowadays, we see everyone swiping their phones, utilizing some application to complete their work, educational, and other day-to-day tasks. For developing these mobile applications, various technologies are used and React Native is a robust frontend tech appraised for crafting such solutions. Before creating a React Native App, most people are confused about how to [...]

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